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Kids’ Choice Awards Promotes Gay Agenda With Gay “Sliming”

This years Kids’ Choice Awards was another year of brainwashing children into thinking homosexuality is normal. The extreme left wing props their homo gay supporting celebrities to throw an “award” show for children, just so they can teach them their agenda. Not only do they show kids that getting “slimed” is cool, but they also have female stars like Katy Perry, Fergie and other large sin treat whores, flash their milk sacs on the television screens, where millions of children eyes are gazing at.

If the dramatization of a man unloading his sin batter onto another person isn’t bad enough, the awards that are given out look like orange Satan Scepters. Every time a celeb wins this twiddle rompus, they make sure to lift it up and kiss it.

They allow gays from the case of GLEE to prance around like gay frogs, playing ass leap frog and they also allow abusive angry black drug dealers like Chris Brown to attend these events.

We should swap out the slime with some type of Nazi concentration camp acid and melt these evil bodies and rid our children of vile gay brainwashing.

Mexigay, the New Homo Hybrid

Let’s set aside the fact that 90% of America’s illegal immigration problem is due to Mexican Latin South American’s and let’s talk about a more serious problem that is infecting the wholesome American household. It is a new problem called “Mexigay.” A new breed of homosexual, forcefully created by the Homo Gay Agenda.

Satan scepter worshipers know that many Mexican’s who flee from Cuba, Brazil and other South American third world countries sneak over here to live on welfare and look for work. The gays also know most Mexicans work inside family homes and outside cutting your few acres of yard or trimming down your trees. The gays know if they could turn a few of these illegals over to the gay side, that they could use them to influence your children. We know that 98% of nannies are of illegal decent and the gays see this as a quick and easy way into your homes.

The Mexigay was created by gays using their gay welfare money to setup “Americanization” classes that teach the new border hoppers the “American Culture.” These classes include lessons on unprotected orgy parties, sinful man to man anal docking, mouth sex acts, female to female fish cave worshiping, how to trick children into bed and other sinful homosexual acts. If a illegal fails the class, the gays will tied them up rape them and then dump them off at the nearest INS station for deportation.

Mexigays after graduation

The gays then answer the “jobs” ads in craigslist and will setup one of their new soldiers to come and clean your house, babysit your kids, scrub your toilet and any other job they can steal from the American people. Once they get one of their Mexigays into your house, they will give them a mission to scout out your house for any small children. If children are found, the Mexigay is to give a full status report on the child’s sex, hair color, age, height, weight, skin tone and will test to see how loud they can scream. They last item is the most important. Gays don’t want children who can scream loud, as that could blow their cover when they are trying to rape your child.

The Mexigay will then brainwash your child by telling them stories about homosexuality in some Latin native tongue, so there is no way for you to understand them. Children can pick up new languages very fast and this plays right into the Mexigays hand. The Mexigay will also start dressing your child in clothes that you would see men wearing on the Bravo channel.

Once the Mexigay has turned your son or daughter into a flaming tadpole torpedo addict or into a milk sack loving disciple, they will report back, get paid and then give their reporting office a copy of the keys to your house and the code to your alarm system. This now leaves your home open for homosexual rape attacks.

As you can see with my research above. Mexicans are not just ruining our economy, but they are ruining the fabric of America and spreading the gay gene. We must stop this and increase our border security. Remember I posted a solution a long time ago and many people are starting to take this serious.

Homo Gay Toy Makers Now Target Young Mexican Boys

Looks like the homo gay agenda couldn’t just stop at brainwashing young white and afro-saxon little boys with gay dangerous toys, now they are targeting the underage illegal crowd.

The homo gays marketing department has gotten smarter with their packaging to promise young tortilla eaters that by being gay, they can grow up acting and looking just like their porcelain skinned classmates. I mean look at the photo, they have two young versions of proclaimed gay pop star Ricky Martin all in smiles after being rump raider by Tristan the homo hobbit cross dresser. What little boy who has no identity would be able to resist wanting to “Grow Up Gay” if it promises them a job that makes more then $7.25 an hour?

The gays are smart at targeting children while they are in the stage of confusion and anger. Showing two little boys in a gay like embrace while they gaze into a mirror that has pillows as its reflection is a total subliminal mind trick. Gays are trying to say it is ok to let little Jose or Juan come over and play dress up while laying in bed reading GQ magazine. Gays are known for their bed side orgies and this trick is to make Paco feel like it is ok to watch older gay men slap each other’s rape rockets against each other’s butt cushions during a college girl pillow fight and the performing mouth sex acts on each other.

