Yo Gabba Gabba! – The Homo Secret Within Your Children’s Minds.

Parents heed my warning! There is a new homo gay agenda show entitled “Yo Gabba Gabba!” which is targeting your small children to become future homosexuals and ruining the chances of your daughter in becoming a obedient house wife. I will list below the satanic hogwash that is presented in this child brain washing massacre of a show.

1. The host is black and gay.
DJ Rock, which rhymes with a word that gays use to describe their Satan scepter, is a angry self hating black gay man and is also using his money to become a women. This man dances around and plays techno music to entice your children to become late night party animals or over weight fag hags. We all know techno music is used as a portal to allow satan inside your children’s minds and this man is using it to tell children being touched by homos is ok and that anal sex is they way to go.

Here is an example of what you children are watching and look at what it does to them:

Here is DJ Rock Djing at a famous sodomy club in France.

2. Plastic Bumpy Pleasure Dolls.
One of the dolls named “Homo” is a female plastic torpedo toy with bumpy boils on it. This is to get your child familiar with what a homo’s flesh torpedo looks like. Homosexuals have bumps on their private due to sinful man on man sex and this toy is to tell children “don’t be afraid, it is normal to have a irritated wee wee with puss bubbles on it.” Now this item also is to show your little girls that they don’t need a man to be happy. They can go over to the lonely fat lesbians how down the road and have fun!

3. Yo Gabba Gabba means.

Yo, which in black talk means “Hey over here” and Gabba which means “Grab Me.” So the full title means “Hey over here and grab me grab me!”

4. Yo Gabba Gabba has turned Jack Black Gay

Enough proof here:

5. They make hairy gay predators look friendly

meet “Brobee” the funny and nice hairy animal. Doesn’t he just look like so much fun to play with? Wouldn’t you wanna go over to his house and play without any adults around? Well this is what this character is teaching your kids. It shows that large hairy men are safe and fun. Most gay mean fit this MO and this is why they are making your child fill comfortable around them.

155 thoughts on “Yo Gabba Gabba! – The Homo Secret Within Your Children’s Minds.

    1. Jessica (sanity)

      Buahahaha! You’re so f’ing ignorant! This website is absolutely entertaining. Will this be going on the road soon as the next blue collar comedy tour?

  1. The Comedian

    I just have this to say: how the FUCK does your retarded mind work? I mean really, this is a freaking kids show, and you’re doing nothing but projecting yourself onto it and hating it. Truth is, you want big black gay dick in your ass, just admit it.

    Fucking sickos.

  2. Tyson Bowers IIIAdam Nelson Post author

    In the final video with Jack Black, you can see they suggestively insert the ‘gas nozzle’ into the car’s ‘tank’. This is symbolism and the gays are trying to make kids think it is normal.

    1. The Comedian

      It is normal to fill up a vehicle with gas. The fact that you found something sexual about it says something about you. Fuck, the fact that all of you retards can find something sexual in everything says something about you.

    2. Jessica (sanity)

      Yeah….i bet that’s what it insinuated. LOL You know, a little shock therapy & some pyschotic meds might clear up that cloudy mind. Only a perverted sex obsessed mind would have gathered a gas hose as a sexual object. Draw your blinds & rock in your nutty chair for the next few decades but stay away from humamity, would ya?

    3. Raven

      Lol you are joking right? This is a troll surely. If not then you should really see a specialist because you mentioned big black penises way too many times. You need to step out of the closet and stop being angry at yourself, your dad can’t hurt you anymore.

  3. Tyson Bowers IIIStephenson Billings Post author

    Do you ever take a step back and say, What has just happened? That’s how I feel watching these videos. Honestly I can’t tell you what I have just seen. It makes no sense and the heavy metal soundtrack of the first one was offensive. Then the last one with the drunk orange man… I think the children’s entertainment industry has really gone downhill in the last 20 years. It’s shocking as it is shameful. All they want is profit and as kids become distracted they amp up the volume to keep them connected. But the truth is children don’t want volume, they want simplicity. A honking nose, a rabbit from a hat, a fun story from yersteryear, it’s the basic things that young people. Too bad the TV business doesn’t understand that and has to sell children into the gay lifestyle instead.

    1. lovepeacelaugh

      You disgust me. I’m sure you’ve never taken a step back yourself, have you? If you weren’t so wrapped up in your own religious near-sightedness, you’d be able to see so much more. As for the “heavy metal music”, the majority of people are able to tell that that music was inputted afterward by another party for Religious propaganda. The fact that you search for “non-believers” and “satan worshipers” every where you look shows your extreme lack of knowledge of religion. I think I remember someone, a long long time ago, who preached love and acceptance? OH YEAH! It was JESUS CHRIST. Please, if you truly want to spread the word of God, spread love, not hate.

    2. Name required

      You are aware that the metal soundtrack was edited onto that video from youtube right? That was not actually in the show. As well as that this person got half the names wrong to make them sound perverted or something and lied to you. But somehow you are all stupid enough to believe him. Jack Black did not get turned gay and even if he did what business is it of yours? And the fact that you are judging the main character guy for being black and (supposedly) homosexual is very ignorant and evil. I’m afraid that if there is a hell, the people that support this garbage discrimination will be taking residence there. The creators and people in this show have never killed anyone for their cause, yet you bible thumpers have started holy wars and burned people for (supposedly) being witches. If anyone should be portrayed in hateful videos like this its you.

  4. Tyson Bowers IIIAdam Nelson Post author

    No, that car did not need gas. It is a toy puppet. The way they did it was suggestive and if you listen carefully, you can hear a whisper saying ‘gay is okay’, when it is not and will lead all of them straight to hell.

    1. The Comedian

      //No, that car did not need gas. It is a toy puppet.//

      You and I know this, as well as everyone else who’s above the age of 10. Congratulations on pointing out the fucking obvious. Sadly for you, you don’t get points because IN THE SHOW, MEANT FOR CHILDREN UNDER 10, the character is a vehicle, a motorcycle. It’s a talking motorcycle in a children’s television show that requires gas, and one of the characters (the robot one since you’re so incredibly dumb) offered to fill the motorcycle’s gas tank up. Yes, it’s just a puppet in reality, but in the context of the show, the kids are to believe that it’s a talking motorcycle that requires gas.

