Gingigger – A New Afro Hybrid

The two species of humans that are a direct blood line of Satan’s demons are red heads and afro-saxons. The red head blood comes from when demons walked the earth and made deals with tribes. The tribes would sell their souls in return for food and gold, the tribes would then be marked with “fire hair” to let people know they are Satan’s minions. Afro-saxons are darkened with sin due to the long line of violence within their blood. They were given this color to represent the ash of the burning souls in hell.

Now we are seeing these two soulless species starting to cross bread into what we now call “Gingiggers.” A mixture of a violent, crazed crack addict race, mixed with a soulless demon albino race. It seems to have started in Africa a few years ago and now is spreading to the US of A. We see on the TV the acts the afro-saxons play out on shows like COPS or even on your local news channel and we see the pure anger of the red head on any of you favorite video sites. Now image what the Gingigger will be able to do. Be able to run fast, jump high, sell drugs, suck up welfare and be ten times angrier. Also, the look scary. A mix of nappy course red hair, light pale skin, large nose, dark eyes and freckles.

I think the reason why they started to breed like this, was in hopes to cancel out and each other’s racial flaws. The red head would gain dark hair and the afro-saxon would gain lighter skin. With that accomplished they would be able to mask themselves more easily in society. But obviously it has failed….so far.

We know of one person who was able to completely use this type of gene mixing and be successful…Michael Jackson. We know Michael Jackson tried to alter his genes, using this same idea to cancel out the darkness from his blood. My only worry is that his research will be released and then we would have anger criminals walking our streets in pure camouflage.

Let’s please put a stop to the further development of the Gingigger before it is too late! The photo below shows how close they are getting!

46 thoughts on “Gingigger – A New Afro Hybrid

    1. black jesus

      oh hell no! just cuz black people are becoming more holy and losing there dark skin doesnt mean you should put a stop to it! maby your baby will be blacker then me

  1. Ty Bowers IV

    My Dad is serious about this, folks! He even told me one night that he wished ‘gingiggers’ were really really tiny so he could use them as Q-tips. You have to forgive my old man; he heavily mixes scotch and crystal meth. He was molested by an Uncle of ours when he was watching an episode of Good Times.

  2. Brandon

    Scary pictures for sure..
    There should be something in place to prevent this from happening and more of them from appearing

  3. Millennium

    the most violent species in history ?? seriously where you get that from in history the most violent were white

    but I guess you are too a KKK member and too supremacist to see that

    1. Fuddy Rogers

      Why must your grammar be so horrible? You must be be on of our Little Brown Brothers that God has given to us so that you may serve us in His name.

      1. Hannah

        Your head is so far up your God’s butt that you can’t see that white people don’t like what you do on this site, you racist sons of bitches. Oh, and I’m white so suck it!

  4. A. Nutter

    My God! I had no idea that this was happening! It must be stopped now before it is too late! It’s horrible, people twisting things the way this author has! Meds! Meds! He needs more meds!!!

    1. Jacky Maille

      Tyson B3 doesn’t need meds. He just needs to fulfill his fantasy of being gang raped by 4 big burly black men with big black johnsons. One in the ass, one in the mouth and one for each hand. Tyson’s just repressed is all.

  5. Steve-o

    ummmmmm….This has to be a joke?! No one, not even Christians are this ridiculous…I mean c’mon man…..Lets step it up here…
    Unless this is a joke on Christians (in which case, Im all for it)

  6. Hannah

    I know Jackie right? I guess we’re just blessed that way. Oh, and anyone reading this you have to go to the Snuggie article. It’s hilarious!!

  7. JLynn

    This site saddens me. I am a Christian, AND I have a degree in Microbiology. I have studied genetics as well. (Yes, I can be a Christian and a scientist. My knowledge of science reinforces my Christian beliefs. A world so complex and so structured could never have been created accidentally.)

    Other than color, there is no difference between whites and blacks or blondes and redheads, etc. It’s just a few tiny genes that control the amount of melanin and other pigments in our skin, hair, eyes, etc. Albinism can occur in ANY race. It’s a birth defect just like any other. Before you say that birth defects are caused by sin, I would suggest you read John 9:1-12 which is the story of Jesus healing the man that had been blind from birth.

    Writing this has probably been a monumental waste of my time considering this whole website is a joke. Whether the joke is intended or not, I don’t know.

    Oh, and I guess I should point out that I’m both white and heterosexual so you don’t automatically ignore my points.

    1. JLynn

      Hahaha, joke is on me. Just looked this site up and realized…it is a joke. Oh well. Sadly, there are people out there that ARE this fanatical.

    2. ryan

      I’m so sick of “people of faith” saying that a world as complex as ours couldn’t be created by accident. Intelligent design? Really? Are you people that egotistical and small minded that you think everything had to be created by some supernatural, super intelligent being who created man in their image? Doesn’t that then make man like god and if so, doesn’t that make man a little self-centered? And why can none of you give me a straight answer about how god came into existence? You can easily believe that god “just exists” but you can’t believe in something like the big bang? Again, how did god come into existence? If god can just appear out of no where, then so can the universe.

  8. Michael

    God, forgive them for they do not know what they do. Even after two thousand years they still do not know what they do.

  9. ralahinn1

    I see now,this is a parody site, no one can seriously be such a racist as to post crap like this for real. Were you wearing white sheets as you wrote this? 0_0. Go back to sippin moonshine on your porch.

  10. Kari

    What? This is horrible. I know I shouldn’t judge anyone, but saying the things you are saying are not what I would call Christian or biblical in any way. They are full of racial prejudice and hate. God loves us all no matter what color we are, and I’m pretty sure skin color doesn’t indicate you are “from” Satan.

  11. yvonne

    This is the most racist article I have read in a while. And you people claim to be Christian. Albinos are being persecuted in some cultures because of articles and sentiments like this. You should be ashamed and stop calling yourselves Christians. we do not worship the same God, The God who sent his son to die for all of us knows no Race, no hate and would not incite hate i like this.

  12. Fridoline

    How can someone be soo cruel to write this and put it on internet?? i mean who are we to judge others??? how would the same person feel if they judge him just coz he is white black Jew or whatsoever?? why do people always think one race is better than the other?? those are people they breath like everyone else and have legs and arms and bodies…really i thought racism has calmed a bit down but this prove it so wrong!!

      1. Mehrunes Dagon

        That’s because this website is fake. I’m laughing at the bigots posting up here who actually believe this tripe is accurate. I’m starting to fear this country.

  13. Tom Riddle

    Christian website?? your writing articles that have nothing to do with God,your demeaning blacks you evil coon

  14. jesuschristsalvationmagic

    this is unbelievable. It’s time like these that make me concerned for my children’s futures. How can I be sure they are safe on the streets when there are gingiggers lurking about waiting to entice them with demonic fornication. We have to pray. God offers salvation with prayer, amen.


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