Homosexuals Tempt Children with Gluttonous Gayness via “Free to Play” MMOs.

Does your son talk about 40 man raids while having a almost confused look on his face? Almost like he doesn’t really want to embark on this “adventure”, but if he doesn’t he will be harmed? Does he talk about grouping up with strangers who ask for his “Skype” name so they can chat with him online until 4am?Or worse, does he own a “vent” account? Has he even had an outburst to the tune of “Pyro Blast” or “13% speed bonus”? If so, I’m afraid your child is playing Chinese “Free to Play” MMOs, while questing with middle aged homosexuals.

The word “MMO” should send fear through the veins of any parent, especial now since we know that 64% of the game play is geared towards drug use, elf on dwarf sex parties, homo erotic “dungeon raiding”, gay lifestyle sex choices and 34-bit exposed ogre flesh bananas. And just so you know, on the other end of the computer is a muscle relaxant snorting child stalker. Free to Play MMOs are the new ice cream truck for kidnappers, but now they are able to digitally fondle your son’s gold sack without being thrown into jail.

These gays are hoping your son will equip the “2 Handed Hammer” they crafted with their 280 skill level armor smith or drink their “Icy Man-a Potion” that their scavenger toon made and transmute your boy into a backside chocolate bandit. By accepting their weapons and magic drinks of homosexuality, your son is now binded to the homosexuals guild or gay clan and must now refer to him as their “GM” or “Gay Master” and in return their “GM” calls them his “Twink”.

The GMs force their twinks to perform digital sexual motions onto their character while they sinfully massage their staffs of arcane magic to the RGB porn imagery. For each sexual act your son finishes, the GM gives them XP points, which stands for “eXplict Pleasure Points”. With XP, players can drop their points into a “spec” tree and upgrade their weapons, armor, change their hair style or increase their man-a bar. If twinks don’t follow the rules, their bank bags and bodies are looted and what is called “gquit” out of the guild and left to feel lonely and rejected. Sad that the gays do this, because this is what they accuse people of doing, yet they are the ones doing it to small children.

Free to play games like World of Witchcraft, Minercraft, Ruining of the Magic Gathering and Star Wars the Old Empire are nothing new and it seems each month that goes by, some new fantasy light sword game is released. Since gays only have the ability to cloak and mask sin, they hire Chinese programming companies to develop their games of drug laced lollipops and in return they pay the commies with their monthly gay welfare checks.

With each new game programmed homosexuals are getting sinfully aroused with their new aged digital pedo fantasy porn. The gays cruise around gnome infested lands and “Ice Blast” young players in the face with their level 90 earth mages and shove their Swords of Endor into the rear ends of under aged players with their undead rogues. “Ice Blasting” is a gay gamer term for “unloading” or “releasing” devil dna into a players face. This MMO action is also called a “finishing move” and puts the homosexual gamer into a fecal frenzy of homo gay euphoria. When a finishing move is completed, the young player is paralyzed and loses control of their warrior. This allows the gay to “epic mount” the fallen player until they are “rez incoming” by a fellow player who has the ability to bring them back to full “HP” or “Homo Points”.

These games ooze out dangerous homosexual emissions that are polluting the minds of our youth. Instead of “global warming” maybe Al Gore should worry about homosexuals trying to warm up to our children. Just remember, nothing is free. Yes your son might be saving you $29.95 a month, but he is paying with his soul instead of KMart pre-filled game cards.

59 thoughts on “Homosexuals Tempt Children with Gluttonous Gayness via “Free to Play” MMOs.

  1. gary gilmour

    All of these ‘games’ are the work of the atheist industrial complex and aim to divert our childrens’ attention away from God and Sundayr school towards premature sexualisation.

    Observe the fact that these games cost upwards of $50 minimum and necessitate 100s of hours of going from level to level – meaning ever deepening levels of fleshy temptation and the urge to self pleasure. And that these images are all digital and do not actuallly exist, unlike the ones on brazzers or bangbros. And possibly momfaces.

    So gird up your loins, parents, and forbid these vile activities that prevent normal intercourse with the Church.

    1. Captain Obvious

      Yes, the free-to-play games all cost at least $50 to play! That makes total sense!

      “unlike the ones on brazzers or bangbros. And possibly momfaces.”
      Don’t forget pornhub.

  2. Millenium

    what is better gaming complex or military complex oh wait In your case military You wnat to nuke every country I remember now My bad

    nah but seriously you are just stupid

    1. Timmay

      This wave — flood, even — of gayness is very troubling. It seems a day doesn’t go by with another gay splashdown appearing.

      1. Timmay

        There aren’t enough crosses in the world to get me to join in on that activity! As the old saying goes, if thine eyes offend thee plucketh them out. I’d rather do that!

