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  1. Brittany

    If this site is not satirical content then please proceed to the nearest mental and check in. I believe they’re looking for you. This is all disgusting and closed minded.

  2. Anonymous

    Man, I’ve gotta say this is one of the most hilarious sites Ive ever seen. I can’t believe anyone would actually believe this bullshit, but i guess there are some pretty stupid people out there. I will definitely tell my friends about this website so they can laugh their heads off.

  3. Your mother

    You racist, homophobic piece of shit. I’m sorry you have a small dick. Kill yourself- you know you want to.

  4. yourA disgrace

    listen, im a Christian and sir you are not. your everything Christ would stand against. I have been to bonnaroo and the things your publishing are satanic in themself. you should truly remove the word deacon from your title because you give my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ a bad name to the world. your defiling everything he stands for and will be judged for the Hate, Bigotry and anti- Christian words and Ideas you are spreading. I hope the Lord forgives you, because where you are most likely ending up will NOT be heaven. ill pray for you, but highly Doubt you even believe in Christ. your a disgrace and a horrible person who deserves the judgment you will receive. please, do us a favor and renounce your title of “deacon”. for the sake of Christ and his people.

  5. Erik Lecar

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  6. kat

    I understand trolling is funny, but some people really believe all this garbage you write. While you’re making money off of it, others are taking it seriously. You should post some kind of disclaimer at the bottom so people know that it’s all just a joke.

  7. Brett

    Omg you’re a fucking retard mother fucker. You wrote a book you pathetic creature. Please don’t reproduce.. do your made up god a fucking favor and go see him early.

  8. T Cobain

    You are a stupid bird brained motherfucker. You make religious people look bad. You are such a sick judgmental cunt!

  9. Ryan Gregory

    Foster the People represent Christ. So I am making a VERY logical estimation that you are either Catholic or a shill. Go away. Foster means exactly what it means. LISTEN. You know of signs? Go away you lazy non-loving God human. Lift your head up.Get out of bed. Wake the fuck up.

  10. Callie

    Hello! You’re a complete joke to everyone who enters your website. I’m sure Michael Moore spews a ton of shit, but you spew much, much more. Also, a transgender person touched your website. 😉

  11. Mike Leonardo

    You think this is even close to the truth god loves everyone no matter their sexuality go get a real life and stop shitting on every other person that isn’t straight we are humans to and if you don’t believe that we should call you Satan cause that’s what you are god forgives and forgets but this is plainly illogical and demented thinking.

    1. coolc220

      More like the devils work spreading deception. Hateful people will drive people away from christ. Isn’t the idea to get people to become Christian?

  12. GG

    Y’all.. the internet is not a place to censor. If people believe it, well they likely believed it before or they want to believe it. Do I feel bad for the people getting misinformation from the internet? Not at all. They deserve their ignorance. And hey, bet Tyson is from America, and here in the god blessed USA we have the right to free speech. Have a problem with it? Go live for you, and stop pulling that superficial vigilante shit. For god sakes, 90% of the internet is porn anyway, why don’t you go write a letter to those web hosts.. fuckin angels you all must be, or how else did you get here? Obviously your open mindedness doesn’t indulge in humor or you’re all out to project the same shit but these are *jokes*.. go write a blog and see how no one has time for such snowflakes trying to fuck with your freedoms on our own damn website..and all y’all butthurt scholars, look up the word ‘terrorism’ and internalize the concept so when you go back to class you can tell your faggot professors you could write for huffington post and believe it


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