Michelle Obama Sex Tape – Photos

New photos of the First “Lady” have emerged from her college days. The photos below have been leaked by an unknown source and are to be said to be of Michelle Obama with her college boyfriend while she was performing mouth sex acts on his African pole snake, in a kinky homemade video. There is also another black female involved in the video, that is worshiping Obama’s sin slit with mouth sex acts.

The communist queen seems to be posing in tribal sex positions, while she waits for her chocolate lover to penetrate her camel hump. I guess young college men couldn’t resist themselves from her brown sugar flavored baby hole.

I’m personally shocked by this. I thought Mrs. Obama had a little more class, then to make a smut film for extra college credits.

photo 1: Michelle with the man in the video, posing for a photo at the “Annual Afro Revolutionist” meeting. The way she is dressed shows she is a sexual deviant.

photo 2: Here she is having a plastic DNA shooter, being crammed in her devil flesh warp.

photo 3: Michelle and a fellow afro devil whore, partake in a mouth sex act known as “Tongue Pearl Hunting”

photo 4: This is of Michelle doing her sexual African war dance, before the sexual boat ride started.

We believe this video caused the spark of videos made by Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian and Lindsay Lohan porno videos.

23 thoughts on “Michelle Obama Sex Tape – Photos

  1. Anthony

    Oh my goodness! I can’t believe it! I too thought Michelle was one of the “Good” ones, but it would appear that I was wrong. It’s too bad the lamestream media doesn’t have the bravery to cover this story. Thanks for keeping us informed!


  2. RD

    You know, if you look at those photos, you’d realise a few things:

    One, you earlier showed that exact same photo of Michelle Obama in her dress and described it as being her prom dress. So, I guess her prom was also the ““Annual Afro Revolutionist” meeting”? Interesting.

    Two, the photos from the purported “sex tapes” of Michelle Obama are have time stamps on them. The date? November 20, 1999 on the first. So, eleven or twelve years ago, this woman was making sex tapes for extra credit in college, according to you?

    Three: I’m sorry, but the faces of “Michelle Obama” in those pictures you claim to be from her “sex tapes”? That’s not her face. You can even do a COMPARISON, and you’ll notice that the faces are completely different, in skin tone, hair colour and style, facial structure… Different women, dumbass.

    But, hey, good job on trying to create a scandal. I’m not even going to waste my time taking it apart for grammar and spelling. Good job on being a racist prick, though, dumbass. Glad to see you’ve yet to learn anything.

    Oh, and, by the way? Where’s this source? If you can dig up these “sex tapes”, then give us a link. Might as well check the content.

    1. Cuss

      ahhh, come on RD. there very obviously is a michelle obama sex tape and these clearly are images from said tape. i know it’s hard to believe, but you probably have no trouble believing kobe bryant is not a rapist and OJ was innocent. we all get your leanings…

  3. DLiver420

    @RD: This whole sit is a parody (a humorous look at the nature of religious nutjobs). If you feel the need to point out the inaccuracies, you’re missing the point.

  4. Tyson Bowers IIIClaire Post author

    So…you took photos of random black women engaged in sex acts and are labeling them as Michelle Obama?

    Is this a cry for attention from you, or something?

      1. The Comedian

        I thought it was “I believe that only the White American Man should have power, but I’m not racist, xenophobic, or sexist”.

  5. Popanator

    Everything about those erotic pictures made me so hawnee I yelled at my daddy to cum here quick. I smeared him with poopies so he would look like michelle Obama and then I rode his sin stick to town. Mmm…

  6. Millennium

    wow congrats Mister Boners now how can we take you seriously ( well we never really took you seriously to begin with ) but now it’s 1 scandalous and 2 false witness and you know if Michelle Obama knew about this site she might even put a Lawsuit on you and the whole site for slandering and presumption as well WOuld be nice to see your balls being hanged heh

  7. Ty Bowers IV

    Dammit Dad! Why do you have to post pictures from my private collection online? You know that’s not Michelle Obama, it’s my girlfriend Lavoneekwa Marijuana Pepsi Sawyer. And that last one was a picture I took when we did a hot nasty three-way with some hooker we picked up for the evening. It really kills you that I like to stick my creamstick up chocolate cooter snatch, doesn’t it?

    I’m serious, next time you post pictures of my girlfriend online again, I’m going to post pictures of your twiddle rompuses with Uncles Stephenson and Abe and all those leather bears you guys “save from Satan’s asscrack”.

  8. Abe

    The afro poopy squat, all to common and sends the rappers into crazy shooting sprees in rap videos. I guess you can take the tribal from the jungle, but never the jungle from the genes. Too bad she don’t keep her jeans on because this is sick and even I can understand Obamo’s anger on this one.

  9. Giuliana

    Well, I didn’t expect this from Mrs. Obama so.. no one is as innocent as they seem to be, come on I bet all of you did something of this

  10. kid

    hey…dumbasses, it’s not michelle obama. it’s the rapper eve. she made a sextape a while ago in her younger years.

  11. Patno

    You are an idiot and should be shot. Your posting of these pictures, some of a supposed sex tape by rapper Eve. Only shows.your own sexual perversions and desires and makes you look like a complete moron. I think u probably are and absolutely not a true conservative. Just a bunch of stupid fuckin racist. Kill ur self.


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