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Afro-Gay, the Most Violent Gay Breed Yet

What is a Afro-Gay
Just when you thought the Mexi-Gay was the most vile cross breed of homosexual, the homo gay community unleashes yet another genetic monstrosity, the Afro-Gay. Stronger, faster, hipper and even more of a minority than a Filipino red head.

With this new type of “gay”, they can now double up on their government assistance, which will drain your wallets faster. Not only do they get to food stamps, colored people scholarships and have the protection of the terrorist group known as the NAACP, this group can also collect gay welfare and is give the green light to o anything they want. Stopping them from illegal activity is now not only “racist”, but “homophobic” at the same time!

It’s like a mad homo-ologist concocted a animal mixed with a dangerous tiger, a fecal throwing monkey and a rainbow colored unicorn that violently rump rapes victims at night like a nappy headed, stealthy butt ninja and leaves no trace.

Why Make a Afro-Gay

Instead of impregnating white women and leaving them to fend for themselves, they are trying to make America it’s own baby mama. The gay community and liberals want to use Afro-Gays to not only spread crime and drugs, but to also spread Zulu like diseases across this holy land of ours.

The liberals also know that the Black community is one of the biggest resisters of the gay lifestyle, so they believe if they can plant a type of gay that can play basketball, rap and rob liquors stores, but at the same time tie cornrows, it will slowly force the black community to integrate with the homos.

It is only a matter of time until raps songs go from “Straight up slanging in my hood” to “Straight up man sex with my home dog’s chocolate star”.

How to Deal With an Afro-Gay

The Afro-Gay might look like a sissy Sally or limp wristed friend of Dorthy, but be assured that their ancestral black rage still lies dormant within their blood. Remember most Afro-Gays are more muscular than most homosexuals and have no problems using their strength and rage you slap you to death. Remember, they can get away with murder, so they will have no fear of killing you. O.J. Simpson is a prime example.

Your best bet is to just steer clear of such people, but if you find yourself in contact with one, do not make eye contact. This with spark black gay urges in the Afro-Gay and you could fall victim to either a gay rape or reverse gay bashing.

If you find yourself in a conversation with a Afro-Gay, avoid phases and words like “you people”, “crack”, “nappy bear” and “gay chocolate sugar rush”.

Speaking of “nappy bears”, if you find yourself in the presences of a hairy chested Afro-Gay, your only chance of survival is to tuck up into a ball and allow whatever is about to happen, to just happen.

How to Spot a Afro-Gay

Use our handy flyer to help you spot Afro-Gay. This will help you arm yourself with the knowledge to avoid this dangerous gay breed.

Judgement Day – May 21, 2011

The day of judgement is coming and that date is May 21, 2011. How do I know this? Well, “We Can Know” states plenty of proof to back this up. This group is highly educated in calculating the exact date of final judgement.

Their mission statement alone is a thing of holy beauty:

This website has been developed by God’s grace, through the efforts of a small group of believers not affiliated with any organization. The individuals behind the scenes are of no importance. The focus is on the warning that God is sounding to the world through His Word; that He will close the door to salvation on May 21, 2011 when He returns to take his elect children to heaven and begins the day of Judgment on earth for all of those left behind until October 21, 2011 when He will destroy the world and all that is therein.

They also state their two main goals:

To assist individuals in locating the faithful teachers whom God has raised up in the last days to help us understand that believers CAN and WILL know the exact day of Christ’s return.

To strengthen and encourage believers as they obey God’s command to be a watchman. To demonstrate that God is using ordinary people, outside the churches, to spread this warning all over the world, to learn about the creative ways in which they are “blowing the trumpet” to proclaim Christ’s return, and to provide instructional articles and videos which help people to make the most of their hi-tech gadgets for downloading audio and written content to their devices for easy witnessing and mobile study.

Two main pushers of this movement have been, Marie Exley and Allison Warden.

Marie Exley , a veteran of two deployments in Iraq and quite the looker, said:

A lot of people might think, ‘The end’s coming, let’s go party’. But we’re commanded by God to warn people. I wish I could just be like everybody else, but it’s so much better to know that when the end comes, you’ll be safe.

Allison Warden, is another guardian of the Apocalypse 2011 movement. Allison Warden is from Raleigh,  North Carolina, and she might not be as handsome as Marie, she still is helping organize the End of Days campaign through a website, We Can Know. She uses her car to push her message. She said:

If May 21 passes and I’m still here, that means I wasn’t saved. Does that mean God’s word is inaccurate or untrue? Not at all.

It you want to be like Allison and use your car a as mobile billboard, ou can also get some great bumper stickers to stick on your holy mobile here. Also, they are FREE!

Look at all the people helping to spread the word! You even have blacks remembering their roles in life, by being subservient to these good Christian people and helping them pass out flyers, wash the church members cars, do chores and other friendly nergo actions.

Here are a few photos of some great billboards pushing the message:

Help these crusaders out and donate to their cause below:
Donate Here

Gingigger – A New Afro Hybrid

The two species of humans that are a direct blood line of Satan’s demons are red heads and afro-saxons. The red head blood comes from when demons walked the earth and made deals with tribes. The tribes would sell their souls in return for food and gold, the tribes would then be marked with “fire hair” to let people know they are Satan’s minions. Afro-saxons are darkened with sin due to the long line of violence within their blood. They were given this color to represent the ash of the burning souls in hell.

Now we are seeing these two soulless species starting to cross bread into what we now call “Gingiggers.” A mixture of a violent, crazed crack addict race, mixed with a soulless demon albino race. It seems to have started in Africa a few years ago and now is spreading to the US of A. We see on the TV the acts the afro-saxons play out on shows like COPS or even on your local news channel and we see the pure anger of the red head on any of you favorite video sites. Now image what the Gingigger will be able to do. Be able to run fast, jump high, sell drugs, suck up welfare and be ten times angrier. Also, the look scary. A mix of nappy course red hair, light pale skin, large nose, dark eyes and freckles.

I think the reason why they started to breed like this, was in hopes to cancel out and each other’s racial flaws. The red head would gain dark hair and the afro-saxon would gain lighter skin. With that accomplished they would be able to mask themselves more easily in society. But obviously it has failed….so far.

We know of one person who was able to completely use this type of gene mixing and be successful…Michael Jackson. We know Michael Jackson tried to alter his genes, using this same idea to cancel out the darkness from his blood. My only worry is that his research will be released and then we would have anger criminals walking our streets in pure camouflage.

Let’s please put a stop to the further development of the Gingigger before it is too late! The photo below shows how close they are getting!