          1. Timmay

            You may be putting the cart before the horse. There is a reason the scripture is called canon.

          2. freerider

            the good mmos arent free they have limited trials yes but other then that they cost 50$ a month . and the pics you showed are either photo shopped or from an Ao game. plus timmay try something new for once you may find you have friends afterwards

          3. TokioHotel.BOTDF.Lauren

            freerider is right, Timmay. I seriously like you when you aren’t talking down to me and you get off your high horse. You’r a pretty cool guy!

  3. Neu

    This article..is completely slanderous and ridiculous. While I do not personally play MMO’s anymore, I have in the past. If a gay guy is hitting on you in the game there’s a simple block/ignore function.

    These games aren’t geared towards homosexual rape, nor are they created or produced with that mind set.

    Continue hating gays because you’re scared to admit who you really are. Even if you’re not gay, you’re a bigot and unacceptable of everyday normal people.

  4. L.N

    Someone’s jealous that people playing free POS MMOs have more friends than him.

    I’m talking about you Tyson, it seems as if most of the ‘Christians’ here are about as intelligent as a rock.

  5. Rhea Pollstry

    This doesn’t sound anything like my HMO. My doctor there is just the sweetest man on earth. He always lubes and warms up before each exam.

    1. Captain Obvious

      Then we voted republicans into office! And now things just suck, no matter how much hope we have! Vote for Trump with a write in!

      1. Rev. Custer

        Wrong, you voted for a BLACK MUSLIM.

        Over here in Africa, we know a WHOLE LOT about those dark-skinned satan worshipers. And unsurprisingly, South Sudan (predominantly saved souls) decided to separate themselves from North Sudan (predominantly BLACK MUSLIMS) once and for all to escape their Satanic genocidal ways.

        1. Liberal

          I thought relgioin taught you to love everyone. So, far as I’m concerned, your a pretty bad Christan, nevermind Revrend. Whts the name of your Parish? I’d sure love to report you.

          Am I wrong? I’d like to see those bible verses telling you otherwise.

    2. educated

      Correct the homosexuals are evil, man on man makes baby jesus cry…..unless its non consensual and with a minor! Oh sorry that”s Catholosism, you guys are much more savvy!

  6. Mazz

    I read this and laughed.XP means eXperience Points! Man you all KILL me! I seriously cannot stop laughing! Those photos are photoshopped from an OBVIOUS AO game, which stands for ADULT ONLY! I believe you all are the REAL PERVERTS here! Keep on using the term GOD to continue to pollute the minds of the youth in the world today. If I were you I would suggest to stop asking others what is wrong with them and focus on what is wrong with YOU. And, as a gamer of MMORPG’s myself, I would like to point out that if this stuff was REALLY in the MMO’s there would be numerous lawsuits resulting in the game being changed or completely pulled from shelves. Just putting all this information out to you so that maybe you will take a close look at yourselves because, lets be honest here, YOU ALL are the sexual deviants here because you make obvious photoshopped porn (like seen above) that is readily available to the christian children who use this site. Just throwing that out there.

    1. thisisasatiricalwebsite

      This is a satirical website you all are being trolled!!! I cant believe how many people are so quick to believe there are people this dumb in the world.

      1. Stan the Satirist

        Surely, a site called “Christwire” cannot be a satirical site dedicated to pointing out flaws in Christian fundamentalism… especially since there are no flaws to Christianity! Duh!

        And really, how could a non-christian group get the domain name “Christwire.org” without being true Christians? It has the words “Christ” and “.org” which means that Christwire.org is mad legit.

        1. Stan the Satirist

          Also, I’d like to point out that the 2nd and 4th images are actually from Final Fantasy XI, and that the 2nd image is unaltered from what you can actually do in game. Not that I would know, but the angels who watch me sleep told me so.

  7. IntellectualHumanist

    Another ridiculous article. By the way, no MMORPG costs $50 a month. Many are free to play, while many others cost only $15 a month.

    I can quite guarantee you that the game has nothing to do with homosexuality, drug use, molestation, or anything else negative. I also guarantee you that the games creators were not in league with a mythical leader of the underworld. They did not consider Christians or anyone else of any other religion. They created these game to be entertaining, stimulating to the imagination, and over everything else, profitable. Nothing more…

    Get over yourselves and quit looking for homosexual and satanic things in everything you lay eyes on. It is a complete waist of time when you could be doing something positive with your life. Start being more optimistic and less pessimistic. It is sickening to think that I share this globe with people who think so completely ignorant. If you believe and trust in this so called “god” of yours, than you should have more faith in his protection over your fragile souls. No god worth worshiping would want his followers to cast judgement and hate upon anything or anyone.