      //The way they did it was suggestive and if you listen carefully, you can hear a whisper saying ‘gay is okay’, when it is not and will lead all of them straight to hell.//

      WOW. You say everyone else smokes pot, but SERIOUSLY have to have some fucked up stuff to hear that. I blasted the volume and watched the video over several times just to see if you were right, but nope, nadda. The only way you could’ve heard that was if the voices in your head told you that. Like I said before, you rejects find everything sexual, so you have no room to say that something is ‘causing teh gayness’ in your typical retard fashion.

    2. SM

      I did think that looked weird how they zoomed in on it coming from the robots front to the motorcycles back, and then the motorcycle said “That feels good!” Awkward.

  5. Rhea Pollstry

    That orange plastic bumpy doll looks oddly familiar. I know I’ve seen it before, but I just can’t put my finger on where.

  6. Jazze

    oh dear fucking god you guys are seriously damaged aren’t you. yes this is honestly a horrible show but there is nothing evil in it. stupid? yes. but there’s no agenda here. you simple see what you want to see. you want to have an enemy to blame hate. so you look for it.

  7. Calliope

    The reason the music in the first video seems out of place is because IT IS NOT IN THE SHOW! That is showing where the kids just jump and dance around… my grandson watches this stupid show all the time and i assure you that it is very irritating, but no heavy metal is played and it is not evil…. you jebustards need to get a grip

    1. The Comedian

      Gee, a children’s television show with lots of colors? Who’da thunk it!

      This site is just filled with closet homos.

        1. The Comedian

          And you want to watch children’s televisions shows why?

          Oh that’s right, you like to ogle the little boys on there and dream about raping them.

        2. TemiOO

          I actually thought that this post was a troll, but looking at the comments, it looks like you actually believe this is making kids gay. How can you sit there, with your psychotic mind, judging this when it’s perfectly fine and entertaining for little kids. Sure, it’s weird, but kids shows are supposed to help kids to use their imagination(not in a bad way because you will probably use that against me) and also help kids to learn things. I am being really serious when I say you should get an exam for your mental health because, being a Christian, I can safely say that judging things that are absolutely fine and lying about what’s actually in it is more of a path to hell than this show.

    2. Nic

      Ok if anything you should take the rainbow as a symbol from god. In the bible after the flood God said he would never flood the earth again and to remind us a rainbow would appear in the sky.
      Sorry to break it to you but God made rainbows not homosexuals.

    3. Name required

      You mean like the kind that God made. Huh. Perhaps God is gay?! Maybe we should go make hateful videos about him next!! Please. For hating homosexuals, yo guys sure like to suck god’s dick on a regular basis.

  8. Jenny

    I have to say I’m very disappointed with the fact that you call your self a Christian. Anyone can take anything and twist it to make it fit their agenda. I think the things that you publish on here are more disgusting then the actual thing you are talking about. I’m sorry I never once heard Jesus tell us to hate, even about things that were taboo back then. He taught love and condemned those who judged others. What you seek in life you will find and it seems that you have allowed Satan to fill your mind with perversion so that is all you can see.

  9. Millenium

    wow ya getting disesperate you need more altarboy so you can rape them ???

    You are actually the cause of Many Homosexual in the earlly 1900

    yet you blame it on liberal media

    if You wnat a suggestion starts by protecting Kids in church from the priest and Maybe we will talks

    1. Tyson Bowers IIITyson Bowers III Post author

      You mean keep homosexuals out of the church. I agree, but you left wingers force the church to allow anyone to join.

      1. The Comedian

        No, you retards want to twist and destroy the words of Christ to justify your terrible and inhuman actions. Christ said squat about gays, yet you want to burn’em to death. Someone says that the Earth is several trillion years old, you pull up a document over 2000 years old saying that the earth is only 6000, even though people back then had no clue that: North and South America existed, thought the world was flat, and had no knowledge of dinosaurs or anything prior to because all the bones were buried deep in the Earth’s crust.

        1. LRonHubbard

          Jesus used to hang out with 12 single men. Sometimes in the desert. Where it can get cold at night. Just sayin’.

      2. YO momma

        “you left wingers force the church to allow anyone to join.”

        Are you kidding? Seriously?


      3. Name required

        Wow. I thought religion and politics were supposed to remain seperate, yet when I have been to church all I ever hear is vote for the side we like that is beneficial for us or white or else you will go to hell.

        1. TemiOO

          There is no law that says religion and politics are supposed to remain seperate, the same thing with religion and science. It’s just a barrier that the Catholic Church made because they wanted to be the only power in the world.

  10. Rowan B

    Guys, I’m totally with you on the evils of the liberal media. I get that they’re trying to brainwash toddlers!!! On a lighter note though.. Brobee kinda looks like Stephenson… ?

    Okay, Stephen no offence brother I get that the liberal media are no laughing matter. It’s just..

  11. The Lord

    Let me tell you my children: This article doesn’t make sense. that is definitely not techno music.
    Did I not say To love thy neighbor? Did I not say to make peace with the enemy instead of thisn hate mongering? Did I not say “techno” Music was fucking sick?
    Let this be a testament of my words http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WX4ccnj41lk
    But I cannot stay long I have to raise a couple dudes from the dead.

  12. PandaGirl

    Great exposé. I am not sure about the proof of your video clip, though. After Jack asks for directions, Plex does tell him to “go straight and stay to the right”.. doesn’t sound very homosexual to me, even with all the right wing gay conspiracies.

    Don’t forget to out Kia! They hired Muno (orange dude – name is not Homo) for their Superbowl commercial!


    ‘There’s a party in my tummy! So yummy! So yummy!’

  13. Anthony

    Appearantly your the sick morbid fuck!! How do you translate what you see on this show into something so morbid and disgusting and wrong. Your mind is the one that needs cleansing to even think of such wrong things. You call yourself a christian? and yet all you did was bash, judge, hate, swear, and most of all think of the most crude things you could think of. I will pray for you you sick fuck.

  14. Hannah

    Ok, that first video was NOT right. That show does not play heavy metal. You want to know how I know that? Because I have a four year old that watches it.
    I see nothing wrong with the show in my opinion but there are some episodes I don’t let her watch because I think it’s wrong.

