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KKK Changes Mind To Adopt Highway After Seeing Asphalt Is Black

Georgia – A North Georgia KKK Chapter today announced they would retract their petition to “adopt a highway” after investigating the portion of the highway open for sponsorship. After a few political hoops to jump through, the KKK members were hung up on the fact that the asphalt on the Georgia stretch was black. The Klan also didn’t like the fact that the strip of highway was close to an exit that lead directly to a KFC restaurant.

“All we wanted to do is adopt a highway, but not a devil highway.”

said April Chambers, the chapter’s secretary. She also stated the chapter would be investigating any parts of the highway that uses a what is called pure white gravel, not your standard mixed color gravel. She said The Klan is only fans of “segregated” gravel.

Pinterest – Wafting the Scent of Whoreness Under the Noses of Your Wives

Has your wife been spending a lot of time on The Internet lately? Has she all of a sudden started wearing items she ordered from stores on “etsy”? Does she now try and bake cupcakes or chicken enchilada soup? Does she frantically take photos on her cellphone when she is at the store? If so, your wife has been exposed to a high level of Internet whoreness, called ““.  Pinterest is a website devoted to turning obedient servant housewives into picture sharing prostitutes, who spend houses a day having fun with the girls, while you work hard to pay the house mortgage.

For hours a day, your wife is yucking it up with pools of whoring devil whores, who tickle her sin cravings with thoughts of deep sex climactic adventures. This type of activity is called “Pinning” and the more “Pinning” you do, the higher your slutness level is on this website of demonic orgasmic pleasure. “Pinning” is the equivalent of digitally “moist figuring” other members on the site, so be assured your wife has stuck her finger in multiple members by the time you arrive home from work. Also be warned, you wife is most likely dancing in the musky gayness side of Pinterest and making friendships will gay male users, who will tempt her with thoughts of leaving her kids and living a “Sex in the City” lifestyle.

Facts about Pinterest:

  1. Women who use Pinterest are more likely to give out mouth sex acts to large lines of men in back alleys.
  2. Women who use Pinterest try to trick their husbands into games of sexual rectal recon.
  3. The “P” in Pinterest, stands for penis.
  4. The average Pinterest user has been charged with child neglect, at least twice.
  5. Women who use Pinterest are guilty of sexually rubbing their Satan’s doorbell, while their husbands are at work.
  6. More than 80% of Pinterest users now fantasy about lesbian sex relations.
  7. 2 out of 3 Pinterest users have been fired from their jobs, do to “pinning” at work.
  8. Women who use Pinterest are more likely to invite sin snakes into their fecal cavern.

Look at all this sinful horseplay, no wonder men have reverted to violence, it is the only way to keep their wife from digitally whoring.

Examples of what your wife is exposed to on Pinterest:

Their sex driven homepage

Sex infused items

Introduction to whoring type books

Do it yourself “How To” abortion dolls

Alien sex toys



Why Are Parents Letting Their Teens Attend the Coachella 2012 Pot Smoking Black Sodomy Orgy?

Children who attend Coachella 2012 will be exposed to forceful anal sex intrusion while sinfully high on hydraulic Pontiac chronic, supplied by chocolate skinned urban dope dealing assassins. This year’s ring leaders are no other than hipped hopped’s deadliest homicide duel and ghetto thug kingpins, Snoopy Dogg and Dr. Drea. These two gangstas are trying to dip their menthol marinated, mocha fingers into the panties of America’s youthful white women via pot smoke and potty mouth music beats and at the same time training your young boys into lowering their goals to become minimum wage working nobodies.

These two king blacks will be brainwashing your porcelain skinned babies with melodies of cannabis musk and welfare pornography. This year’s Coachella is allowing them to bring their thuggary streets to white America’s front porch and your children will be coaxed into becoming future $2 Compton hookers and pimps waiting on their street corners looking to partake in thievery and cracked coke caned slobbery.

