Wrestling Will Turn Your Son Into A Fecal Bandit

Has your son recently been begging to join the high school wrestling team, but has never shown interest in sports or any other type of athletic activities? Has your son suddenly taken up a liking to the homo erotic, television show UFC? Does he walk around with shirts that have gay slang words like “Tap Out”, “BJJ (B— Job Junkie)” or even worse “Sprawl” draped across them? Has he been using underground gay words like “Rear-end naked choke”, “Checking oil” or “Flying triangle”? Is his wall now covered with 2% body fat men, who muscles gleam with sexual gay fury as if they were Photoshopped by a West Hollywood porn producer? If so, your son has been enticed and tainted by the new gay wrestling underground.

The gay culture has now injected itself inside one of man’s most brutal and ancient sports, wrestling. They are signing up kids faster than a hooker selling mouth sex acts for $2 and a free can of Jolt cola. Gay coaches can now have a real life underage twink hardcore gay porn, play out in front of their eyes every weekday from 3:15pm to 5:45pm.

Within each wrestling gym your son is being exposed and brainwashed into the gay life style and everyday at practice they are not practicing true sportsmanship, but are being taught secret gay sex positions like power side mount, the full mount or the fabled grapevining. While your sons are locked in action, the coach sits their in gay like frenzy trance while he watches his students rub together in a sweaty battle for domination. The coach is also able to fantasize about which one would most likely be a bottom and who is the more bear like top.

No real man would be excited to spend hours a day having man bags being rubbed against their faces or have a man stiffly arm locked into their rear end unless they enjoyed gay S&M sex play. These boys slap on skin tight gay parade spandex, to make sure they can feel their opponents muscle definition rub up against their bodies. High school wrestling outfits never use to be this skin tight, but leave it up to a homogay to redesign something innocent into something gay-tastic.

Instead of daydreaming about Taylor Swift or Amy Grant, these boys are now praising gay idols such as the famous Canadian gay fighter, George “Saint” Pier or also known as “GSP”, which really stands for “Gay Sex Prostitute”. You now also have boys posting their shirtless photos onto their Facebook pages to show off their new six-packed bodies for gay e-strangers to “M” themselves to. You can not find one wrestler on Facebook that doesn’t have a gallery dedicated to their sexual ass play antics.

So if you want your son to be bobbing for musky candy bags and having his head smeared into another boys lightly covered and sweaty sewer hole, keep your son out of the wrestling gym and keep him away from boys who wear skull shirts and who have mohawks or spiky hair.

120 thoughts on “Wrestling Will Turn Your Son Into A Fecal Bandit

  1. Blanche Beecham

    Wrestling is truly on the same par as synchronized swimming, both are gateways to an unhealthy lifestyle choice.

    Thank you, Tyson!


          1. Fellow Christian Fearing God

            You’re going to hell! Unless you cleanse yourself from the evil one! Heathen!

          2. Susan B. Xenu

            everyone realizes it but you. Does that tell you something?


            Accept Jesus Christ as you LORD and SAVIOR

          3. Shannon

            I am repenting nothing! I have nothing to repent for, I have my own religion and my own beliefs but none of them are like anything that you seem to be preaching.

          4. Kris

            It is not your job to judge others. You people need to get off this anti-gay stuff. You are making yourselves look foolish and bigoted. If it’s so wrong, let the lord figure it out. Besides, you really want us (gays) saved, so we can chill up in heaven with your hateful selves and tell you all about that one time at band camp? Be my guest.

          5. Good Ol Boy

            Wow Susan? was that taken of you when you were 17? You look HOOOOT. Man I wonder what you look like now that you’re probably 68… all that silver cotton candy for a muff. Bet you task like powdered milk. DRINK YOUR OLVALTENE

      1. Fellow Christian! :)

        Indeed you are Shannon, you stink of the devil and you disgust me, you are a whore, slut, harlot, you sicken me from the inside, you need a wake up call, and you needed it years ago, so here it is..WAKE UP!

        1. Shannon

          I dont need a wake up call at all. I know what I want from my life, and I know how to get it. I dont need no conservative church telling my that everything I do is wrong. I really would also like to know what your definition of a whore is, because in my world, which is the real world I am not a whore, that name is left for people who sleep around to much, but thats not me as I have only been with 2 guys. And just so you know YOU make me sick with all your trying to control other peoples lives shit you sprout on here!

