Homo Gay Agenda Uses Subliminal Captchas To Turn Children Into Satan Scepter Worshipers

Oh me oh my great Lord in heaven! I have come across a devious little piece of technology the homo gays have developed on their little MAC (Men Attack Children) sin machines. They are called CAPTCHA, which means Creepy Anal Predators Teaching Children Homo Agenda.

You may see these when you have to post comments on sites or when creating a new internet account for social networkings, but I have now notice on MAC and Gay Agenda sites like Digg, College Humor, Gay Hip Hop and other white tadpole love supporting sites, that their CAPTCHAs are using subliminal words to turn your children into satan scepter sewer tunnel lovers! Just like the blacks using 8bit music to brain wash white children, these fecal feasting Dorothys are using technology to entice our youth to sin.


Do I need anymore proof to show that the gays are infecting our children’s computers with homo exotic words?

43 thoughts on “Homo Gay Agenda Uses Subliminal Captchas To Turn Children Into Satan Scepter Worshipers

  1. millenium

    huh why you said it’s MAC when actually its not MAC whop do that ??

    and you just won the lotto Number because the closest I got to “homosexual” was the word Homosexual

          1. Woody

            So, these are images from other websites. Not first-hand captcha images. Am I correct in this assumption?

          2. Big Boy Infant Gator gay hillbilly

            Hey, Tyson. I have a question for you. I get that god wants you to spread the seed, but aren’t you supposed to love and not hate? I’ve seen some articles, and let me tell ya, they are not what Jesus would do/put/say. “Why aren’t all hippis exterminated from Earth?” <– that's an example. It's not what it's not word for word, but that's still not right. You guys say you follow Christ, but yet you hate. yoo mek no sinse. "Black" rap/hip-hop music? Nope. Eminem is white and raps like an f-bomb carrier. What's so bad about gays/homos? You call them inferior, they say nothing bad about you. You want all gays to be gone, they don't say that about you. If you see comedy and you don't like it, change the channel. If you see a person you don't like, Walk the other way. I'm against genocide. Gays shouldn't be exterminated. I'm not gay and I don't hate. This sight has almost made me not want to be a christian. You make most of the people here hate christians. When I say "you," I mean all of the site and its thread starters. This is Racism. this isn't holy, god nor jesus would do this. I do not think you follow jesus. You guys are like Satanists on steroids for hating on people that a black and like to rap. Or people that arent your religion or race ie gays, black people that rap. ef aye stortid 2 tok lyke dis, rimed, nd got a drk tan wud u h8 meh? hm? Do you hate people with cancer? Most smoke weed to calm their pain. Weed isnt bad for you. smoke is. i dont know how i jumped to that but oh well. Emo's arent going to start killing people nor take over the world. Unless they have a disorder/psychiatric disease then yes. This is a word from a non-hateful christian buddy. CHRIST WIRE IS MADE BY A GOLD FISH.

      1. Bill Buttlicker

        Found them on the internet? Everything on the internet is true. It’s all just tubes, just like the fecal tubes that the gay agenda wants all the young boys to crawl into.

  2. Julie

    There are SO many liars and lies on the Internet, and so many things who are photoshoped, like your satire website.

  3. That_Guy!

    Geez, would that work? Can Captchas really turn people gay? Maybe they can turn gay people straight too. I always thought we were just born one way or the other. Wait a second, did the person who found and posted all of those “gay captchas” for this posting turn gay after seeing them all? Talk about taking one for the team!

  4. MikeyBoobs

    The fact is that the words in captchas are picked randomly and sometimes two word are put together that shouldn’t be put together. Of course i don’t expect you to listen tyson since your are either mentaly disturbed or your shooting up acid every day.

  5. eatme

    This is the most retarded dribble I have ever heard in my life. God the militant christian community are an EXCELLENT source of humor and entertainment. Troll or no troll, this is golden!

  6. Fierce One

    I wonder if Christ would behave this way. If you are living, speaking, writing, behaving the way he wants all good Christians to behave, then I’m glad I’m not a Christian. Isn’t it tiring to be so hateful?

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  8. aj

    I have to say that the level of ignorance I have witnessed in the last 3 pages I read on this site has provided me with more entertainement than watching the gays eats babies! Keep it up!

