God Smashes Two Communist Satellites

God’s power has been shown this week as he has caused two Russian satellites to collide in space. These satellites spewed waves of Communism and anti-GOD propaganda.

The debris is now heading towards the international space station. If God commands it, he will also destroy this man made cesspool, where communist Chinese and Russians are known to be placed.

It happened Tuesday. And the whirling fragments could pose a threat to the International Space Station, orbiting 215 miles up with three astronauts on board, though officials said the risk was now small.

12 thoughts on “God Smashes Two Communist Satellites

  1. corn

    “Iridium Holdings LLC has a system of 65 active satellites which relay calls from portable phones that are about twice the size of a regular mobile phone. It has more than 300,000 subscribers. The U.S. Department of Defense is one of its largest customers.”

    One of the satellites was indeed American, with the DoD as one of its largest customers.

  2. brian

    Is this really a Christian site or a joke site? One of the satellites was American and I think a poorly planned trajectory was the cause of the crash not because russia used to be communist.

  3. David

    Your a fool I Pray that America becomes a communist state so the big company’s won’t rape the american worker then send the jobs to china or mexico!!


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