          1. Susan B. Xenu

            were you married to those two men? No? WHORE!

            If you were so smart you would know that plants sprout, people spout. Also you used a double negative in your second sentence, tisk tisk miss know it all

          2. Shannon

            No I was not married to either one, I have never been married and do not intend to any time soon, I am focusing on my career and dont need a man telling me what to do, so what if I want to go out and have fun with guys once and a while, dosent mean I am a whore…. and your grammar is way worse than mine you have no room to talk.

          3. Fellow Christian Fearing God! :)

            And yes Shannon that would definitely make you a whore. Sorry to say but you kind of sound like one, you kind of sound like the daughter of Satan to be honest. You should go cleanse yourself of all that unholiness in your local church by having a good ole’ baptism!

          4. Shannon

            Well I will pass on your baptism, we have something called an initiation that serves me much better but hey to each their own

          5. Susan B. Xenu

            “so what if I want to go out and have fun with guys once and a while, dosent mean I am a whore….”


        2. mygosisbetter

          I religion way it is you who are wrong and you should go REPENT!!! Cause my religion is the right one and all is right with the world if only it was like what my religion says.

        3. Shannon

          Well I think you need to research you terms before you use them, and If the fact that I like to have fun makes me a whore, well I guess I will keep on being one!

          1. Fellow Christian Fearing God! :)

            The fact that you’re fighting in the name of Lucifer right now makes you look like one of his little whores. REPENT SHANNON! SAVE YOURSELF! OR BE SATANS LITTLE WHORE FOREVER!

          2. Shannon

            I think I have stated this before I HAVE NOTHING TO REPENT FOR! I have done nothing wrong you think everything is a sin, I mean if I fart to loud is that a sin to?

          3. Susan B. Xenu

            soon enough you’ll be quiff farting while satan pounds your sin hole you whore, in hell! Repent NOW and save yourself from ever lasting fornication with the beast!

          4. Shannon

            Ok crazy lady what ever you say! I have nothing to be ashamed for in my life I have nothing to repent for and a sure as hell would not do it for you crazy people anyway! Im not a christian and you wouldnt know what to do with me anyway!

          5. T. Apollyon Hutchins

            No need to repent? Why do you have that star as your profile pic; huh? You know who worships those type of stars: devil-worshiper and Jews. Or maybe it’s just your evil lesbian shaped v-hole.

            Anyway you slice it, you are a debaucherous sinner. I beg you to confess your sins before God. The end times are coming and it may soon be too late.

          1. Cinerose

            … Referring to “Fellow Chistian” calling Shannon a whore slut. I don’t know if this article and posts are as much funny as they are pitiful and sad.

          2. Susan B. Xenu

            “Im not a christian and you wouldnt know what to do with me anyway!”
            I would minister to you and dunk you in the saving water of the lord babtizing you and earning you forgiveness of your heathen sins!

          3. Susan B. Xenu

            cinerose, much like the military bootcamp sometimes you have to break a sinner down so that you can rebuild them as a proper christian, we obviously have a LONG way to go with shannon.

          4. Shannon

            Well Susan you might as well consider me one of the lost because I am not interested in converting, I have my own beliefs and none of them are obviously like yours.

        4. Kris

          This sounds like wonderful Christian rhetoric right here. How dare you call someone a harlot and a whore? Who are you to judge? I am a Christian and your behavior is perfect for the bowels of hell. Hateful, and without merit.

      2. i HATE biggoted christians

        The level of hate and intollerant biggotry exhibited on this page in both the article and comments is on par with ideals expressed in the arian brotherhood and incestuous rednecks everywhere. And did this article not come accross as gay to anyone else? This guy sure put alot of thought into how much wrestlers “slap on skin tight gay parade spandex, to make sure they can feel their opponents muscle definition rub up against their bodies”, and how wrestling will make your son like “bobbing for musky candy bags” or “having his head smeared into another boys lightly covered and sweaty sewer hole”. One thing is for sure, any god of Tyson Bowers is no god of mine. Any god who would hate people purely for being gay is not a god worthy of my devotion.

