Blacks Are Scary, More So At Night

We took a poll from mixed races to see why America is deafly afraid of Afro-saxons. The results are shocking! Not only did we take our poll and turn it into a visual chart for you to view, but we reseached and found proof of WHY people have these fears.

The Results


Can’t see them at night
Just like any predator, camouflage is a must. Why do you think their skin is so dark? Well obviously not to run around the cities at night to fight crime! Look at the photos below to see how they use their dark skin to blend into the death of night, just like vampires, to sneak up on people to cause ruckus and crime.

Proof of animal like actions
Look at this video of welfare abusers. While their people in Africa starve, they throw food at eachother like a pack of wild animals. No wonder people fear going to a nice place of business while it is packed with dangerous tribal members. This is what happens when we allow hipped hopped music run ramped around America.

Proof of black magic
Here is proof of Afro-saxon black magic. Look at how the leader of the black underground, Oprah, uses the black magic skills she learned off the streets to invoke satan into her female white crowd.

Look at their faces, as satan as entered them! Ancient afro chants that Oprah does causes this!

Proof of causing welfare
Welfare started the same year the black race was sold off to America, by their own people in 1893. This movement of free money, while the rest of America works, has even spread into giving gays their own form of welfare. This project is taken advantage up. While drug money is being made into the millions, a check for $500 per child is sent via our own pockets. Notice that black families usually have 5 to 6 children? Well that is $2500 to $3000 a month there and we know urban living doesn’t cost much at all. It is still funny to me, to see a nice car pull up, blasting hipped hopped music, to the welfare line and a afro-saxon will walk out with new shoes, new sports team hat and gold gang symboled chains around their neck. The outfit alone costs about $550. So why are they stealing money from us, if they can afford their “Blings Blings”

Need I say more? America is in fear and the only way to break from the chains of fear it to control what is scaring us. We need to ask these people to stop being so scary!

39 thoughts on “Blacks Are Scary, More So At Night

  1. Millennium

    errr You forgot to remove the Liner or what ?

    and why american are “scared of black” simply because american are a Bunch of racist

      1. Millennium

        generalize people you sais

        Okay Vietnam war you “helped some people” but you withdrawn when you could actually win why did You withdrawn OH yes you didnt cared for them ( no special interest in vietnam Buddy )

        Iraq and afghanistan why you are ehre again Oh yeah because of MUSLIM terrorist and every MUSLIM are Terrorist yeah a Lot of american Think Like that

        Black slavery Is american History Not canadian, actually if you knew your history when the Black reached canadian Border they were Free, but I guess your failed in history as well

        Also you see asian People as Inferior and pretty much other Race as well

        you are the Only country having the SINOPHOBIA ( scared of chinese ) and the KKK

        Most of the wars you waged was because the Other countries had different religion or ethnicity, when actually Most of them didnt care about you at all They never wanted to “strip your freedom” they SIMPLY DIDNT CARE but you are stupid ignorant and stubborn to UNDERSTAND that

        also the usual american comes from the British empire which WAS also Racist ( opium war and as well slavery of Minority)

        Also for the Grammar comment seriously I don’t care My first language is French Not english and most american who speak english doesn’t even speak it well so go suck on it will ya

        1. Jezmund

          dude i can hardly understand your post its beyond poor grammar.. but one point i wanted to make the “usual american”, as you put it so eloquently.. is not from “the british empire”.. the average american is of immigrant descent… the overwhelming majority of americans are of either German, Irish or Italian descent (and many others as well..) and funny of you to bring up the Vietnam War since you’re French and all.. oh being that .. THE FRENCH STARTED THAT WAR

  2. Jazze

    where was that poll taken? your ass? your little highly christian and highly raceists naighborhood witch happens to have 2 canadians live in it? anyone can make this bullshit up. i made a poll like it too. it shows that 100% fears christians because christians murder people for no reason. no prove my poll isn’t right with an argument that can’t be used against your own.

  3. Satinloverxxox

    You spelled “Amrica” wrong on that bit about the president. And “can not” is one word: “cannot.” Just shows the level of intelligence of those running this website

  4. You are really Dumb

    You are seriously fucked up. Using the name of a religious figure to impose your views. The reason the world is in its current state is because of the people like you. We will all be judged just remember!

  5. brandon

    I respect your right to write anything you want. I respect your right to believe anything you want no matter how much I disagree with what that may be.

    With that said, can you please expand on exactly what your graph is trying to show us? What do the numbers on the Y axis represent? Where was your data collected? How many people were polled in finding this data? These important things must be shown to make a proper argument.

  6. Racist Kid Speaks

    I completely agree with everything on here! It’s so freaking scary because you can’t see them at night! I mean, it’s like they’re invisible or something!