    Second, this is a CHRISTIAN area or a family area to talk about stuff. I have yet to figure that out. ALL I HAVE YET TO SEE IS PEOPLE HATING ON HOMOSEXUALS. Do you think God hates them? No! He loves everyone. All you can do is pray for them. You people are so hurtful. They have feelings to.

    This whole site is NOT WORTH even looking at. I hope and pray that you will turn your ways. I pray that God will bless each and everyone of you in this upcoming week and the rest of this on.

    1. AbbySky

      Thank you. Very well put. I have moved away from the more organized religions lately b/c of all the rhetoric like this that is out there. I have read through several articles on this site, and it just seems to be a place to bash homosexuals and african americans, and to keep women down. Let alone that maybe half of what is written is actual fact (someone wrote that JK Rowling was a man-blatantly false). I believe in the basics of religion, but it is people like this author that turn me away.
      I agree with you that people like this need to be kept in the thoughts of others in the hopes that one day they will open their eyes and see the good world around them.

      1. LRonHubbard

        His point being the Mormons are all gay too. Duh! Didn’t you ever watch ‘The Osmonds’? It doesn’t get any gayer than that.

      2. Name required

        Hey Tyson Bowels! Eat shit you disgusting bastard. P.S. Tell your mom I had a lot of fun doing sexual things with/to her! The only problem was she kept going on about what a disappointment her son is.


      Wow, I am completely dumbfounded at you peoples ignorance. Do you even realize that people like you turn people away from Christianity… I want no part of a religion that has idiots preaching what they think Jesus meant, and it is definitely not these slanderous words. YO GABBA GABBA IS A GOOD SHOW FOR CHILDREN. It teaches children love, respect,acceptance, imagination, and a love for music and art. My neice is BLIND and she loves the show simply because of the musical content in it. Just because something is different does NOT MAKE IT GAY. And you as a Christian should be more accepting, because you know what LOVE IS LOVE, even if it is of two people of the same sex. Most gay couples that I know have more love in their little finger than you do in your entire soul. Man you need to open your mind and your eyes or believe it or not you are going to be the one in HELL. Wake up. Also, you should learn to spell before posing some ridiculous ranting on the internet. You look like a fool!

  15. stfu


    “ruining the chances of your daughter in becoming a obedient house wife.”
    Yet again, surpessing women because, duh, men are superior. FUCK YOU HAAHAHAA. Alright, let’s consider that maybe Yo Gabba Gabba IS ruining the chances of girls becoming house wives. Maybe men should learn to get off their asses and do some work themselves instead of being dicks, and demanding so much from other HUMAN BEINGS.

    “The host is black and gay.”
    Lol, proof? (And, by the way, his host name is ‘DJ Lance’, not DJ Rock, dumbass, do your research.)

    “over weight fag hags.”
    YES, because dancing all around like crazy when you’re a little kid is TOTALLY encouraging lazing around and pigging out when you’re older. Find a niiiice cozy hole to die in, please.

    “One of the dolls named “Homo””
    ASS HOLE, DO YOUR GOD DAMN RESEARCH. The character’s name is MUNO. He is a red cyclopes, not some sex toy. YOU are turning something innocent into something disgusting and vile because you want to control the people around you because you THINK that’s what God wants.

    “Homosexuals have bumps on their private”
    HAVE YOU EVER SEEN A HOMOSEXUAL’S VAGINA OR PENIS? They DO NOT have bumps on their privates. ANYONE can have a medical condition that does cause bumps, but it is not special to gays, as, once more, WE’RE ALL HUMAN. No matter what our sexual orientation.

    “in black talk”
    That is the most racist thing I have EVER, in my entire life heard. I keep forgetting that WHITE MEN are the most valuable and perfect beings on planet earth, and all women must obey, and hispanics, blacks, and asians should burn in hell, even though that’s how God created them? Oh, my bad.

    “Yo Gabba Gabba has turned Jack Black Gay”
    HAHAHA. Jack Black is NOT gay. In fact, he’s MARRIED and has two kids.

    “They make hairy gay predators look friendly”
    Don’t forget, they’re bright green, too.

  16. AbbySky

    You obviously have never watched this show and have not a clue what you are writing about. That song would never appear in the show, nor would anything sounding remotely like that. That first video was pasted together and dubbed over with another song.

    The plastic bumpy pleasure doll that you so eloquently describe is not named “Homo” as you suggested. And HIS name is Muno.

    As for the title. Go look up your facts. It’s a made up term, first off. It also is surprisingly similar to a song line, “Gabba gabba, hey!” (The Ramones) Secondly, what is it that you refer to as being “black talk”? That’s an interesting term to use…

    Jack Black? What? I’ve rewatched this video and am trying to see where your “knowledge” of him being gay was formed. As far as I see, he’s a guy that likes to entertain children. And he does it while dressed not quite “manly” as you seem to prefer. Being a teacher, I occasionally put on costumes to teach a lesson. What’s so wrong with that? Does that make me gay?

    You seem live in a very closed-minded world. Is my husband really gay b/c he’s hairy? The big bad bear is going to go out hunting out little bear cubs! (Look up the terminology. Maybe you’ll get the joke.) I better watch out for hubby. He might be bringing home little boys to put into the mix of our sex life.
    I’m just wondering if you happen to read about the ancient Romans before you wrote this. They are the ones that preyed on young boys for their sexual relief. Gay men would rather have something more… developed, so to say.

    Really, get your facts straight before you try to brainwash whatever “masses” are reading this. Perpetuating lies is not going to help your cause one bit b/c there are those of us out here who actually KNOW what’s going on. Facts could have helped your argument.

  17. ArikahNikhole

    My mum is a Pre-K teacher. The way he dances is how 3-5 year olds dance. There is nothing wrong with that. You people remind me of a tabloid how you twist something to where it is completely unbelieveable…

  18. ticia

    thanks i needed a laugh =) that was funny you should get the real vids of the show if your trying to be serious…. but i figure your not because everything you said was so far fetched and inaccurate. but thanks for taking the time to make ppl laugh =)

    1. ticia

      oh and by the way i have never seen this show but i think that if you are really worried about your kids seeing things like this you can be the parent and turn the tv off. my child does not watch anything unless i put it on for her. i am not a crazy christian i and believe its “the devil” i just want my child to grow up happy and normal and that all starts with being a proper parent. the problem is not want they are putting on tv, its the ppl putting there kids in front of the tv to make them shut up or not bother them. but thats there problem not yours. if you dont want to watch a show because you dont like it fine thats your deal let others do what they want. home school your kids dont let them watch tv keep them away from everyone thats not like you and see how far to heaven that gets you.

      by the way …..Romans 8:28
      And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.