      3. Stephanie

        Shannon I agree with you! I think these people are a little nuts… I guess we will be parting in hell together… I’ll Bring the marshmallows!!

    1. Matt NOIZE KOMPLAINT Masters

      you guys crack me up, I love this website, so funny, just so everyone else knows this site is totally a sham, for jokes, I was unaware of this, but now I see and know the truth http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christwire

      christwire is a satrical site, ie a satire, meaning look at the t-shirts they sell on here, MILK JUGS oh yah that’s totally christian right? anyone on here who comments negatively is retarded, this is purely for our amusement.

      THanks christwire!

      1. mygosisbetter

        I know its a great place to get a lol every day they are missing a few things i mean wasn’t WoW bad what about men with long hair or how selling your daughter into slavery is good i mean the bible said it was.

    2. matt tucker

      I was just wondering if this website was real. It seems like these articles are so rediculosly over the top that this might actually be a parody of conservitive christian nutjobs

    1. Fellow Christian Fearing God

      It is a struggle you face daily isn’t “wtf”? You need to accept Jesus Christ as your Savior! YOU ARE GOING TO HELL! Just know that, you are a whore, the harlot of Babylon! You disgust me, sinner, choose to live your life better! You do not know whats best for you!

      I pray for you, I pray that you take Jesus Christ Almighty as your Savior!

      God be with you!

  2. Sydnee

    May I just say… this is absolutely ridiculous.
    I can’t read this without being disgusted.

    1. This is so extremely stereo-typical. Boys who are wrestlers must be gay? Boys who wear skull shirts must be gay? Boys with mo-hawks and spiked hair MUST be gay? No.
    The sports you play, the way you dress and the way you look has nothing to do with your sexuality.

    2. It’s ridiculous that this post was even made. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being gay. God loves everyone doesn’t He? That’s what I was always taught.

    I would just like to thank the person who wrote this for showing me how absolutely out of hand some people can get.

    1. Rev. Custer

      Why do heathens always say that God loves everyone when he has sent his Angel of Death to Egypt.. when he has rained fire and brimstone on Sodom and Gomorrah.. when he has flooded the entire world during Noah’s time.

      Open your eyes, people. God doesn’t love EVERYONE. He just loves the faithful and the saved.

    2. Mat NK Masters

      its supposed to be a joke, look it up on wikipedia.org, several new’s casters/ stations were made fools of too lol, !,So don’t take it seriously, unless you’re just venting. And if you are, than this is the perfect side for you, its like talking to a wall. LMAO!

    3. GG


      This is not real…this is just a joke site and many of the people here say things as “Christians” condemning and hating just to get your goat. It’s funny. People can often take themselves so fricking seriously…I used to be one of them, but it is time we laugh at the ridiculousness of our species…we’re fucked up!!! ALL OF US!!!!

  3. haha

    Hahaa.. Thanks for giving me a good laugh at the end of the day.
    This is the dumbest thing i’ve ever read.

  4. Jesus is Gay

    Frankly dudes, you worship a guy who has lived his whole life with a band of twelves guy-mates, supposedly not touching a woman EVER, and NONE of you ever came to the conclusion that he WAS indeed a homo ?

    Far fetch ? Not as far fetch as you implying that ALL men doing wrestling are gay or being endoctrinated into becoming gay.

    If you see gayness everywhere, darlings, you should REALLY start to think about your inner selves… Or buy a dildo and try it. Thou shall have a revelation lol.
    Because the issue is not the other gay people. But this gay side of you you’re triying to shut up is… And it will NEVER stop haunting you until you let it out and become as proud of as you are in your faith in God. (Who loves LGBT people btw, or he wouldn’t allow us to live fuller and more meaningful lives than so many of you, christians intregrists !).

    Oh and remember not to eat shell fish or wear fabrics woven with different thread types !

  5. FUCKIN A!

    I wonder how many “fantasies” you had searching for these homo-erotic pictures. How many “gay” sites do YOU go to, to find these ridiculously homo-erotic snap shots? “gay sex prostitute”? “checking oil”? you have got to be fucking kidding me! I have been gay my entire life, and have NEVER used or heard of ANY of these words you use. All wrestling coaches are some sort of pedophiles? You need a fucking beat down man. You are a disgusting piece of shit. UGH YOU ARE WHY THE WORLD FUCKING SUCKS.

