Mexicans Stole My Christmas

Mexicans Steal Christmas

Just got back from my vacation to visit my family in CA and I’m shocked at what has happened in the past year. I shouldn’t be too surprised, as we all know California is the breeding ground of left minded morons and the hideaway for illegals, but what I saw is going too far!

Every where I drove I didn’t see signs saying ‘Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays.” I saw signs in Mexican saying “Feliz Navidad” or some other Latino scribble. It’s bad enough that every sign in California is in Mexican, but do we now have to change our holiday traditions to now make illegals even more comfortable in our country?

Anything that rusts my rump is the fact that no matter where I went, these grandmothers were outside trying to sell me tamales. Why would I want to eat a foreign food to celebrate our Saviour’s birthday? I know Mexicans make tamales, so they have something to open up on Christmas morning, but why do they think I need some? Do I look poor? Do I look like a house keeper?

Also standing out side where Mexican band members playing border jumping music, while all dressed in the same wacky little outfits. What happen to Christmas carolers? Are we not allowed to sing Christmas songs in English anymore? They had their Mexican flags waving all around and I now see they even stole their colors from the Christmas palette. Can’t they create anything on their own without stealing it from the Americans? You steal our tax dollars, now you wanna steal the Christmas colors and throw them on your flag?

I wasn’t even able to goto mid night mass, because it is all in Mexican Spanish. I understand that these people don’t get off work until around 10ish on Christmas eve due to them catering Christmas parties, but do they have to take away my midnight mass?

I mean these people can’t even say Jesus’ name right. They pronounce it as “Hey Zeus” which I find appalling, as they are using a greek god’s name to reference our Lord. These people also prefer to celebrate the three kings instead of Jesus. It is called “Tres Reyes” and it is a holiday that makes the kings look more important, then the real king!

12 thoughts on “Mexicans Stole My Christmas

  1. Tyson Bowers IIIAdam Nelson Post author

    There was that story on the news about a Mexican robbed three families on Christmas. Typical and they thing it is like their likttle drug war towns here in America and they need to just leave us to be in peace.

  2. Ty Bowers IV

    Sorry folks! You’ll have to forgive my Dad again. He went a little heavy on the ol’ eggnog ‘n Everclear this year again. Mom yelled and told him to “get out!” I had to drive for hours looking for him. I finally found him curled up in a fetal position, face down in a pool of eggnog vomit, in the parking lot of a Taco Bell. He kept mumbling over and over, “Mezzikens took muh warlet ‘n muh krizzmizz…” Needless to say, he’s been nursing a 3-day hangover. I guess he finally made it to the computer, but he still isn’t making any sense.

  3. Angry White Patriot

    I hear you Mr. Bowers! You know what’s worse?! They are giving bilingual fortune cookies out in Chinese buffets! When I discovered this I went to the hostess and complained but she pretended not to understand me! They won’t be getting my business anymore, that’s for sure! And the libtard morons don’t understand that our very way of life is under attack! An illegal brown horde is slowly taking over our once glorious country! The godless, heathen courts even declared that Arizona’s good and just law was unconstitutional! Have they been to Arizona?!! There are Mexican’s walking around in broad daylight, smiling from ear to ear at how blatantly they have violated our laws!

    Man, I’m so mad right now! I think I’m going to go lay down, turn on a little Dr. Savage, open up a cold one, and try to forget all of our problems, at least for a little while!

  4. Millennium

    HAHAHAHAHA it’s .. funny seriously

    spaniard ( spanish people ) are very much more christian that you will ever be even In mexico, maybe you should have know that

    also here another “history lesson for you” california belongs to Mexico for what a LONG time

    also Xmas (noel or navidad or nativity ) is Not american and yes in every other language we don’t said CHristmas but instead we wish a new reborn ( as for the new year coming forth as well )

    also you have problem learning spanish or you are just too stupid to learn it ??

    1. Fuddy Rogers

      If Mexico is more Christian than the greatest country in the world, why are they still considered a 3rd world country!? We are trying to save the evil souls of Canadians and Mexicans!

      1. Adam Nelson

        I thought Christianity was a belief system, not a monetary one. A country’s political classification (3rd World, 2nd World, 1st World) doesn’t have anything to do with its citizens’ belief in imaginary beings. And being a Christian nation doesn’t necessarily mean the nation is wealthy (nor does being a non-Christian nation necessarily mean the nation is poor).

  5. pecaloca

    You might be a redneck. wow. No such language as Mexican. Tamales are as “Christian” as turkey or am I missing something? Have fun living in your little box.

  6. Sexbad

    You do realize that the Bible was not written in English, right? Why are you condemning the Spanish pronunciation of Jesus when it was probably pronounced differently before? You do realize that English was first used during the Renaissance, right? You do realize that before people called your invisible man in the sky “God,” they called him “Deus,” right?

    And you do realize that December 15th is not Jesus’ birthday, right? Wasn’t it in May or something? You do know that Christmas was put in December in order to make Roman converts choose between celebrating Jesus and celebrating Saturnalia, right?

    And you do know that most South Americans are Christians, right? After all, it was Christians who came over there from Europe in order to rape, pillage, kill, and force people to follow their religion. Of course, you already know that because you’re a well-versed, cultured human being.

  7. Billybob Biblebanger

    That probably wasn’t Mexican but Cuban they were posting. It’s hard to tell the difference. Even Herman Cain can’t distinguish it.


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