  19. Just a person

    Why do you people try something bad about everything?
    I bet you people think that the only good people in this world are you guys.
    Yo Gabba Gabba is a kids show! Children aren’t thinking about this stuff.
    Also, do your research on what the names actually are. The orange cyclops’ name is not “homo” it’s “muno”. and the guy is not DJ Rock. It’s DJ Lance.

  20. Jack Black

    Oh sweet 8lb 6oz baby jesus…. this is the funniest thing I’ve read all week. Please excuse me while I go Yo Gabba Gabba my giant rainbow boombox.

  21. Ang

    Mr. Bowers, There are alot of reasons why I do not like this show but none of them are the same as yours. Out of all your “examples” you haven’t proven anything but just made assumptions, I would really like to see where your references come from and not just from videos from the show. God calls us as Christians to seek the truth and to tell the truth with Love Proverbs 3:3 Let not mercy and truth forsake you; Bind them around your neck, Write them on the tablet of your heart. I have read some of your other postings and I am saddened that this does not apply in your heart. I also do not understand why the man being African American has anything to do with him being a gay man can you explain that to me? You have confused me with your “Warning! Black Music Infiltrates the Minds of Future Homemaking White Women” but then you yourself listed as Jazz as one of your favorite musics on Facebook. According to Wiki “Jazz is a music genre that originated at the beginning of the 20th century in African American communities in the Southern United States from a confluence of African and European music traditions.” Here is the reference http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jazz

    1. None of your business

      RIGHT ON! I was actually looking up this stuff to find out if this show was named after the line “Gabba gabba hey!” in Pinhead! Haha

  22. Christian

    You should be ashamed of yourself! Calling yourself a Christian and writing this garbage! You are completely reaching to call this show gay agenda. And while being gay is a sin, so is this hateful garbage that your distributing. Do NOT call yourself a Christian because you give us all a bad name.

  23. DarkRomanek

    People u r so serioulsy fucked up!
    This show is really nasty but is not making kids gay, please get a life!

  24. satan

    moral alert: currently skull fucking christs corpse, will get back at ya when i finish up. please check back soon for pics…

  25. White Guy

    i love how the post suggest this show turned jack black gay. if i would have to take a stab at why he, and other famous ppl guest stared in the show. i would say it was for the money. the last single i heard from suan kingston defiantly doesn’t suggest he’s gay. lmao, this site is so fucked up with retarded shit, i love it!

  26. Pepptodd


  27. Black Jim

    “Yo in black talk.” ?????
    You are a vermon piece of garbage who is probably a racist piece of junk in Christian clothing. There is no such thing as “black talk.” However, there is such a thing as slang, which is not attributable to all black people. So, in conclusion, from a real christian to a fake one (you wicked tare), go practice nihilism and piss off.

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  29. YO momma

    I can guarantee that the “author” (if you could so degrade the term to call this man an ‘author’) has never seen a full episode of Yo Gabba Gabba… probably not a partial episode, either. The fact that the child dancing was looped repeatedly at the beginning of the ‘incriminating’ video shows exactly what your sick mind has focused on. YOU are the one with issues, my friend. And the red, bumpy doll is named MUNO, not homo, you whackjob. And Muno is a boy.

    It’s odd that you would neglect to mention the episode “Baby,” which the radical left should probably get up-in-arms about with its radical right-wing prolife agenda. Surely you saw the episode when you were doing all of your, uhhh, ‘research.’

    Oh, and you should really invest in an editor. Clearly, you failed English class.

  30. confused

    Ok, time out for a second… Someone please answer me honestly; all kidding aside. Is this a joke? I mean, is this a satire site that uses irony and sarcasm to make a point in a funny way? I’m not trying to start a fight or attack anyone, I’m honestly asking.

  31. not_confused_anymore

    After skimming through this site, I think I see what’s going on here. I’m a seasoned, bible-believing Christian. I’m involved in my church, I have a testimony; the whole nine yards. You could say that I’m pretty familiar with the whole right-wing, Jesus-following culture. As such, I can say with certainty that the kind of incoherent, disconnected silliness that this site attempts to pass off as Christian values, is a perversion of what real Christians actually believe that transcends mere back-woods, chicken-fried stupidity – such to the point that there’s just no way that this can be real. I’ve seen plenty of radicals in my day, but this is a way over the top, folks. I do not believe that this is real.

    I strongly suspect that this site is run by some far-left radical group (possibly a social-engineering arm of the powers that be. I know – It’s just like a Christian to have a conspiracy theory, eh? :) ) that’s trying to defame Christians or the general right-wing by playing on the well-developed nerve of distaste that so many have been taught to harbor against us “hypocritical, terrorist Christians”. Now, I can’t prove this, but come on people, think about it… Do you really believe that people, even the “Christians” that most of the modern world just loves to hate, are really this dumb? Come on now; be honest with yourselves. The things this guy is babbling is just too much. This has GOT to be some kind of hoax.

    1. Obvious One

      Or maybe the authors actually realize it’s so completely over the top that only a complete fucking moron would believe anything written on this site…just saying.

  32. the mand

    This is really funny Aweasome joke page because if you are serious about this theere is something wrong in your very very homophobic head. HAHAHA made me laugh.

  33. a

    to: Tyson Bowers III

    to be honest with you i feel so sorry for you. i’m not even an adult yet and i know what this is, it is pure ignorance. my family is actually very religious we go to church every Sunday and from what I’ve learned from the bible im pretty sure what your saying would not be accepted by god. you are being racist to black and homosexual people. this is just wrong and perverted you honestly have a sick and twisted mind for thinking that. i just hope god forgives you for even thinking/writing/coming up with this.

  34. notascrazyasyou

    Okay, I think you have a bit more time on your hands than any human should. It’s a kids show, that’s it. You crazy people need to not over analyze things and try to find some huge gay plot to turn straight people. We wouldn’t want you anyway.