  6. Cool Tom Kimbo

    Tyson, your reporting lately has been top notch. I don’t know what to say other than thank you for warding off so many of the great evils of the world, including these stealth homo high school wrestlers.

  7. Nancy

    Oh! Man! According to this article my boyfriend is turning into a gay! he started attending wrestling courses last week and became frigid to me. What should I do?

    1. Fellow God Fearing Christian

      You should try sticking a pill of extacy in his ass to see if he likes it, if he does, not only is he gay, but he is most probably into the rave scene.

      May God save your boyfriend. Pray that your skin color be changed too, as I don’t think God lets yellow’s into Heavon.

      God be with you. Praise the lord!
      Fellow Christian

  8. Gud Nooz

    “So if you want your son to be bobbing for musky candy bags and having his head smeared into another boys lightly covered and sweaty sewer hole, keep your son out of…”

    This is a typo! You meant to write “So if you DON’T want your son.” God bless.

  9. Rawrs

    You!! People in charge if this site you say u hate the nazis but act alot kike them dipshits goto ur holyland n get killed by an IED

  10. One Drugged Out Wrestler

    Where do i even start? This is so ridiculous you are all literally making fellow Christians look like a bunch of scared idiots! So on behalf of myself and the rest of my fellow Christians whom have a sense of whats going on…. STOP IT!!!! I’ve wrestled all four years in high school and all the blood, sweat, hours, starvation diets, and friends i made in that room were the best I’ve spent and made in there. It’s bad enough this sport in practically on the brink of extinction; but now we have to deal with whiney, fat, out of shape homophobes call us gay?! I never realized staying physically active, and in shape was gay. You also don’t realize you hardly see a letterman jacket with JUST a wrestling pin on the letter. Statistically wrestlers are multi sport athletes. (because any athlete knows wrestling is hands down the best way to stay in shape!) So you’re basically calling Football, Lacrosse, Baseball, Soccer, and Track players all gay. And this article isn’t journalism at all. This is slander at it’s purest, and ugliest form. Tyson i bet you sit at home and hope someone actually beats you within an inch of your life so you can become a martyr for this “cause”. And for all of you arrogant morons who are convinced fine dignified sports such as UFC and Wrestling are gay; it is only because you are too weak morally, and physically to last a single practice. Good Day.

    Oh btw wearing tapout shirts isn’t gay. It’s for fat over weight douche bags who try to look more jacked but in reality they just shift their fat to make it look like muscle. Get your stereotypes straight man.

    1. Susan B. Xenu

      “blood, sweat, hours, starvation diets, and friends i made in that room were the best I’ve spent”

      You write that and then deny your homogayness?

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  13. JP

    Its so humorous how brainwashed everybody actually is making these comments to Shannon. You people all live in a box. There should be no reason to force your views on other people, but because you have been taught to for so long by your extremist Christian groups, you wouldn’t know any better. Try thinking for yourself much like the rest of the world who enjoy life, the only one life you get. When you die and realize there actually is no heaven, you will have died living a life that could have been so much more.

    1. Cool Tom Kimbo

      Your comment makes no sense. How will I realize something after death if I will merely cease to exist, like you homogay heathens claim? When you die and realize there is a hell, your regrets will be far greater than mine.

      1. Shannon

        Well I dont believe in hell as I have said many times, but if hell is where you people are not going to be, I am sure its gonna be a more fun there!

  14. Jacob

    Tell me this is satire, please.

    Jacob and the Angel of the Lord in Genesis 32 were a couple of homos, then?

  15. Stephenson Billings

    Tyson, you know I love you and your work but sometimes I have to disagree with you on matters of faith. You write: “No real man would be excited to spend hours a day having man bags being rubbed against their faces or have a man stiffly arm locked into their rear end unless they enjoyed gay S&M sex play.” Yet not all wrestlers get into it for the erotic proximity! I enjoyed this sport very much as a youngster and there were zero homosexual overtunes to my competitions. I look back on it as some of the greatest and growing experiences of my life, something which helped me mature into the man I am today. Well my friend, God bless and keep up the fabulous work!

  16. ItsCalledSatire

    For those “christians” on this thread, I would suggest looking up the definition of christ-like behavior. You’re all hypocritical hatemongers. I hope the gay community throws sparkly rainbows from on high at your dumb asses in hell.

