Afro-Saxon’s Use Justin Bieber To Plant Lyrics in His Music to Brainwash White Girls

Now I know why Justin Bieber has been so embraced by the Afro-Saxon community. The have been using his innocent white appeal to brainwash your children. And no wonder he is so loved in the lesbian community, because the Afro-Saxon’s have made him look like your typical fish cave worshiping plastic flesh torpedo fondler. They have done this right under your noses and it isn’t the first time. First they tried to use 8-bit music to brain wash the young white male gamers and now I’m here to expose the truth behind these horrible and terrifying messages. I believe and have photo proof that the Afro-saxons are holding Bieber hostage and are forcing him to continue making songs to entice young white America.

Lyric Breakdown:

Kiss “n” Tell
First of all the title of the song uses “n” instead of “and”. The “n” is a symbolical symbol meaning the “n word”.

Just keep it quiet, keep it on the hush
This line is saying “shut up women, let me rape you!”

So baby, I know that you’re cool with rockin’ with me.
Meaning they want young white women to engage in mouth sex acts and sewer hole play.

Just you and me girl, tell and we’ll ruin it.
This is telling them not to go and run to their mom and dad after they have been violated.

You keep this private and you can get what I give.
Simply saying to the white female, that if they tell people about what happen, that they can countinue to be used as a DNA juice depository.

J.bieber Rap Lyrics

Teenage girls, is what i really like
Promoting underage sex.

First Dance

Let’s make this a night the two of us remember
Saying that is is ok for young girls to have sex on their prom night.

We’re rocking back and forth
This is the motion of two people having sexual actions.

Big Brown Eyes
This song is talking about a women’s sin hole.

Believe me like a fairytale
Telling girls that you may have heard that Afro-saxons have large flesh torpedoes and that they should believe this.

We’re big enough
Flaunting the myth a little bit more.

I swear they look so small from up here
Making fun of the size of a white man’s twinkie stick.

Trying to get away from a Afro-saxon who is holding him hostage.

Afro-Saxons laughing at their new white slave.

They use him to drive them around town. He isn

Look how scared he is when forced to hang out with thugs!!!

"You're not going anywhere little boy"

Justin shows the devil sign, meaning his is under evil mind control

His haircut is a hit with the fish cave lovers.

26 thoughts on “Afro-Saxon’s Use Justin Bieber To Plant Lyrics in His Music to Brainwash White Girls

  1. Millenium

    hehe hahaha PUHAHAHA mann seriously you are just getting worst everyday it’s past

    Just do us all a favor and just Go die seriously

    I don’t like Justin but still I hate you More

    Oh and by the way on the first pics with the “3 black people” one is actually filipina (Jasmine) oh and he was making a Joke as well just saying Maybe you don’t know what a Joke is but your article are either a Joke or stupidity

  2. Tyson Bowers IIIStephenson Billings Post author

    i have been upset with this boy ever since he sang to the middle aged woman in the laudromat. Not appropriate! And those lyrics, too bad they don’t print them out these days with kids and their ipads. When they sold albums, even CDs, parents could always review what the words and messages of the songs were. Not anymore.

    Doesn’t this boy have a mother somewhere? He looks terribly young to hanging out with drug dealers at clubs where alcohol is served.

    1. Tyson Bowers IIIClaire Post author

      “When they sold albums, even CDs, parents could always review what the words and messages of the songs were. Not anymore.”

      It’s called using google and typing in “(Name of Song) lyrics”. 100% of the time you’ll get what you need. Some “investigative journalism” there, Billings…

      1. Tyson Bowers IIIStephenson Billings Post author

        I never said the lyrics were inaccessible. The difference now is that parents have no idea what their kids have snuck into their music machines or really what they’re listening to on Youtube now that kids use it like a jukebox. With CD and LPs, you had something to hold in your hand. It was tangible. When your kids purchased music to listen to, you could just go into their room and find these things– just open the cover to read what it was all about.

          1. Mr Debonair

            this internet can sometimes feel like the tower of babel to a christian parent and its all very well for a modern teenage man-hating vegetarian with no offspring to state that its easier for them but i quake at the possibilities of the filth that could pour into my 6 childrens ears & eyes.. JB may be a trojan horse for all i know..

            ‘Their throat is an open sepulchre; with their tongues they have used deceit; the poison of asps is under their lips’
            Romans 3:13

      2. Joe

        HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Stephen King Needs to get his material from this site, you couldn’t write greatness like this. In between the scathing racist rant and science fiction plot, do I detect an underlying of sexual tension/longing? All joking aside, any parent who hasn’t listened to the entirety of Any Album they buy for their children deserves to have their kids spewing whatever they heard, even if its the bullshit Justin Bieber sings.

  3. jcra

    Wasn’t there a song called “I kissed a fish cave worshiping [sic] plastic flesh torpedo fondler (and I liked it)” ?

  4. Andy_Ryan

    Since when does the truncation of “and” into “n” mean the “n-word”? A claim like that needs some sort of evidence.

  5. Fuck This

    The more and more I look at the pics, the more I laugh! This website is a fucking joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Love not hate

    Be Ye without sin, cast the first stone. Right? Or did all you hate-filled people just skip over that part of the bible?
    Oh, and the “n-word” is niggar, and in the dictionary it is an ignorant person, and that you hateful man is what you are.


  7. Dennis

    bahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahaa…… you just made me laugh soo hard…. but bad me cry 2 ! =( remember what goes around,comes around! and for making this site i feel reallly bad for you!

  8. Kara

    Praise God that someone else has noticed that the white child needs saving. In the VMAs you see Mr Bieber try to run from his Afro-Saxon keepers, only to have their dogs disguised as prepubescent girls chase after him. Throughout his performance he attempts to leave but the dancers hold him back.

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  10. Racheal

    Seriously?? This Is Hilariously Stupid… Black People Are Now Using The Little White ‘Slave’ To Corrupt To Clean Pure GOD fearing Hyprociticaly Stupid Ass People…. Damn This Site Needs To Be Closed Down… If GOD Wasnt So Loving I’m Sure He Would Have Killed You By Now

  11. Jeana Curbo

    I simply never find acquire this “Bieber Fever”? I guess it proves having the particular correct merchandising any person could end up being a celebrity. Naturally I realize he’s labored a good portion to help acquire where he is.


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