Hosts First Homo Gay Agenda Awards

Our homo supporting enemies at College Humor have shown their true agenda and we have uncovered it time after time.

They have promoted homo gay toys
Shown children it is fun to rape horse anus’
Promoted homosex with dolphins

And more typical New York limp wristed sin hole worshiping propaganda.

We got a sneak peak at a award they will be presenting at their first “Homo Humor Awards Show” on June 29th (the day gay was invented) and it is of two typical steroid injected, aids infested gay men forcing each other to perform mouth sex acts on one another.

The funny thing is, they created a new company to filter their advertising dollars to, so their really name won’t be attached to the awards show. This is normal for homo supporting companies to do. Just like gay men they rape a child (their advertisers) of their innocence (advertisers money) and then brag about it to their other friends at a local gay bath house (award show), most likely on 32nd and Broadway.

Here is a list of some of the awards:

Best mouth sex act
Best man train (I think this has something to do with having homosex on a train)
Best gay oil massage
Softest baby tanks (I wasn’t going to post the real word)
Best rim shot (This means to have gay sex on a basketball court)
Largest Member (refers to strongest homo who can lift the most men)
Gayest Fart (Just the name is sinful, but have no idea what this means)
Most raped children (They consider children anyone under the age of 7)
Best ice cream drunk design (Meaning, the best means of raping a child)
Best mustache (Gays love mustaches)
Best mustache ride (No idea, but think it has to do with tickling a man’s sinhole)

The list goes on and on.

They will also have a contest of who can shove the most rats up their toot whistles and also see who can drink the most tadpole juice.

Let us join together and forcefully tell College Humor to shut down their homo brain washing machine now! Everyday that site is up at least 5 children are turned gay by hypnotic waves from their programming codes inside their internet. Also watch out for the large amounts of lesbians that work there. They want to turn your ladies into fish cave lovers.

10 thoughts on “ Hosts First Homo Gay Agenda Awards

  1. Daniel D

    This post is SO idiotic, unfounded, uninformed, so full of hate and so biased i dont even know where to begin. someone give me a hand please?

  2. Tyson Bowers IIIAdam Nelson Post author

    When will this heathens be dealt with for all this? I’d like to see the stats because I bet since College Humor opened there has been a significant increase in gay diseases on college campuses nationwide.

    1. Daniel D

      “love thy neighbor as yourself” is more important, god said so himself, he’s more likely to deal with those who dont follow that first.

      ..i have to repeat this far too often in a community of “loving conservative christians”. But on topic, by “gay diseases” i shall presume you mean AIDS and HIV. If that is indeed the case, i suggest taking a read here – – it is a hefty read for an internet page, and although it is pretty much an editorial, it does have fairly solid stats.

      1. Cao

        Unfortunately for the propagandists such as yourself, even GAY ACTIVISTS have ADMITTED that HIV is a gay disease. Sodomy was illegal and still is in many states because it is destructive and spreads disease.

  3. cf1

    What the heck? the award has to do with the army, did you not even look at it?
    this thing is so obviously fake, if someone told me this website was some sort of parody I’d believe them.

  4. Tyson Bowers IIIAdam Nelson Post author

    Actually I remember this going back some time and College Humor has been a long time enemy. It all started when Christwire interviewed college humor’s founders (I think a gay couple named Amire and Jake) and asked them to censor certain parts of their website and tv show. The meeting did not go well and they’ve been at it every since.

  5. joe77

    Wait, your saying that collegehumor now controls and operates the US National Guard and gives out gay awards disguised as combatant awards? wtf? Did you even look at the picture?


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