I bet the artist was suffocating his twiddle rompus with great gay rage while he created this packaging on his iGay powered MAC (Men Attacking Children), dropping devil DNA all over his keyboard. You can see the attention he paid on the part that says “HAIRDRESSER” as we all know gays work as hairdressers or florists, while at the same time collect gay welfare from the government, because gay has been claimed as a handicap. This is saying, “Hey, be gay, live off the government, make fag hags look pretty and have unprotected sin docking with tons of gay men!”

Those fighting the war on illegal immigration, should just hold up posters of this toy packaging and say “Go home or the homo’s will rape Pablo.”

New Infant Doll Sex Toy Created For Homosexuals

Ha busted! I got you again Mr. Gay Toy Maker!

I got you here:

And here:

Don’t forget here:

And this gajunker:

Now again these filth factories want to produce a doll that has a working human twiddle rompus!! You can see from the start of this unclassified video that a gay man with a fake French accent comes wondering in while two little girls are playing with a baby doll! Look at the excitement in his sin whore eyes when his starts to hungerously gaze at the fake babies wee-wankous!

Let me break this commercial down to you as I have been studying the gays mind for sometime now.

1. The guys use little girls in the video to make this product look like it is for little Sally and Katie, but what mother would really want their 3 year old playing with a plastic satan staff? BUSTED

2. The video uses a French accent. Why? causes French is spoken within the gay bath houses, so when they hear a man with a French accent their little gay radars go off and they know the item is geared towards them. BUSTED AGAIN

3. The man in the video shows you how to tickle the baby (looks like he has done this before) because babies become aroused when tickled and homos know this. Once the baby is tickled it shoots baby tadpoles in the man’s face. This is a favorite act with the gays when they perform mouth sex acts on young children. BUSTED BUSTED BUSTED

This toy is nothing more then a doll that allows gay men to have their sick rape fantasies while they have their little gay parties in places like Homowood and San Fagsisco.

CollegeHumor.com Now Promotes Having Sex With Pony Anus’

We’ve had our run ins with CollegeHumor before on many subjects like:

Now our college sin breeders have created a video to promote having sex with pony anus’.

They try to show it as a funny ha ha sketch, but in reality they are telling their college viewers to get a group together, drive to a local ranch and partake in a circle sin of animal gay love.

This video is encrypted with hip and cool lingo, so us older generation can’t understand it. Good thing for us we had our college interns decode this homo gay Morse code.

Here is the character breakdown:

The horse or “pony” is being played by the lovable office lesbian “Sarah” and she is making it look like a pony would love a twinkie stick inside it’s anus’.

Dan plays the drunk frat boy to show that it is cool to be a straight college boy and stick your scepter stick inside.

Patrick plays the business student to show our future business owners that it is ok when they are traveling the world for business that they can go and have sex with foreign animals.

Aqueer or Amir plays the closeted homo letting fag students know that they can repress their gay urges by having sex with horses. Amir also represents the gay kid who comes out of the closet his senior year and shoots up his college because he hates himself for being gay.

Jake is just added because the gays love his young boyish looks and chiseled facial features.

Homosexuals Create New Torture Device for Their Child Victims

homo hotcakes

Well it looks like the Homo Gay Agenda is back at their sin seeking ways again. New plans have been found showing a new device masked as a “banana filler” , but in reality my friends, we know it’s a new device to fill our children’s waste shoots up like HOMO HOTCAKES!

The gays will most likely drug the young child first, tie them up, call over their sugar plum fairy friends, bake their favorite pastry and then shove this up young white boys sewage outputs with “fabulous” cream fillings.

Gays are sick sick people and find the most despicable ways to harm our children.

The gays are also getting smart. They know if a police officer comes to their home looking for evidence of “bad touch” play, the officer will over look this device as a kitchen utensil.

Parents, beware! Please call the authorities of any gay activity in your neighborhoods . These homos are out there to harm your children and just look at the kind of things they are creating to have fun time with our kids.

Amazon Stands Up To The Gay Agenda

Amazon is removing sales rank numbers from Homo Agenda based books because they don’t want queer material showing up in searches and best seller lists. BRAVO!