  35. Mel

    ok first of all who gives a flying duck if the host of the show is gay???? this show teaches valueble lessons such as sharing trying new food brushing teeth washing hands and face not biting other ppl not to shove or hit my son is 2 1/2 yrs old and loves the show i will admit some of it is a little out there but if you are going to attack this show how about spongebob square pants or a christian show veggie tales i mean really this show does NOT teach our children to be homosexuals nor is jack black one that i know of and if he is well that is his life choice not yours as i write this comment i cant help but notice another of your thoughts harry potter turned emma watson into a whoredevil? i know you have your beliefs and that is fine but do not try and cram down parents throats that shows that are educational and benifital to childrens development are immoral that is not christan it is hypocrasy at its worst if you want to know no i am not christan i am wiccan and is that going to change my son from growing into a well educated articulate man no its not when he is old enough to make the desicion to either follow christianity or some other belife that will be his choice to make you really should take a look at the things that you write before posting them christianity is supposed to be about love forgivness and beliving in a god who loves without judgement and for you to write this is a sin remember what is in the bible “judge not lest ye be judged yourself” yes i said i was wiccan but until i fouund wicca i was a baptized christan also the scripture john 3:16 comes to mind “for god so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son for who beliveth in him shall not parrish but have ever lasting life” for you to allow this on your web page is in gods eyes a sin for you are in judgement of someone elses life and their choices

  36. Foofa

    It’s sad that when a kid’s tv show becomes really famous, individuals especially these religious/extremist personality types like to dig and turn everything into some suggestive, brainwashing, converter campaign. I know you guys remember teletubbies,barney, and sesame street and how the shows were proposed to having homo campaigns due to the colors and style of the characters.It’s obvious someone has an unsettling for gays and blacks for all these cases, which is usually which drives these postings. They know It’s easy to draw on the paranoia of parents and fans because like all media circuits they always a moral and life reevaluating kicker. It’s easy to tell where I’m going with this… If you believe this absent minded unprovoking article then you might as well be a gross individual. It’s sad that when someone watches a kid’s show they think of sodomy. That in itself shows me how irresponsible internet users are and when any one wants to learn about this show, their forced to read your disgusting language. Don’t we have other topics to think about?

  37. Jamie

    Okay, first of all I don’t know why you are trying to make a children’s tv show seem gay. Having been in junior highschool, I can tell you that there is a way to make ANYTHING seem gay. You have very poor examples, for instance, the music in the first video has been changed, it is definitely NOT EVEN CLOSE to that! Second, there is no reason to say that the host is “gay” (who cares anyway!). Third, the DJ is not DJing at a sodomy club, its a Yo Gabba Gabba concert. Fourth, the red guy is not named “Homo” he is named “Muno”. The name “Yo Gabba Gabba” does not mean “come over here and grab me”, it is from a song by the Ramones. And how you can think that putting gas in a tank is sexually suggestive, I have no clue. The last part about Brobee being a big hairy gay man who will molest children is just absurd. There is no certain MO for gay men, and I can tell you that there is a much higher incidence of straight men molesting children as compared to gay men. There is not a way to change someone’s sexual orientation, especially not by watching a tv show. Scientists have discovered many biological reasons for human behavior and being gay, in my informed opinion, is not a choice. Why would anyone want to make their life notably harder??? Obviously we could go on and on about this, but judging by your hatred, inability to adequately and truthfully prove your “findings”, on top of your numerous grammatical errors, I can reasonably conclude that you will never change, no matter what people say. I thought that religion was supposed to bring people together and embrace everyone’s differences, apparently christwire has no intention of promoting understanding and acceptance. Really, all I can say is thank you for this article, it shows the stupidity of your ridiculous beliefs and people who have any common sense will be able to see what sad, pathetic, hateful idiots you are.

  38. Wouldntyouliketoknow?

    This is supposed to be a Christian website.HAHAHA.Look at the way this person talks.Not only do they have a horrible potty mouth,they are racist,sexist,overly homophobic(which usually means that one is confused and uncomfortable with ones own sexuality),paranoid,delusional,and extremely ignorant.Well I don’t know about ignorant.They could be just plain stupid.Anyhow this article is null and void in my opinion,because It is full of lies and garbage.They can’t even get the characters names right,and the video they posted was not filmed where they say it was..anyone who actually watches the video will see that.And child predators are big green monsters?Okay..good way to teach your kid bs..because most child predators and molesters actually look like normal,nice guys.That’s why kids get fooled by them.I am thinking that whoever wrote this article is a backwoods,inbred,slightly insane,uneducated moron who is very confused and disturbed by his own sexuality.

  39. Yourmom

    Ahh,this is a joke website.The sad thing Is,I have known people who seriously believed whacked shit like that.I had someone tell me I shouldn’t let my kids play video games because they invite demons into your home,this same lady told me she burned some of her sons toys when he was a kid because they were demonic and would talk to her and scream.I came across a book once that was insane..it was full of stuff like..If you put any kind of star decoration on your door or window it will let evil spirits enter your house,and it also said if you use any kind of crystal it will channel demons and grant them free access to your home.This book noted such examples as crystal doorknobs and chandeliers.I have to find out what it was called,you all would get a kick out of the book.Some other weird sht it listed as evil were action figures and superheroes.

    1. Jessica (sanity)

      Let me guess the woman that thought video games invited satan into tour home is snug as a bug in a rug in a tightly bundled white jacket with lots of buckles, rocking in a corner & giggling while singing “lets all come & play with dj lance rock today, yo gabba gabba, yo gabba gabba, yo gabba gabba yoooooooo”

  40. lovegypsysoul

    Look people think about it, Walt Disney is a well known Occultist (who uses Sigil magick,images and symbols from witchcraft and alchemy”science” to manifest a goal). If all his movies(and shows)have some well known and obvious messages, don’t you think Nickelodeon would too by now? Plus, look up The Aquabats, the band that plays on the show with superhero costumes. They are well known for having costumed monster characters jump on the stage and fight them while they’re playing. One of these characters is known as The Evil Sex Toy, and yes, it is the exact same costume as Muno’s. Then they used the silhouette to make that other crying character who looks like Muno but white and minus the ribbs. NE ways I believe that yes they do have subliminal sexual messages aimed at triggering sexual desire in young children. I don’t believe all the messages are explicitly gay, but there seems to be a good amount pointing in that direction. NE ways the first obvious clue is the fact that the first two puppets (Muno and Fufa) are introduced in the beginning back-to-back Muno-Male Penis-Masculine and Fufa-Female Clitoris & or Vulva-Feminine. Still having trouble figuring out Broby and Tutti but here’s a guess Broby-Gay Man or hungry stoner-useless eater, Tutti-Lesbian Woman? Plex- manipulative technology, DJ Lance-Magician (Satanic?) hence the inverted Pentagrams on his hat! Just food for thought!