    And yes yes yes! Someone who finally understands that the blacks use magic! How else would they take over the entire American sports teams?

    I LOVE THIS GUY! It’s like he’s reading my mind!

  7. Ty Bowers IV

    Folks, please forgive my dad. He gets off his medication sometimes. See, when he was a young lad, he was molested by an African-American elementary school janitor.
    To this day, if he goes without his happy pills, he’ll start flashing back to his 3rd grade twiddle rompus in the boys room during recess. Then he drinks a lot of Glenfiddich and beats Mom and me up real bad. Then he locks himself in his office and post to Christwire.

  8. Paul/Saul

    Fellas, obviously there is only one way to settle any dispute in this world. And it is the guide book to our existence. The Bible.

    Leviticus 25:44-46 “Your male and female slaves are to come from the nations around you; from them you may buy slaves. You may also buy some of the temporary residents living among you and members of their clans born in your country, and they will become your property.”

    Clearly God is okay with a little slavery, so everything was cool before that Lincoln guy came along and gave blacks a second chance. I think that since God at one point was okay with slaves, he is surely okay with His children speaking poorly of “some of the temporary residents living among [us].”

    Just remember: Exodus 21:20-21 “If a man beats his male or female slave with a rod and the slave dies as a direct result, he must be punished, but he is not to be punished if the slave gets up after a day or two, since the slave is his property.”

    Make sure you don’t beat your slaves to death! Only so they can’t get up for days!

    (Seriously, Christians, read your bibles. I didn’t have to go much further than the old testament to be repelled from Christianity to Atheism)

    1. Fuddy Rogers

      Absolutely right! I wish that we still had slaves. We need to adopt more of the Old Testament to our lives! I like the ones that deal with stoning, personally.

  9. Racheal

    What The Hell Is Wrong With You People? Your Hearts Are Filled With Hyprocisy And Are Damn Ignorant And Stupid…. There Nothing Wrong With Slavery?? You Bcomne A Slave And See If Its Ok Then…. You Should Be Ashamed With Yourself Using Then Name Of GOD For Your Racist, Stupid Propaganda,And If You Believe This Stuff Then Your Damn Stupid. You People Are The Ones Who Are A DISGRACE To GOD and His Name……. When Judgement Day Comes…. America Has Been Stolen By A Black Man, What Happened To All Being Equal In GODs Eyes And ‘Love Thy Neighbour As You Love Yourself’??

      1. Tyson Bowers IIITiernan Kincaid Post author

        each Nigger produce around 8-15 Nigglet`s with 7-10 different Females
        before the age of 20
        Females age more rapid and can give bith allready at the age of 11

        1. RD

          Then, please, present us with the evidence proving your claims, Mr Kincaid. And by “evidence”, I mean several sources, from various news outlets, research documents, and websites, not from this website or anything written by you or your contemporaries. I assume you attended school as a youth and successfully completed high school, so this should be a simple matter for you to resolve.

  10. azronz

    check your hearts if you claim to believe in the eternal salvation of Jesus Christ; an absolute truth no racist or hate-filled soul will enter the Holy Kingdom. Evil exists in all nations and ethnicities, Thee Almighty will judge our hearts actions character; dont waste yalls time hating another group of people thats the devils work he loves when yall play his hateful game. Instead guard your hearts and read His Word to better know Who He is. Only a Righteous Holy Sacrificial Love can dwell with His Holy presence. I beg of you all to be filled with His Love before its to late for the Great Day of Judgement is very near.

  11. I bet the author of this post-his father is black :)

    I am not sure how I ended up on this site today. I was mislead by CHRIST in your wording. I wish you would have posted scripture to back up your ignorant thinking. Please remember that they same food stamp line black people stand in, remember that white people stand in that same line. I am not going to stoop to your level of ignorance and I am glad that people like you hide behind a computer screen to manifest your racism. Because we all know that it would be another ball game if you walked the streets talking this trash. Oh and please do not forget about the trailer parks. Build up your own race before you condemn another. I am so glad that salvation is not based on color.
    With that said the same god that saved you saved me and I will see you in Heaven ( thats if you dont go to hell 1st ).

    My prayer would be that you accept Christ as your savior. He loved all :) Try him and get saved for real –


    um…so this is a serious post?
    i thought it was sarcastic reverse psychology…
    im black….Got a big laugh from it..
    i took it as attempt by the author to ridicule racist fools who have minute brains, while at the same time showcasing our greatness with a lil humor…
    all i really saw was white people touched by Oprah, a black president, a successful looking business woman with money, and a successful black rapper/ producer, kids roughhousing

    maybe i got an eye problem….

  13. Zombie Jesus

    Anyone else noticed the chart went to 60 but the numbers added up to 65? But don’t blame all americans! Were not all extremists


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