One of the main books they are removing from sales ranking is the sin marinated book by Ellen DeGeneres. This book does nothing but promote lesbian love and gay “rights”. Good thing Amazon agrees with us and knows that gays don’t have any rights besides burning in the fires of hell.

I’m so happy to see Amazon standing up and saying no to hardcore porn books written by these queer demons to promote their sinful lifestyle onto our young children.

Amazon knows that if they are forced to post gay books, they will soon have to promote books like “How to Molest a Child” or “How to sin against God, by playing with another mans tinkle twattle.”

We applaud you Amazon. Keep up the great work and thanks for helping us putting a stop to these queers.

Russian Music Causes Satan To Enter Two Little Girls Bodies

Yet again we find more and more proof of satan’s work. In this video you can see that satan has entered two young girls bodies once they turn on some commie Russian techno music.

As we all know techno music is the music of satan and makes kids want to do drugs, have orgies, engage in homosexual activities and murder. Now when you mix that in with a little bit of communist Russia, you have a huge disaster waiting to happen.

Satan’s two favorite foods are communism and techno, so please stay off his dinner table my friends and make him starve himself.

Here is the video:

Here are three other posts showing satan’s power over young minds:
Techno Music Infects Girl With Strange Spirit
Nintendo Wii Infects Kid With Strange Spirit
Satan Enters Another Child’s Body

New Device Encourages Parents to Rape Their Children’s Bum Area

Today is a sad day in the world. While looking online to find sites to shut down, I came across this demon object. A object that prompts parents to stick red tubes, shaped like stars and hearts into their child’s secret hole.

What sick people we have in this world!

The most hurtful part about it is, they try to cover it up as a way to make it look fun by saying their son or daughter will enjoy “pooping” out great shapes.

What they are really doing, is trying to make kids grow up with liking things inserted into their rear, so that when mister gay homo molester comes along and wants to stick his serpent member into them, it will seem ok and normal to them.

Why not make the shapes into rainbows and phallus”!?

Richard Simmons Wants Obama to Give Him Permission to Moleste Your Children

As I search the internet for unholy content to expose, I came across one of Christianities worst enemies. The closeted homosexual, Richard Simmons. This man is nothing but filth and full of gay agenda sin!

I found this new video where he is actually asking Mr. Obama to give him permission to get closer to our kids. This man is sick and we all know what his true intentions are, to touch young boys! Just view this video and you will see the devil ooze from this man.

Also, knowing how our new president is, he will be more than happy to give this gay homo money to open up camps that will corral or youth, so he can force his gay agenda and other things into our children.

The Gays Use Japanese Music and Babies To Try And Turn Youtube Viewers Gay

The Gay Homo Agenda (GHA) has launched a new tactic against our children to try and make gay porn “fun”. Their plan is to mix hardcore man love videos and use subliminal Japanese music to make it funny and then add baby faces over their sin soaked private parts and hell bound orifices.

Here are a few examples (WARNING: Parents make sure your children are our of the room and please pray after viewing these:

I will be writing to YouTube today and ask why they are supporting such filth! These videos MUST be destroyed and the people involved should be thrown in jail for harming the minds of the world with such nasty imagery! If this were 200 years earlier, I would even ask for hangings or even have them burned!

I would like to also see the stats of how many more homosexuals there are in the world after these videos have been posted. I bet there has been at least a 5% increase of sick people wanting to stick their parts into each others devil holes!

This is an actual quote from a person who has been brainwashed by this sick and twisted man on man loving “trend”

I’m so into this new trend of remixing gay porn videos with crazy Japanese music and putting baby faces over anything that might be offensive.

From OMGBLOG.com


College Humor Promotes Gay Office Relationships

College Humor is a sick site filled with unmoral videos, college whores and distasteful articles, written by drug induced “writers.”

The biggest shock on the site I see, is this Jake & Amir show, which promotes gay relationships within the work space. It features one “metro sexual” and one “closeted” homo, that tries to get his lovers attention with weird gay antics and child molester stares.

This is their latest “comedy” episode, which at the end you can see the blatant homo feelings towards one another as they grasp each other in a loving and sexual hug.

I suggest, that all our followers contact this cesspool of a site and demand they clean it up or TAKE IT DOWN!