  9. steve

    I can’t believe a grown man, who says he isn’t gay (sic) trolls the internet for gay links …
    try doing something useful in this world…

    sheesh !

    1. steve

      the fictional character, jesus christ, said he loves ALL gods creatures … even hateful straight men like you ..

  10. Kay

    Best. Troll. EVER.
    You, my good sir, win an internet. All these people are taking you seriously, even when it’s obvious that those are all photoshopped. LOL

  11. Tyson Bowers IIIBlanche Beecham Post author

    Clearly these captcha contraptions are meant to inappropriately touch the no-no places of our most vulnerable citizens. So many other methods and means could be used, yet these people choose to flaunt homesexual coercive propaganda to internet users.

    The goal seems simple – to get at least one hand off the keyboard.

    Disgusting trend.


    1. Tyson Bowers IIIBruce Danus Post author

      You do know how to spell words correctly, and write proper sentences, right?

      Let’s try that next time. Don’t post a disparaging comment to our Journalists until you learn proper English and grammar. Thanks and God Bless.

        1. Big Boy Infant Gator gay hillbilly

          You guys remind me of a demon cult. Gays are gods children. God loves all of his creations. God can forgive. You guys just want them to hell. You guys hate. You guys discriminate. Gays don’t want to go around touching boys penises. How the hell did you guys come up with that? You guys mixed Gays/Homos up with Pedophiles. PEDOPHILES. Gays like people that they love. Its like when you love a girl. They don’t want to touch every guys penis because they are gay. That’s called a pedophile, you stereotypical ass holes.

    2. Stop Blocking Me Jackass, The Jew

      To translate for them:

      “What the fuck is “homogay?”
      You just fucking made that up, didn’t you!?
      You do know that a homo and a gay are the same thing, right?

      Now you might be able to read it.

  12. Tyson Bowers IIIAlbert Toppers Post author

    I would like nothing to do with these evil, demonic-homogay CATPCHAs. May God have mercy on their makers.

    1. Big Gay Al ;)

      Oh, How is this new word, “homogay”, demonic? Is it because it’s something you don’t believe in? Hmm… Now i get why people convert some christian to athiest. So much act of hate on a race that does no harm to straight people. If you said “Please don’t,” they would stop. If you were beating up a “homogay” and he said, “No! Please! Stop it!” you would not stop. You call him demonic. If he was demonic, you would want to exterminate him, correct? That’s an act of crime. Cold Blooded Murder. Unrighteous. A sin. Worse than being a “demonic-homogay”. You sir are not holy in any way. I believe you don’t follow/accept christ as your savior or any other way. I believe you are a sick person. Oh and Quote, “May god have mercy on their makers.” What if the child chose to be gay from outside influences? Does that make sense to you? Or do you have to hate so much to understand it? Think of it, Buddy. Jesus loves, not hate. ~ Big Gay Al ;), Big Boy Infant Gator Gay Hillbilly. This is not a holy site at all. The Truth.

      1. Big Gay Al ;)

        I have recently looked up at the book anti-christwire. I think it’s great!! It actually is the best joke book out in the world. EVERYONE other than you guys, will absolutely laugh their cornholes off! Homogays don’t create hurricanes or any natural disasters. It’s called nature. You learn about it in school. Hurricanes are from high winds formed on the ocean and they blow in storms that usually precipitate go back into the ocean. God doesn’t kill innocent people if “homogays” aren’t innocent. Totally untrue. Children cartoons? I hope that’s a joke. Demonic games? How about you go out and actually change the world for an idea. Puppy eating chinese astronauts? That’s literally the worst thing I have ever heard. The author is a jackass. A land stealing native american killer (just him). Chinese don’t eat dogs. They did back then. Anyone in the eastern countries did because they weren’t stupid to die than survive just from killing an animal. I know you didn’t write it, but if you support it, this can be meant for anyone that reads it. Dogs are animals, cows are animals, fish are animals. Cows are domesticated, dogs are domesticated. Killing a dog would be the same as killing a cow. They are both edible. They both have nutritional value. God didn’t say is was a sin to kill an animal and/or sacrifice it. Sacrificing it would be for god or a group of people.


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