  17. Mel Toupé

    I get a funny feeling in my bathing suit area when I watch wrestlers using the “Atomic Leg Drop.” [img]http://slog.thestranger.com/files/2006/09/hua.toupe.jpg[/img]

  18. J Mais

    Is this an Onion article? Seriously, the author knows an awful lot about the gay life for someone who doesn’t dabble in a dick or two once in a while…ijs

  19. World Class Wrestler / Christian / Veteran

    LOL this site is hilarious, it has to be a joke. If so, thanks for the laughs. If not, you people are sick and I will no longer call myself a true Christian proudly if I have to be in the same group as you sick bastards.

    I come from a family of wrestlers six State Champions, my brother and I wrestled on the Army Team while serving our country (unlike people on here who have been given the gift of freedom of speech because men like my brother and I bled to provide it) and none of us are gay. That is ridiculous.

    I trained with Rangers and Special Forces, AND received five invitations to Delta Force… do you think I am gay? Answer cautiously, because I would be ready to jump in the ring with any one of you hateful people. All it would take is one round with me.

    You would cry like the sissy bitches you claim us wrestlers all are HA!

    OH and BTW, it’s not a “flying triagle” it’s called a “Triangle Choke” – MORON!

    ~signed; The True American Badass

      1. World Class Wrestler / Christian / Veteran

        I will violate you Susan, you’re a female 😉

        Wanna get married first… since it’s the Lords way!?

          1. World Class Wrestler / Christian / Veteran

            Ohhhh a mature lady 😉

            LOL remember I am a veteran, I can handle anything… without a penis.


    1. Abraham

      they obviously have not one clue about what it takes to be a wrestler and a champion wrestler at that… the most advanced and difficult sport…period

      1. Nate

        Wrestling is the most difficult sport off all thats why you babys are to afraid to try it! you christians make Him sick!!!

    1. William

      I’m sure that God and Jesus aren’t very happy or proud of your narrow minded acts of christianity. Christian acts of hate scare more would be followers away than a Spanish Inquisition. Do you even realize how ugly,racist and ignorant you all sound? Who are you to sit and judge? We will all be judged someday and your hate,lack of love, lack of forgiveness, and your days wasted with hate consumption will be judged as well. May god bless you and have mercy on the merciless cruel people of this world.

      Go Mavericks

  20. Mackenzie

    Why would any true Christian judge people the way you do? And why all the name calling? Jesus talked to me today. He said apologize to Shannon for all the heathen filth that you are slandering her with. Or you will all be forced to don spandex and wrestle young twinks and their assholes.

  21. Alison Manson

    oh my god hahhahahaha oh shit i….. can’t…. stop fucking laughing hahahahahahahahahaha OK i have 16 male cousins true Christians and they all were wrestlers in high school and now their fucking rich donate to the church on a weekly bases and they have strong straight young boys and I’m bi sexual have 2 kids a boy and girl they listen to what they want and they want, my girlfriend is an amazing woman, and i have much much money invested in a church to see it rise and be a good christian church unlike this site ima bookmark this under hilarious shit Ive read online. and wanna know why billings is like “not all wrestlers are gay!!!” it becuz he was one or he likes it. Oh and tom Susan and billings saying whore slut cum and all other sexual terms is a sin under commandment # 7 becuz in a way Ur thinking about whores and their actions u see as i speak u realize that my words are true and im right Ive studied the word of Christ so well i know whats in it and i also know that every1 has a heart and conscious mind so u have no control of what they want like need or dream of, Ive studied the human brain and its impulse and how i can get in Ur mind and little by little i am im getting u so into this that u start seeing it my way………. i can make many things happen and with a lift of my pinky i can have u Ur friend and Susan tom and arrested. Its time for those with a clear understanding of freedom to step up and i am first then the Manson’s then the Garcia’s and then Dawson’s and on and on and on till u become nothing but a micro blemish on the face of this earth Long live Blood On The Dance Floor the Black Viel Brides the many emo punk hip hop and rap groups and artist and u my good man will see it my way and then while u crawl on Ur knees asking to bring back the christian church we will denie u and then where will u turn to us the true god loving christian and if u get out of line we whip u like they did to Ur god.