  41. InHisName4Ever

    I am SO glad there are no blacks, homos or liberals in the Christian church. The lessons of Christ clearly only apply to certain people (white European-descended, English-speaking Republicans).

  42. JeDaAn

    Hey Tyson. What’s your deal? Are you that insecure with yourself that you have to shit on a children’s t.v. show because you weren’t smart enough to think of it yourself or are you just so pissed off because you didn’t get any dick last night? Eventhough the show is weird, it’s not teaching children to be gay. And if a child happens to be gay, it’s something that happens at the time of conception. You have to be the most ignorant asshole I’ve ever heard of and you should really take that shoe out of your mouth prick.

  43. mike

    Muno is Korean for octopus which the character is. Just amazed that there are crazy people out there who believe this crap.

  44. Satan666

    Did you know that there is an omitted book of the bible that describes in great detail, an orgy between Jesus and his apostles? The book describes Jesus as being a taker and giver of both felatio and anal sex. The book also describes Jesus and several other apostles as black men. After the orgy is over Jesus goes on to say that this practice should be observed regularly by men of god and that young boys should be forced into the practice if they are not willing to participate of their own free will.

    This book was omitted by the vatican centuries ago, as the practices described in the book, particularly the molestation of young boys became illegal and still is. Yet secret orders of the faith still practice the acts in secret, as Jesus told them to in the bible. An investigation was conducted by 60 Minutes and an actual testimony was given by an unsuccessful papal candidate whilst a journalist was undercover. This testimony was recorded and then verified by many other members of the vatican.

    So there you have it you blind Christian morons. Jesus was a gay black man and encouraged young boys to be raped. You think you’re better than everyone else, yet you follow the teachings of a serial sodomist and rapist whom you believe to be white and heterosexual, only because you fear and hate people of other races and sexual orientations. I feel sorry for you people. An atheist society will be welcomed with open arms once all you bible bashing hypocrites are bread out, or should I say inbred out.

    1. Tyson Bowers IIILurlene Tyranna Shores Post author

      [Needs citation]

      Also, any evidence from the Vatican is suspect, they are in league with the devil and even have child sacrifice.

      They even have a special chair to have young boys play with Pope Palpatine’s balls: “Hidden in the depths of the Vatican Museum is a very special chair. The “Stedia Stercoraria”. This is a chair of an unusual design, a commode-like construction with a large keyhole shaped orifice cut into the middle of the seat. The seat is popularly known as “The Ball-Feeling Chair”. It was used in the Election Ceremony for Popes. The method of it’s use has been recorded by many medieval travellers: Before an appointment as Pope could be confirmed, the candidate had to disrobe and sit it the special chair. The youngest Deacon present would then be required to kneel down and reach under the chair to confirm that the candidate did possess testicles.”

  45. Disgusted

    1 John 4:8
    Anyone who does not love does not know God, because God is love.

    You should be ashamed of yourself. Those words are so hurtful. I might not agree with they way people live their lives but I love them anyways and certainly don’t call people “Homos”.

    The more you shelter your children the more rebellious they are when they enter the real world. And by calling people names teaches your children to bully. I’d rather let my daughter dance her butt off while watching Yo Gabba Gabba over letting her listen to people call each other names.

    I’ve been a child of God since I was 5 (now I’m 24) and I know your not being a very positive witness for the lord.

  46. nicci kulpa

    you all are such homo fucking fobs this is a kids show not a fuckin sex show all thoughs videos show nothing brobee is a 4 yr old monster not a predtor nd r yu fuckin realize yo in black term means ike wtf he black big fuckin deal yu r a piece of shit theres nothin wrong wit thisshow its yur fuckin mind yu freaks

  47. Armageddon!

    You have to admit after you watch the show, DJ Lance is pretty flamboyant and the red “studded one eye monster”, the pink butt plug, and the gerbil are pretty obviously sexually oriented IF you have a dirty mind. I joke about that shit with my friends and neighbors all the time. No i don’t think it is affecting my kids at all, they are far to young to think as dirty as me. So no i don’t care, just saying.

    And if you don’t get the gerbil reference here you go…

  48. wowwers!


  49. Limey Chimaera

    Wow! I started to get really mad at first reading all of this hate but then thought this has to be a joke! Nobody could be serious writing all of this. Yes show is strange but my daughter also likes Blues Clues (that sick man Steve loving his dog and mail box lol!).

  50. Laughs At Idiocy

    Oh my… I never thought I would read something so stupid… How many things are wrong with this article??? I took count… and the number is staggering… ONE… There is one thing wrong with this article… It was written… Other than that it’s fine… I agree that whoever is seeing these images as phallic and homosexual are wanting to see them this way… Mr. Bowers, stop masturbating to a children’s television show… Why don’t you use your cynic criticism where it is most needed, your own personal hygiene… Cause if you believe a third of what you have wrote then you are a diseased and flea ridden rodent festering the minds of those who should know better and don’t… I was reading along to see what you said, but I couldn’t read anymore after you CHANGED a characters name from MUNO to HOMO… I thought… He must own a MUNO doll and he must just LOVE the way MUNO feels in his RECTUM… Then to call poor little BROBEE a hairy man with a bike… LOL… Brobee is the child of the bunch, he is small and not very smart… I noticed the only characters you had problems with were the MALE characters… Nothing bad to say about FOOFA or TOODEE… Only interested in the guys, eh??? and you call THEM gay… Sounds like you might be running out of room in that closet… Why don’t you and some of these other masturbating monkeys who believe your swill play a nice long game of “Hide and GO FUCK YOURSELF”

  51. Cass

    This is crazy. Yo gabba gabba is a great show my daughter loves it. It has great lessons. Any one how would say this about a childs show has serious issues. If you feel so strongly about it being a “gay” show then maybe you have some serious gay issues yourself. Maybe thats something you need to work on.

