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Canadians Are Really Mexicans–Just Look at Glee
A national media sensation, takes righteousness beyond the bounds of reason. You can’t argue the truth. If God didn’t send tornadoes to warn blacks about rap music, who did? If your husband isn’t a closet gay, he must secretly be Chinese. Don’t send your son to college unless you want to expose him to the dangers of vajazzling. This is no joke, folks. ChristWire is here to save the world from falling into the hands of sanity.


4 thoughts on “Buy Books By Tyson

  1. Conner

    Isn’t it contradictory to combine God and hate in the same thought? That’s basically what your website is about… hate.

  2. hahahaha not fucking myself over again by putting my legal name in this box

    Hey, I would really appreciate if you help me delete a comment I posted on this site when I was 12. It’s one of the top search results when looking up my legal name in Google and I’m not super keen on every future employer knowing how much I love the taste of semen-flavored ice cream.

    pls help – I messaged your Facebook page


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