13 thoughts on “Great Obama Stickers

  1. Tyson Bowers III is a tard

    here are some for bush


    1. Merican

      These were made by Liberal-Gay Scientists in their undergroun’ abortion-lab bunkers. Any red-blooded ‘Merican knows that Bush juss wanted to have a beer with y’all. Bush is a national Treshure!

      1. American science

        Tell me, Bowers, what makes them so great? Is it the fact that they convey false writings about the president of this nation? Tell me!

  2. Millenium

    Lol Socialism = fascism thats new

    and Che guerrera Fight for his country to save it from a Tyrant and yet you said he is a Bad man ???

    I really Think right wings conservative redneck fundamentalist christian are the evil and the plague of the planet that we need to get rid of maybe to put you On a deserted Island ?

  3. Woody

    Yet again, hawking merchandise on a site about faith. Jesus threw the traders out of the temple. You have stolen this faith site and made it into a marketing engine.

    God deserves better.

  4. Tyson Bowers IIISatanist leprechauns Post author

    i am a satanist leprechaun, and i am holding rituals asking satan to terminate this cesspit of lies and hatred.

  5. MikeyBoobs

    1. Obama can’t be a Nazi and a Communist at the same time. They are mortal enemies. Hitler invaded Russia and Russia kicked Hitler’s ass!

    2. Your a racist asshole!