Christwire's 2011 Person of the Year – Andrew Wilkow

What right does a liberal, anti-American magazine have to tell us who the person of the year is? Who are they to say that lazy, left wing, nobodies are more important than us? Who are they to spread the vile disease called homosexuality and liberalism? They are no one and that is why we are naming the TRUE person of the year!

Name: Andrew Wilkow
Why they are person of the year: Freedom fighter, constitution smith, liberal dominator and Jesus’ favorite radio host.

Past Christwire articles on Andrew:

19 thoughts on “Christwire's 2011 Person of the Year – Andrew Wilkow

  1. FredtheFailLord

    What right does a biased website have to tell anyone who anyone is? For that matter, what right does anyone have to tell anyone who anyone is?
    Why is being liberal a problem?

    Being a Constitution smith… the fuck?
    He’s not a freedom fighter. Thee only fights I can imagine him getting into are with hookers.

    1. OddAtheist

      I second this.They did win GOTY and best studio from Spike tv. That is leagues better of an achievement then winning this stupid Christwire award

        1. L.N

          Wow, you certainly aren’t gay for Billings at all, constantly praising him, calling him a doctor, saying he’s your first choice for “Person of the Year”…

          By the way, that’s sarcasm, I know your tiny little clown brain can’t handle information bigger than “2 + 2 = 4″.

      1. Blood Wolf

        That he really prefers men better then women, which is not a big indicator that his is gay.

        Sarcasm off, women are just as qualified as men, you sexist swine.

      2. Jasper Ross

        He’s simply stating what we all know to be true, that women aren’t really people. Even your limited intellect should be able to comprehend such a simple concept.

        1. Quantum36

          I’m interested to hear what you think women are. I mean, after all, their eukaryotic cells are set up exactly the same way males are.

    1. Quantum36

      You sexist bastard. And you were a fuckin’ choice for “Person of the Year?” Bah! If I were the winner, I would piss on the award and then kill myself for being such a terrible person.

  2. atheistsrock96

    who the heck is this guy hahahahaha no really who the hell is he????? any way if I won that award I would hire a prostitue right away and fuck her all night long baby!


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