Twitter hashtags will not be streaming typical hipster festival party talk, no, Twitter feeds will be tagged with graphic vulgarities like, #4shizzled, #luvmezsumpotz, #justhadbuttsecs, #westcoastSodomyFTW #Ihatebeingwhite and #Looking4sumHos. Pot is known to drive women into wanting to dip their feet into the world of Sodomy and Snoopy Dogg and Dr. Drea will be encouraging your young princesses to post thousands of bandwidths worth of Twitpic photos of themselves tampering with pot smoking anal orgies to their food line friends in hopes of scoring some free amateur demon whacking materials.

The beer gardens will not be filled with America’s favorite beverages, instead it will be flooded with Mad Dawg and Old English 40 ounce bottles. This is the devil nectar that blacks use to quince their thirst from a long days worth of pot smoking and sexual taint tickling.

Two things threaten America, pot smoking hipped hoppers who try to lurk inside your daughter’s baby doors and sodomy. Both are creeping their hands up Lady Liberty’s virgin thighs and we as guardians of our children’s future must stop festivals that promote lazy black drug smoking lifestyles and festivals that teach our children to have sodomy styled sex acts.

Before allowing your sweetheart to go off to Coachella, just remember do you want your daughter’s milky nutrition tanks fondled by thousands of strangers and have their fecal cavern trained by sweaty hipsters and nappy headed Harlem hobbits?

Chisel Chested Shuan T is Trying to Turn Your Wife Into a Musk Craving Sin Whore

Who is Shaun T?
If there is one man in the world that you need to keep your wife away from, it would be former Hipped Hopped artist, Shaun T. Shaun T is a biracial man, which means he has the good looks of a white person and the athletic build of his sin colored skinned field working ancestors. Within a matter of minutes, Shuan T could use his iron sculpted ads, bugling bronze biceps of his marble sculpted chest to entice your wive’s baby hole, with ticklings of moist demonic orgasmic pleasures.

Due to his half blackness, Shuan T can’t fight the urges to lick his plump lips with the thoughts of causing sexual chaos in the pants of women and is on a mission to inject white women with fantasies of pelvic thrusting late night penile rendezvous and fill their heads with thoughts of leaving their husbands for a baby faced cabana boy. How is he doing this you might ask? The simple answer is by using his hot workout videos called “Insanity”.

What is Insanity?
Shaun T knows that a normal man wouldn’t think twice at looking at his wive’s workout videos, as we all know men scoff at such non-sense. But little do you know, right under your noses there is a pornographically violent weapon lurking in your house and creeping its sticky hands down the frontal sex part region of your wife. This workout video is not the normal ladies in jump suits who lift light weights and jog in place for 30 mins, no. Everyday you wife is spending 45 mins of heart pounding sex play while gazing into the softly glazed bedroom eyes of Shuan T, while he taunts their lady fleshy bullet wounds with tantalizing lustful stares.

How is He Turning Your Wife Into a Whorelet?
Or as I call it, labia sex rubbings, is a movement where Shaun T has his female users use their inner thighs to lightly rub up against their flap dragon to mimic the act of tickling their own tangy turtle shell. Shaun has the women only do this for about 1 minute, as he knows it takes 1 minute and 2 seconds for a woman to reach a climax via self touching. He teases the women into a frenzy of sinful pleasure, begging for more, while their moist camel humps sits their waiting to be slayed.

Child’s Pose
This move is a popular position in porno films. The bent over move leaves the woman helpless and allows the man to insert his sin snake into any hole (via her harpy nest or her mud goblet) he wishes with the least resistance from the woman. Shaun T is subliminally teaching your women to crave this type of naughty sex play and they will eventually seek out a sex partner who is willing to violate them in a way God did not intend.

Downward Dog
Another sexual position that Shaun T is hammering into the minds of woman across America. This move teaches the woman how to handle multiple sex partners at once and have the flexibly and strength to handle such abuse. In this move she is able to hand out a mouth sex act, while she is being entered from behind by who knows how many partners. I don’t think man wants to know his wife is being taught how to be the “train” of the city.

Black Talk
We all know that black talk was created via the Devil’s tongue. And from that tongue, blacks are able to use mystical and necromatic phrases that have the ability to command the mind of a feeble woman and has ten times more power over the porcelain skinned house wife. Shaun T knows this and abuses it to trick women into thinking that after 60 days, they will be able to have a musky skin bed rumble with guys like him, as long as they learn all his sex moves.

