Celebrity Deaths of 2010

2011 is around the corner and we can only wait and see which sinner mongering Hollywood stars will drop of the face of the earth. To reflect on some of the waste that laid to rest this past year, I made a small list below. Happy New Year and hopefully next year we can get rid of Susan Sarandon, Joy Behar, Katy Perry, Everyone at Bravo TV and Katie Griffin.

Johnny Knoxville
Jackass star and potty mouth Johnny Knoxville died “while being filmed parachuting from a biplane whilst eating a catering sized tub of Heinz baked beans, when his parachute failed to open.” This is what happens with you play with death. God will always win.

Owen Wilson
Hollywood actor Owen Wilson died in a skiing accident. Reports are that he was high on pot and drunk when the accident happen. His twin brother reportedly saw the whole thing.

Adam Sandler
Sandler died in December 2010 when he hit a tree at high speed while skiing in Switzerland. His rep said, “It is a sad day when a comedy dies.” Well, over here we laugh when dirty comics kick the bucket.

Aaron Carter
Another pop star who had to much devil nectar and drugs. Carter died of an overdose of coke and high amounts of liquor drink.

William Hung
American Idol’s lovable retard, William Hung OD’d from heroin, leaving a suicide note that read: “I have no reason of living… my art which is my importance to the best everybody laugh to… I make end here… goodbye world of cruel.” See what happens when you make fun of the specially deformed!

Jeff Goldblum
The smug Jurassic Park star and evolutionist sinner, Jeff Goldblum died by jumping off of a cliff. Sources say he was depressed and was taking many prescription drugs. They found both the koran and Bible next to his body. I’m guessing he was upset to know he was wrong about the existence of God and couldn’t face his other Hollywood friends.

7 thoughts on “Celebrity Deaths of 2010

  1. Jr

    Oh yeah you sound really loving christian now mister Bowels maybe you should think about sorrow of their families?any way stupid “article”.

  2. Ty Bowers IV

    You forgot to mention that prostitute that you “accidently” choked to death back in July. Remember? Actually, you probably don’t as you were coked out of your fucking mind at the time. You were all like,”Son, you gotta help me dump this body in the lake!” It’s been almost six months and I still can’t get that smell out of my trunk.


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