  22. Popanator

    OMG this shit makes me so hawnee! I would love to tackle on of those men and wrestle with them until I can jam my fist up that poopie hole! I’d grab a fist full of corn laden poo as a trophy. A delicious trophy!

  23. A_A_ohhhh

    woooowwwww!!! these boys are hotttttt!!!! but back to reality, both my older brothers did wrestling in high school and they are probably the straightest men you will ever meet! now me on the other hand am completely gay :] and have 4 days left of high school. not doubts no nothing, and i can tell you right now, that if you think this is gay…what the hell is football? all of the “manly” sports involve either rubbing up against another guy or being on top of him. so personally i think everybody is gay in their own way. but also on another note, male animals dominate other male animals by making them submissive, ever heard of the animal channel?? :p hope all you ppl enjoy your little hierarchy of judgementalness!!!n here i always thought that god loved us no matter what our “sin” was.

  24. Candice

    Wow! I love the ad for Palm Springs on the side of this article with two gay men and it says “Someplace to be yourself.” I think Tyson is a frustrated Homosexual. Why does someone care so much. I will pray for him.

  25. Abraham

    I was in wrestling during HS, and my coach wasnt gay nor am I. Im married with 2 children and am very heterosexual. Wrestling taught me discipline, how to achieve my goals, and pushed me to the best physical shape of my life. Never for one moment did anyone on my team think of sexual acts, and not one member of my team was homosexual. How dare you try to demonize this sport with this artical. Its very evident that you were never were in wrestling and I doubt would be able to handle the dedication and disciple required for the sport. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  26. bob vina

    The guys in the pic are NOT wrestling.
    Rather they are praying.
    YES, I found a similar etching on some plates I purchased in Greece.
    They are on their knees PRAYING to Jesus…so get over it!

  27. Satan

    LOL… bunch of crazy fucks here… are you sure you arent a writer for the onion? Sure seems like it, if you arent you might want to apply, just show them this or your burning man aids satan fest one.

  28. Liamswill

    Isn’t there something in the bible like “judge not lest you be judged”? way to go crazy extremist Christians calling others that have differing view points the names you have.

    Just some food for thought: Why do you all want to worship a rapist? because what else do you call someone that intentionally impregnates a woman without her consent? Seems to be a poor moral foundation for any religion/organization.

    peace be with you :)

    1. bob vina

      What was Mary supposed do to?
      It was immaculate.
      Is she supposed to complain to the authorities?
      Have an abortion?
      I’m just saying….

      1. Liamswill

        So, not having anyone to champion justice for her makes it ok that she had no say in the matter? Rape victims from around the world have similar circumstances, does that still make what happened to them ok?
        Additionally I made no mention of abortion. But it could have been an option as the practice has been around since at least the ancient Egyptians, however until recently the procedure had a high personal risk to the patient. So why bring it up unless your feebly trying to draw attention away from what you know is true… your fairy tale entity is a rapist.

        one last thing:
        im·mac·u·late (-mky-lt)
        1. Impeccably clean; spotless. See Synonyms at clean.
        2. Free from stain or blemish.
        3. Free from fault or error: an immaculate record.
        4. Having no markings.
        (just means that god didn’t leave evidence of its assault upon marry) perhaps if god had to go up against today’s CSIs it would be a different story, assuming of course it was god and not some hobo or joseph getting an early peek at the goods.

        “I’m just saying….”

  29. jhardy

    Somewhere in Heaven, Christ is weeping at your anti=Christian, homophobic spewings. I mean, really! What part of Christ’s teachings don’t you get???

  30. Erik

    i really hope there is nobody that takes anything on this website seriously… it is a MOCK site… similar to “the onion” …

    people need to stop taking themselves so seriously, although i suppose half the fun of this site is seeing people get pissed off about nothing!

  31. Justin

    Susan I hope you are blameless in your whole life. As Jesus said, “he who has no sin cast the first stone.” Seeing the way this website stones society, I assume you are all perfect if you truly follow Jesus. I am a Christian, and you people make me sick. You give Christians a name that shames Christ, and you might do well to reconsider your own relationships with Him and what He really wants. You push the world away from Christ. You do nothing to save anyone. And by the way, Jacob “wrestled” with an angel of the Lord all night long until the sun rose, and there was nothing sexual about it. Grow up.