How to Tell if Your Wife is Using Insanity


Star Wars The Old Republic (SWTOR) is Breeding Future Gay Penile Handlers

Have you heard your son walking around the house yelling vulgarities like “I use to be a moisture farmer, but I took a lightsaber to the penis”, or “All your force belongs now to us”? If you are the parental victim of such demon babble, your son has fell into the hands of a game that promotes alien gay relationships, 1020p bestiality cut scenes and phallic sex battles in deep space settings.

Let it be known that even before your son gets to hunt down Jango The Hutt or fight Wompa Bats on Hoth, they are asked to pick which “side” they want to play on. In the gay community they also make you pick a side and these sides are called “bottom” or “top”. “Bottoms” are the flaming homosexuals who prefer to have their taint hole violated by trains of bare chested men with leather chaps and “tops” or “plunders” are the ones who dip their sin snake into the fecal holes of the weaker and willing “bottoms”. In the game, the “bottoms” are the Jedi and the “tops” are what they call Sith lords. Each name has its own meaning and below we have created a visual graphic for you to print out and carry with you to show your other friends who have children.

How Does SWTOR Turn My Son Gay?

If you want your son bombarded with rainbow sprinkled sin, by all means allow them to log onto this game and let them to soak up the gay juices that will be smeared into their minds. Let your child be brainwashed into having fecal fantasies and thoughts of performing mouth sex acts on guys named Trystyn and Levi. If you want to save your sons’ soul from anal interactions, please take our warnings serious and use your parental authority by banning this game from your son’s grasps. If need be, destroy his computer so they can not Kazaa game files from neighborhood kids.

Saber Designing (Penile Decorating)
Gays do many things to their puking flesh weasels and it should come to no surprise that they like to Bedazzle their sin shafts with glittery decor and French inspirited tattoos. One thing that we found in SWTOR, is that the game lets the player design their own “lightsaber”, which looks like a cyborg’s penis, with bolts, knobs, spikes, adjust the length, color and other alterations. This is obviously teaching kids the gay technique of penile styling and you can even see in the photo we provided that they all look like some kind of gay anal torture device that some taint terrorist would use to shove up their boyfriend’s mud goblet while they marinate in fecal mucus.

Force Pushing
Force pushing is an ability the players get at level 23 which allows them to use the force to ram their opponent into submission. You want to know who else uses ramming force moves to submit their opponent’s quivering mud daisy? Yes, the gays and they are teaching this ability to your son via the left click button of their computer mouse. One day your son is force pushing a Sith off a cliff and the next day he is force pushing his man candy into the neighbors red headed gay son.

Penile Fights
At any given time, thousands of SWTOR players are dueling to the death with their glowing meat bananas and bashing each other in a sadomasochistic way. In game this might look like a light show battle of warriors, but how would you like it if your son was in the back yard with his twiddle rompus in hand trying to slay his friend by slapping him with his Satan scepter violently? Yes, it isn’t so cute now is it. Well these are the types of behaviors these lightsaber battles are instilling into the minds of their young players. They see that they are able to vanquish the bad guy with their glowing love lure and they start to think it might be fun to fecal joust Billy’s bum with demonic thrusts.

Bestiality Love Triangles
Did you know your son can have a gay fling with their intergalactic buddy? Just how gays have international love rendezvous, this game is teaching your son how they to can be an international gay sexer. The game slowly brainwashes your son into having feelings for their male pet and soon enough they ask your son if they want to become “involved” with their companion. So far 89% of the players have chosen to take the dark path down bestiality road and it is only a matter of time before we see kids taking their dog or cat to their proms.


What Pubic Hair Says About a Woman

The sexual area of a female is an area of musky clotting and secreting mystery, but did you know you can tell a lot about a female just by doing a quick inspection of her public lawn care? No, not the kind of lawn care that Juan and his three sons do on your two acre yard, but the type of care the modern women feels forced to do to keep up the false American beauty that liberal Hollywood rapingly injects into their feeble woman minds. Below is a list of the most common pubic hair practices that females do today. Each one can tell you if you have a whoring woman, a late night lesbian whorelet or a “clean cut” Christian crusader.