    Grow up please and expand your mind…

  8. Go gay

    Not gonna lie, I come to this site for a laugh now. The notions the idiots that run this site have about culture are almost comical. It’s like reading an article written as a joke but the author forgets it isn’t true.

  9. Jennifer

    This is an awesome post! I love the riff on word play. Whoever wrote this definitely plays MMOs but was warping it to this silly message – ‘gay master’ instead of ‘game master’! Ha! Get people on to LOTRO – no in-game marriage for homosexual or heterosexuals!

  10. Jennifer

    Hey – just realized there is a Liza ad here – Saweet! Nobody appreciates her boys more than Liza!

  11. Ike

    Pfft, have you ever played a Christian game? BOOORING. Satan ROCKS! BTW I highly doubt homosexuals are PEDOPHILES. That’s not the same thing mormons, I mean morons. Atheist Industrial Complex? LOL! What drug is that guy on?

  12. Palehorse

    Lets just for a moment scrutinize “The Good Book” for content shall we? The bible contains stories of murder, prostitution, homosexuality, sodomy, betrayal, lust, greed… shall I go on? For those of you who haven’t picked it up in a while it can be a really good read. You can find it in the fiction section near the fantasy books that have far less violence then the bible.

    If you’re right you can pity my damned soul for all eternity from your place beyond the pearly gates. If I’m right we’ll both lose consciousness upon death and become a pile of dust six feet under ground. Either way you’ll live your life a closed minded idiot and I’ll keep mine open to new ideas and treat my fellow man with respect and dignity regardless of his or her sexual preference.

  13. Alex

    You guys really think gays hire Chinese people to program games like World of Warcraft to lure kids into becoming gay?

      1. L.N

        And without any proof, without any reason, without any actual, logic argument that proves that, you do.

        And people like you want to claim others are insane.

          1. Liberal

            Okay, so theres facts?

            Please pull them out and cite them for me. Your the one trying to prove a point here, I would like to see your evidence.

  14. Lol

    Lol you guys crack me up. I’ve been playing games since I was old enough to hold a remote. I’ve played hundreds of MMOs and I’m not gay, I faithfully go to church and it’s not Man-a potion, it’s Mana (meaning magic) and it’s not Homo Points, It’s Health Points. It’s not “eXplict Pleasure Points” it is eXperience Points. Every creature you kill gets you experience, every player you defeat gets you experience. After so much experience you level up. This is both hilarious and absurd. It’s radical beliefs like this that make people view us Christians as idiots. Think what you want about me, heck even pray for me if you think that’s what is needed but gaming and Harry Potter are not turning people gay.

  15. Liberal

    I am still trying to figure out if this article is serious or not.

    Yes, do I agree that video games sometimes cause harm in the world, absolutly. I think that some games send the wrong message.

    But, what I think some people here are having trouble grasping their heads around is: What is the worng message?

    Drugs, drinking, sex: yes, they are the wrong message to send to youth.

    But, homosexuality? I’m still trying to understand what is wrong with it. I sit here thinking, where do you get your hatred and rejection for human life. Gay, Straight, or Bi, everyone is a person who is cabable of loving.

    I thought conservative people wanted less government interferance in their lives: then why are you trying to meddle with people’s relationships, and ban them from marraige, or just simple tolerance. If you ask me, its pretty hypocritical.

    If someone would like to explain this to me, please feel free to.

  16. chris

    The headline should read PEDOPHILES Tempt Children with Gluttonous sex via “Free to Play” MMOs. Being homosexual isn’t about children.

  17. Atheist

    Stupidity, this site is full of it.
    Seriously, learn your shit before you post something. Number 1 rule of journalism.[img]http://www.hairsite.com/hair-loss/img/uploaded/3737_image1.jpg[/img]

    1. Morality Steve

      If you’re an atheist, then you probably know as little about journalism as you do about God.

      What a little twit.

  18. Tyler

    As an ex-mmo gamer homosexual, now a born again christian, praise Jesus, I must say that this is 100% true. Homosexuals and the chinese have been working together to destroy god’s beautiful American image for generations. Why else would they make low calorie crackers with messages on them? They know that is two things queers love: Low calorie snacks and non-biblical heretical literature. The chinese send their plans encoded on these fortune fag cookies and the gays send their instructions encrypted in their fashion designs that they send to the sweat shops. The liberals will probably come after my life when learn of my treachery but god protects.

  19. Dram

    Honestly as a christian I am offended by the ignorance and stupidity of this site Christ was about love . . . Read your bible he mentions that word more than any other and ya’ll aren’t being very Christ like


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