  32. Dylan Berg

    hahaaha I’ve been a wrestler for 7 years now, three years in college. I’ve worked very hard over my career and I can tell you it’s not because I’m homo-erotic. Gay men don’t invade our sport and develop these “secret homosexual sex positions”. These moves have been around for thousands, just as the sport has been around for thousands of years, just as great stories of great wrestling has been aroud for thousands of years. Jacob himself even wrestled with an angel. I love the Lord with all my heart and I know he gave me my athletic ability so that I could have a chance to better glorify him. You are not ousting secret homosexual exploitations, you’reembarrassing yourselves and the oldest and one of the greatest sports in human history. I will pray for all of you.

  33. Michael Threadgill

    Yes the word of God says that homsexual will not inherit the kingdom of heaven. But to speak out of pure ignorance and homophobia is another. It is ignorant statements such as these that deter people away from Christ. As a man that loves God will his full heart that wrestled in both High School and College, I find that you making these statements is highly offensive to a sport that helped to learned the hardships of seeking a goal and overcoming to get. This sport has also helped me to grow spiritually. It showed me the imporantance of putting the flesh at bay in order to press towards a goal. When applied spiritually it has allowed me to undure hardship as well as fast and yield my flesh to God. This article does not speak out of the Holy Spirit or is even based in the word of God. This man is speaking out of his own fears and ignorance. It is indeed the last days and times where false teachers will decieve many and veer them to the kingdom of statement. Understand anything done out of the Holy Spirit is destructive and does not cause the kingdom of God to grow. As a final statement did not Jacob wrestle with an angel for hours and was given the name of Israel? And What does Israel mean in the Hebrew? He who WRESTLES with God. So the name of the promised people of God who Christ is returning for after the last gentile is saved name is HE WHO WRESTLES WITH GOD. Repent of acts done of the flesh that deter possible believes and decieve people already in the body of Christ Mr. Author. The rapture is alot closer than many believe and those with spirits of hatred will not inherit the kingdom. If you are to teach others keep your foundation in the word. I will leave you with scripture of the very thing that I was speaking of with Jacob. I received this from Bible Gateway.com. Which is an online bible. I speak out of the love of Christ that you may share in the blessing of the Kingdom of Heaven and be one with Christ as the entire body of Christ should be.
    Jacob Wrestles With God
    22 That night Jacob got up and took his two wives, his two female servants and his eleven sons and crossed the ford of the Jabbok. 23 After he had sent them across the stream, he sent over all his possessions. 24 So Jacob was left alone, and a man wrestled with him till daybreak. 25 When the man saw that he could not overpower him, he touched the socket of Jacob’s hip so that his hip was wrenched as he wrestled with the man. 26 Then the man said, “Let me go, for it is daybreak.”
    But Jacob replied, “I will not let you go unless you bless me.”

    27 The man asked him, “What is your name?”

    “Jacob,” he answered.

    28 Then the man said, “Your name will no longer be Jacob, but Israel,[f] because you have struggled with God and with humans and have overcome.”

    29 Jacob said, “Please tell me your name.”

    But he replied, “Why do you ask my name?” Then he blessed him there.

    30 So Jacob called the place Peniel,[g] saying, “It is because I saw God face to face, and yet my life was spared.”

    31 The sun rose above him as he passed Peniel,[h] and he was limping because of his hip. 32 Therefore to this day the Israelites do not eat the tendon attached to the socket of the hip, because the socket of Jacob’s hip was touched near the tendon.

  34. NN

    Obvisouly you arent a good Chritian if you say that kind of stuff. Wrestling is not a gay sport your just to much of a puss to try it!!! That is soo horrible!

  35. Alison Manson

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  36. that guy

    shannon-i just wanted to see if angels were really on twitter. we should go on a twilight tour in Forks, i know the area well. let me be your edward.

  37. yoda

    is this a joke? Im not asking in a rhetorical way, I want to know if I should show people and laugh or not show anyone and be concerned that this many people are taking this mess seriously. Please answer

  38. Bananarama

    This can’t be real, oh my fucking lord, please tell me this isn’t real. You fucking bastards are fucking hilarious.


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