The triangle is the international symbol for a fish cave worshiping whorelet who likes to perform licking mouth sex acts on another clam dabbling musky crack hunter. If you notice that your girlfriend or wife has started to trim this geometrical shape above her puff pillow, be sure that she is out late at night diving tongue first into a linguistic lust orgy with other women at some kind of leather BBW back ally pink party.

The strip or also known as a “landing strip” is exactly to mean what it is called. It is a runway for massive amounts of penile planes to come land inside the runway or moist and whorish sin. This symbol of open leggedness is becoming more and more common in college life and is highly promoted on internet torrent adult video sites. It is told that 7 out of 10 college females walk freely with their canker blossom decorated with a strip that beckons the friendship of multiple sin staffs.

When these women see the follicles of womanhood start growing, they rush to the bathroom to Venus razor shave them away. This hair style is purely to get rid of some type of lice or crustacean virus they contracted during a night of Satan nectar and copious amounts of devil DNA injection. These type of women are also to be said to flick their blood bulge 89% more often than regular masturbating female sinners. If your GF or wife has this mark they have a pubic sickness and have been throwing their neighbor of anus around frat parties like it is some kind of fleshy party favor. It has also been proven that women who go bald also partake in tainting their turd tunnels.

Women who cut initials into their downstairs hair are showing a sign of ownership of the person whose name starts with the letter carved into their blood sewer’s toupee. This is a act against God, as he is the only owner of the female’s baby hole. The female’s insides are for one thing and one thing only; to create life from God’s touch. It is not to be L.A. gangbanger styled tagged with a man or women’s ownership.

Full Eve
This is how women are suppose to be groomed, fully covered by God’s intended design. The design that Eve sported during her times in the Garden of Eden and even after she caused the world be sent into a whirlwind of sin, death, war, high taxes and liberalism. A man’s duty is to protect the woman’s mind, body and soul. This includes her pubic area. It is a man’s role to make sure his wife, girlfriend or sweetheart has the proper presentation of her body and that means while clothed and unclothed. Just like how you wouldn’t want your woman walking out of the house with he sin treats hanging out to temp other men with thoughts of demon whacking, you shouldn’t allow your woman to molest her sin cave with razors and tweezers like it is some kind of home and garden project or TLC.

Battlefield 3 – Teaching Kids True American Patriotism!

What is Battlefield 3?
Nothing says “I love Jesus“, like killing terrorists and taking down glitter lipped homosexual sleeper cells that are trying to smear musky death and destruction across American’s virgin loins. “BF3″ even gives you even get the chance to take down some no good Canadian ice Mexicans, who are trying to smuggle their countries low moral standards over our boarders and infect our children with their gayness and weak will. In the game Battlefield 3, the player is submerged into a world of true American grit and tightly wraps the player with manly imagery of patriotism, anti-homosexuality and Christian-American values.

What is also great about this game, is that it takes those evil Japanese consoles and turns them into a learning hub for glorious American traditions and a center piece for family fun. Dad and son can co-op play missions and frag some nasty drug dealers in Mexico City, or you can blanket a homosexual training facility with mom’s air strike she just won for painting multiple head shots on the foreheads of international criminals. Brother and sister can team up and stab evil in the back with an assortment of Made in the USA blades. A family that protects America together, stays together.

Unlike the homo gay supporting company Blizzard, D.I.C.E. (Destroy Idiot Communists and Europeans), has built a franchise of games that fight that damage that homosexuals and liberals have digitally fornicated into the minds of our children. D.I.C.E. has made it their mission to develop games the strike fear into the hearts of non-American loving sinners and train our children with vital moral nutrition and teach them how to stand up to the world’s evils without fear. Yes, D.I.C.E. may have the most advanced graphics in their video games and the bloodshed is quite realistic, but remember it is the blood of America’s enemies and children need to see that they do bleed when they’ve had a their bodies pumped with a full magazine clip from a Mp5 at close range. Unlike games like Modern Warfare 3, BF3 doesn’t rely on “tea bagging” gay antics to sell copies, it uses American pride to push it’s sells.


