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Females Now Enticing Men With Feathery Sex Treats

Just when we thought the threat of Vajazzling was over with, comes a new horror that threats the secret seed of your college boys. Now young girls are tempting young men with premarital sexual urges of dipping their sin snakes into a moisture basket of oozy sex nectar by decorating their pubic regions with brightly colored peacock feathers that draw demonic sexual attention directly at their open and willing secreting baby caverns.

Women want men to be on the lower totem pole with them, as we all know they are below man. Women use to be equal, but since that faithful day when Eve took a bite out of the serpent’s fruit God punished he by making her the servant of Man and because of this we know that the female’s nature is that of a whorelot and women have been on a rampage to de-seed confused young men with temptation of fish dipped sin treats by flaunting their milk sacs and cranker blossoms in the faces of America’s future leaders.

With this new threat being so “in your face”, it is only a matter of time that men on college campuses will have their candy sacs covered with colorful reminiscents from last night’s rompus with a feathery harpies sin slit whose intention is to derail the boy’s mind from studies to playing late night gags of the woman’s baby sewer. Boys will now come home to show their parents the results from a positive pregnant test, instead of a report card full of A’s.