  52. Dude

    What this show does to adults? You do realize this show is for little kids right? aka, people who don’t possess the brain power to figure out these so called “truths”. It seems you were born a retarded, single minded adult so let me explain how that works in the mind of a child. They don’t see a colorful boombox telling them to be gay, or a character symbolizing homosexuality or dancing that can turn them into an “overweight fag hag” as you so charmingly put it. They see(to them)an awesome rainbow boombox, a friendly orange cyclops and kick ass dancing. It doesn’t affect them AT ALL in the ways you put it, if it did the world would be a much different place as you seem to forget that shows like this have been on forever, and many of them were a helluva lot more popular than yo gabba gabba. And further more what is this “black talk” of which you speak? Cuz i’m black and I’ve never heard of it. There’s two explanations; either you’re not from earth(cuz that’s not how things work here)or you’re on some really powerful drug. Either way the world would be a much better place if there were less ignorant, judgmental fucks like you in it.

  53. juliet8810

    WTF??? i sure this “article” is a joke rygt cause i cant believe what i just read about a childrends show
    a mean what a fuck just read!?!??!?!!!

    i sure the author is just joking and is not a retarded mental racist shity scum eater.

  54. Matt

    Ok I dont think the fucking douche bag that wrote this article has actually ever watched this show. My 2 1/2 year old love this Yo Gabba Gabba. Next time stop looking at DJ Rocks Ass and watch the show you queer. It actually teaches children some pretty important lessons like, its cool to be nice to other people, brushing your teeth and many other things. And my wife just told me to warn you that obedient house wives will chop your dick off and feed it to brobee if you make fun of their favorite show again. Fuck nugget. Watch your balls.

  55. george

    I cannot believe what I’m reading wtf is wrong with you people its scary to think people like you are walking the streets because its clear you have some major mental problems. I feel bad for your kids if you have any in fact I’m praying you don’t . It’s a kids show people nothing else nothing more!

  56. Meghan

    Well first off all this your saying is very very stupid. My niece is almost 3 and has been watching this show for awhile now, THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH HER.. I don’t get why you are making such a big damn deal of this. I watch her a lot and I see nothing of what you see in this show. I think you are being way too overprotective. The show is a healthy way for children to get out their energy, my niece loves the show..

  57. CD

    Sadly everyone on here that has been replying asking is this site for real, sadly very very sadly there are REALLY people out there that think this way and try to project those SAME thoughts onto others about what “their God/Religion” has told them to think, do or say. So unfortunately this is how this man thinks and he will get whoever he can to think the same way with him whether they are educated or even educated in their own religion or not.

    Just remember Jonestown people, and all it took was one man to start it.

  58. Amanda C

    You guys are so smart, I mean really. HOW DID YOU GET ALL OF THESE SEXUAL MESSAGES THROUGH A 30 MINUTE KIDS TV SHOW? FUCKING SUPERNOVAS OF OUR GENERATION. In the mean time, my daughter will be watching this while I clean my house and prepare dinner….. YEAH LIKE THE GREAT HOUSEWIFE THAT I AM!!!!!! I even watch the show from time to time and I am STILL AN OBEDIENT HOUSEWIFE!!!! Its so crazy. But HEY YOU’RE RIGHT!!! And BTW Take your fucking crooked ideas and shove them up your fat christian asses!!!!! AMEN!!!!

  59. openminded

    Look if your gay your gay, dont hide in the closet and try to pin homosexuality on a kids show, theres lots of gay christians out there, where i come from thats quite normal and obviously your ranting about this show is a secret message to your sexuality so dont cower behind a hard front come out of the closet and stand up and shout, I”M A GAY CHRISTIAN be proud and gain the respect you deserve.

  60. None of your business

    Okay, Stephenson Billings, the first one with the “heavy metal music”, which is actually something more like death metal, screamo, or metalcore or something, is obviously put to random clips of the show by a random youtube user to be funny. That’s not what kids are watching. Are people really this ignorant?

  61. Jessica (sanity)

    This site is absolutely roll on the floor laughable. Sounds like a bunch of butt-fucking deliverance socio-paths. Let me guess…it’s ok for your cult leader to marry 12 year olds too, right? Grow up, stop spiraling society toward your warped nazi-like ideals & for Christ sake unsunscribe from your cable company so as not to be “corrupted” by shows that teach your children values. Scares me that I have to share earth with such short minded, ignorant, uneducated morons with corrupt beliefs. Good luck opening your door to get out of the house (grab the handle, unlock door and twist). Thought maybe you could use some guidance morons. Watch out world…Nick JR is out to get you buahahaha!

  62. T

    I just have to say this is the most entertaining website I’ve come across since… well… ever!


  63. Rev. Bob Jenkins III

    I had always suspected that the orange creature with one eye (“one eye is suggestive of the hole of a penis”) was created to get children familiar with triple headed dildos, for use with an adult and 2 children.

  64. jared

    Wow…ignorant illiterate judgemental and obviously trailer trash. You put so much effort into this and its not even slightly funny. You’re tapped and slightly on the retarded side. You’re a prime example of why I don’t follow religion. Brainwashed ignoramus. Either you’re a 15 year old kid or an adult with brain capacity of a 2 year old. If I met you I can promise you I would most definitely knock you out.

  65. Rev. Bob Jenkins III

    OHH, wait until I talk to your mother, Jared!! She will give you the godly discipline that your little buttocks needs in order to become a corrected, obedient follower of your dear Lord Jesus Christ!! Praise Jesus

    1. Jack

      uhmmm he has a point…its people like this that push people away from becoming a christian! people call themselves christians but always have something negitive to say and point people out. These “christians” talk about gay people like they have no right or to black people or whatever they dont believe in and make them feel like shit…now Rev. tell me what the hell kind of christian is that?!

  66. Linz

    Wow I honestly thought this website was a joke or someone trying to be funny when I began reading these articles…this is completely extreme and I hope that people reading this realize that not all Christians are as judgemental and ignorant as the people writting this junk…if ignorance is bliss you people must be living in utopia!!!

