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RIFT – The Vagina Like Portal Game

Rift is a multiple player shooter game, that allows children to create fantasy anime monsters that go around doing quests and hunting down evil spawns. Players will group up and doing raidings of dungeons in hopes to collect cool weapons and armor outfits.

This games seems very sage at first glance. There is no blood of gore and the violence is fairly cartoony and it’s graphics are not realistic at all, so the child player has a easier understanding that this isn’t a real life world they are playing in.

The one problem I have with this game is, that there are things called “Rifts” that open up randomly across the RPG land. These openings look innocent with their glowing colors, making the players want to get close to it and see what is inside. But just like the Eve’s vagina, it is a trap by demons from another world. Players find these digital vaginas by using their quest map and once open they are bombarded with images of purple, green, blue and orange baby holes, pulsating and whispering to the children to come play.

Each Rift spews out vile monsters, that plague the land and invade cities. Some of the creatures that come out of the “RIFT” are gayer then a 3 dollar bill, shoved up a man’s anus at a gay pride parade in San Fagsico. It is as if the game is promoting that fake that female sin treats are awesome and that they should engage with them. The only way to close the hole is for players to team up (like an orgy) and beat the hole with large weapons, until is has had enough and explodes, raining down lovely gifts to each player.

What this is teaching our kids is, that it is ok to get drunk call over a few friends and gang rape or have orgies with the local hussies. It is sad that we allow our children to play with such tentacle porn styled video games. I’m even afraid that the children playing this game are self sexing themselves while they stare at these graphic vaggies and fantasy about they day they can be sucked up in female sex sin.