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Kids’ Choice Awards Promotes Gay Agenda With Gay “Sliming”

This years Kids’ Choice Awards was another year of brainwashing children into thinking homosexuality is normal. The extreme left wing props their homo gay supporting celebrities to throw an “award” show for children, just so they can teach them their agenda. Not only do they show kids that getting “slimed” is cool, but they also have female stars like Katy Perry, Fergie and other large sin treat whores, flash their milk sacs on the television screens, where millions of children eyes are gazing at.

If the dramatization of a man unloading his sin batter onto another person isn’t bad enough, the awards that are given out look like orange Satan Scepters. Every time a celeb wins this twiddle rompus, they make sure to lift it up and kiss it.

They allow gays from the case of GLEE to prance around like gay frogs, playing ass leap frog and they also allow abusive angry black drug dealers like Chris Brown to attend these events.

We should swap out the slime with some type of Nazi concentration camp acid and melt these evil bodies and rid our children of vile gay brainwashing.