  67. funny

    This is the funniest thing I have read in a long time. Thanks 😉 The parody is so sharp it looks real at first glance (&_&) kinda shocked at first. Nice job!

  68. Layne

    What Next? Sesame Street? There is a bird with a long beak, that is total perversion! There are black guys too! Homosexual child molestors, im sure! Oh wait, they also tell women they can grow up to be doctors, teachers, whatever they want…that will never work, my daughter will have no chance of becoming an obedient housewife then! Crap, maybe i should just turn off the tv and let my child read this so they can learn about jesus?
    This is the worst thing Ive ever read…I pray that children arent left in your care, the fact that you could get the message and “vibes” you get from an innocent childrens show is troubling.
    Ps- Ill start shielding my children’s eyes every time i stick the gas pump in my car. LOL

  69. mcr666

    “an angry self-hating black man”

    Really? Have you even watched the clips you posted? Cause he looks pretty damn cheerful to me.

    And teaching young kids that homosexuality is so terribly wrong is raising them to be prejudiced into thinking anybody who’s the tiniest bit different than them is wrong, and teaching them that they are better than everybody else. Which, I went to a Christian school for several years, and despite not accepting christianity, even I know that one of the main beliefs is “God created everyone equal”.

    Secondly, the only way to tell if someone is gay is to have them tell you “yes, i am gay”. Dancing is a form of exercise, not a means of determining sexuality. And this is a children’s show, in which case sexuality isnt even an issue. They are dancing to get kids to have fun and encourage them to move around, not sit on the couch all day and be motionless and lazy.

    So go suck a “Satan scepter”, you filthy homophobes.

  70. Elizabeth

    MAYBE YOU ALL SHOULD WATCH THIS “Influence of Media on Children”
    might change your opinion on these “KIDS’ SHOWS” -_-

  71. Whatsmyname

    The fact that a 50 year old PEDO man watches a children’s show enough to know that much about it. Slightly creepy. You’re just jealous, more then likely, how you can’t get none. (from behind.) And This is supposed to be a CHRISTIAN website? Christian, my ass.

  72. Flo Knowles

    This article is the biggest pile of garbage that I have EVER read. The bright colors on the boom box mean that DJ Lance is gay?! Did you even consider the fact that there are bright colors because small children enjoy looking at bright colors? BTW, the bog orange guy is called Muno not homo, have you ever even watched the show you f**king moron? Maybe you are a closet homosexual and to divert the attention away from your stretched out asshole you try to make an innocent children’s show look evil.

  73. Ha!

    Only a fag can recognize fag enuendo. . . and only a fag would know that other fags have bumby cocks. . .lol. And why in the world is the first point – the host is BLACK and gay? What does black have to do with anything?

  74. A Sinner

    John 8:7 So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.

    Christ has by example shown mercies to those condemned.

    It is impossible for any man to point a finger at all sinners, because their is always one sinner stuck behind the accusing gesture.

  75. nicholas frye

    This is very funny, if this was serious website is worry about Christians acceptance at the the throne of judgement. It’s Christians like you that give all of christianity a bad name.

  76. BiBi

    I don’t know but whoever wrote this is sure an immature. People just want to deep analyze a show that they don’t like. I mean do you really have to use the term “black gay man”? This article sounds so vulgar.

  77. Jack

    OOO give me a fucking break!!! You are apparently gay because how else would you know all this stuff?! And do you have something against gay and black people? you do not sound very christian to me! Infact you sound like someone who would be worshiping the devil!God loves everyone and if you are a christian then so should you whether you believe in what they do. Apparently your not! You have no real clue what you are talking about! You sound like you are just making this up and pulling it out of your ass! These characters are from a creative mind not some sex pleasure toy or a hairy man…sorry but i don’t see him pulling kids into his house to have sex with them or whatever it is that you are saying! Also the first video on this website at the top, yeah nice try but they do not play music like that at all! you obviously did that on your own!

  78. K. Srnka

    This is a joke right? This is the fake Christian website that just write satirical articles? I hope so. Because if not, you crazy nutfuck wackjob religious creeps are only further lending to the stereotype that you are all just a bunch of wackjobs that do not deserve the freedom of speech.

    Oh and by the way, do Christians realize that Jesus is embarrassed for the way that they believe in his name? I really wish that the over zealous religious freaks would just go away. Permanently.

  79. jackie jackson

    first of all u are sick and twisted for making this.your a rasict bastard and u have sex writtin all over your forehead.your a disgusting pig and ONLY U would think of something like this.The yo gabba gabba clan is making tons of money while your FAT ass sits at this computer and insults on a little kids show.you have such low self esteem and u should be ashamed of yourself.my son loves yo gabba gabba and NO KID is thinking about dj lance being gay or any of the yo gabba gabba characters being sex toys WHY BECAUSE THERE KIDS AND THEY DONT THINK LIKE THAT UNLESS YOUR TELLING THEM and another thing you dumbass the red one yeah his name is muno not homo u asshole.get a life.leave little kids alone and let them enjoy there favorite show apparently yo gabba gabba is BIG because there live and evrything now u sick fuck! thank u now what do u have to say

  80. ChristiansAreHypocriticalFascists

    You fascist Xtians just crack me up. Dissecting a stupid children’s show for hidden meanings. Farting on and on about your racial fears and hatreds, and your homophobia… while most of you are the worst scum that any fake God could have ever created. Jesus, if he weren’t a fairy tale conjured up to scare idiots like you people into submission, would be ashamed of his flock. Jesus wasn’t homophobic, a racist, misogynistic, conservative, or inbred white trash like most of his modern day “flock” tend to be. Do yoru fake God a favor, get off of his side. Really. You all do no service to his fake cause, when you show the world just how inbred and retarded (Palin-esque) that his self-professed followers are.
    I hope each and every one of you finds yourselves living between (gasp!) black people, and that your slopeheaded offspring are born queer, like Dick (how appropriate) Cheney. I would add retarded, like the Palins, but based on the parents (you), it is probable that they will be retarded even on a good day.
    FOAD you bunch of tweeking closet homosexuals (Haggards) and frauds (Bakker), and other assorted cruds (Fartwells).


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