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Olivia Munn Caught Promoting Lesbian Orgies, Whorness and Drinking PIC

Earlier this week we told you about Olivia Munn‘s plan to use naked photos of herself to promote the homo gay agenda.

Now this week we have more photo evidence of her sin whore ways!

Below are photos of the she devil posing in highly erotic photos that are being spread across gaming sites, gaming sites your young children visit everyday. These images are promoting your little Sally Sue or Mary Beth to dress up like filth hookers and to marinate their bodies in oral and sin hole acts! This women is all about your daughters showing off their milk sacks in public.

We all know women who dress like this are whores and also 9/10 are raped because the way they dress. I wonder how many times Olivia has been “raped” and was actually wanting it to happen? Women who are raped and dress like this are inviting men to force themselves onto them. Men are tempted by these street whores and these women know that. They get off on turning men into rapist. Miss Munn is obviously one of these types who use the word rape to cover up her dirty fetishes of being man handled by a possessed man.

There is also a photo of her consuming a large amount of devil juice. We know she likes to get drunk, perform mouth sex acts on large groups on men and then be violated with fake plastic tadpole torpedoes in her sewer hole. I thought she was off saving the animals?? No she is off turning men and women into animals for her our sexual pleasures!

In another photo we have a Tweet from her Twitter account. In this Tweet, she is telling your daughters that she wants them to come over and have a fun fish cave buffet lesbian cook out at her house. Do you want your daughters to turn lesbian? Well she does. She wants to take your daughters and make porn films with them and then post them on the internet, so then your young boys will watch them.

This women is a sinner, she is sin! Oh how I wish burning was legal!

Olivia Munn Exposes Her Milk Sacks And Plays Naked With Elephants

Olivia Munn

Our little devil whore Olivia Munn is at it again spreading her slut factory body parts across the internet to our children. We have in the past shown you what type of subliminal figure she is to your young gaming child before:

Olivia Munn Strikes Again, Now Promotes Homogays Agenda?

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Olivia Munn “Exposes Legs And Shows Us Some Thigh” Admit Munnies

Now she is posing naked with animals. Not just any animal, but elephants. The reason for this, is because elephants have large twiddle rompus’. She says she is doing it to stop cruelty in the circus, but Miss Munn we know that it is just a metaphor. You want to be the devil ring leader and abuse our children. She is just using this so no one will know her true plan. We know she is Naamah and that she will use her devil powers to marinate you children in subliminal sin by first looking at her exposed utters that spew sin nectar, then down to her rotten fish cave and then once your child is brainwashed, they will start to stare at the elephant’s tadpole torpedo. She knows that displaying a large penis will make your children homo curious and start to have sinful thoughts.

Your child may start to have thoughts of performing mouth sex acts on a large satan scepter named Phil or Ken and this is exactly what Miss Munn wants. This is her fantasy and she is probably pleasing herself with a large 24 inch plastic man rocket just thinking about all the little boys she is converting to a homo gay lifestyle. Even on her show she shows young men how to fit large “hot dogs” in their mouths and sometimes it’s more then 3 or 4. I guess Miss Munn has been practicing. I wonder how many she can fit in her other sin holes?

Her name is also a encrypted coded:
M – Mistress
U – Using
N – Naamah
N – Nectar

Your children are not safe while this women is allowed to expose her agenda on TV and the internet. She will continue to use her sin forged body and lure your children into becoming gay or little whores who like to shove “hot dogs” down their throats.

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