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Obama Gets Sexual Excited When Touching a White Woman – Photo Evidence

It is no secret that the black man’s mouth waters at the sight of a porcelain skinned female. It is also no shocker to know that when a black man gets close to a white woman, the only thoughts in their mind is how they can use their black magic powers to swoon them into the bedroom and impregnate their flesh clapper and force them onto wel-fare. See, white women get more government assistance for their babies and that kind of cash just jitters the the greedy hearts of these street slanggers.

Even though Obama is our first half-black president, this horn-beast still can’t control his black sex urges and his flirt-worm when he is in close proximity of pork meat and his mind starts to be filled with milk chocolate fantasies. In the photo below you can clearly see the blackness of Obama tainting his twiddle rompus and causes his body to clinch up in uncontrolable orgasmic excitement. I guess it isn’t too hard to get the president’s whistle blowing. I mean, he does have to sleep next to RuPaul every night.

Richard Simmons Wants Obama to Give Him Permission to Moleste Your Children

As I search the internet for unholy content to expose, I came across one of Christianities worst enemies. The closeted homosexual, Richard Simmons. This man is nothing but filth and full of gay agenda sin!

I found this new video where he is actually asking Mr. Obama to give him permission to get closer to our kids. This man is sick and we all know what his true intentions are, to touch young boys! Just view this video and you will see the devil ooze from this man.

Also, knowing how our new president is, he will be more than happy to give this gay homo money to open up camps that will corral or youth, so he can force his gay agenda and other things into our children.

New Pepsi Logo is a Subliminal Sign to Brainwash Children into Supporting Obama

My friends, please take a look at the Obama mark of the beast logo that he stood behind and the new Pepsi logo. You can see the similarities in the two and it has now come to my attention, Pepsi has been brainwashing our children with there own subliminal version of Obama’s mark.

My fear is that they are sending messages to our young children in hopes to enslave them.

I urge all good Christian people to protest all stores and businesses that server or drink Pepsi, so we may rid ourselves from this demonic brainwashing.