Michele Bachmann Caught Smoking Black Drug Dust – Proof

A tweetpic of Presidential female hopeful Michele Bachmann has been leaked out to the public of her partaking in a black drug “toking” session. It seems that Michele is dealing with her husband’s Cuban boy homosexual fantasies in the non-Christian way and turning to black drug dealers to help her escape her cold reality.

Yet, we can’t blame Michele for making a poor decision, as she is a female and we all know females can’t make proper decisions. Because of her vaginal powered brain, he ability to become president is a thing of fantasy, like the ones her husband has, minus the 6 packed and musky Mexican lawn man.

Tucker Max is a Closeted Mumble Anus

What do you get when you mix a college drop out and a pile of homosexuality, you get a flamboyant and closeted homo gay by the name of Tucker Max.

Tucker Max is your typical “bro” who masquerades in the diseases infested shadows of homosexuality. While setting up college campus tours, he is at the same time setting up fraternity gay orgies that allow him to partake in plundering the colon caverns of copious amounts of college man anus. This type of college like rape game is called “bromoing” and Tucker is the ring master when it comes to pumping for Satan oil from the drugged out bodies of rush week hopefuls.

You might know Tucker for his poorly written fiction novels, that tell a story of a boy who has sinful adventures with bi-sexual midgets and drunk Wall Street workers. Each book is filled with vulgarity and sexual content that even a admin would ban from their forum if it was posted on their website. These books are purely a way for Tucker to cover up his homosexual urges and make it seem like he has a new woman on his DNA rifle every night. If you read in between the lines, you will see that these books scream “I like musky man candy rub across my forehead after a full round of power bottoming” and his West Hollywood hair cut even tops off our suspicions. Why do you think his book was called “I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell”? It is because he knows God sends gays to hell and he knows his soul is going there for punishment for his mud goblin hunting sins.

His books spew more leaky fecal slug than his overly abused sewer hole, which says a lot, since his weak anal muscles are unable to hold any bowel movements from all the penile assassinations it is has been a part of. His winking eye is like a Piñata at a Mexican Fiesta de Quinceañera, but instead of Mexicans, it is long lines of prison like black men and HSSS.TV fans; buff, angry and looking to vigorously devour some taint eye.

Tucker, you do know we now live in a world that allows gays to roam freely without being stoned or burnt at the stake. Why don’t you come out of the closet and start writing books about homo sex and interior design tips. I think you and that frolicking homo gay ass ninja, Tosh.homo, would make a great couple.

Is Really a Underground Homo Gay Hangout Where Gays Share Penile Pleasure Tricks?

What is

In a nutshell, is a poorly programmer forum, using outdated HTML and is a direct blend between Grindr and Myspace; a place boasting with homosexual foreigners and shirtless photos of bare chested men, showing off their “results”. This forum is the worst, thickly speared with more gay infused testosterone than any other Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu website. I would even say that the gay orgy section on Craigslist has less anal tingle torturer content than this oozing pile of fecal spatter.

Masquerading as a place to read articles on nutrition and fitness, this website’s main goal is to feed the desire of America’s sugar plummed anal fairies to mud hump as many fecal flesh doughnut holes as possible. This site allows the taint terrorist to gather as an underground community and feed of each other like feces vampires and trick new members into their sick club by offering great squatting techniques and fat busting diets.

In the forum, users are known as “brahs” or “pumper”. This terminology has been used since Schwarzenegger’s golden days of hooker and cracked coked caned filled nights at the gym, but has been modified to be more of a homosexual based slang.

What Do They Talk About


My very first avi pic had a small amount of pubes showing with just the very base of my c*** visible if you squinted (wanted to show my adonis belt)

Besides all the whispering talk about phallic worship that is ejaculated across each thread, you will see men constantly talking about their favorite protein . When you see a post using the code word “protein” one might think the users are discussing the amigo acids needed to build strong and healthy muscles, but that is all a way to make you not realize they are talking about consuming copious amounts of sinfully produced male DNA milk. That is why you have products like “Muscle Milk”, that trick the average passerby into thinking it is for people who workout, when it is really 12oz of fully loaded globs of white man salsa.

When you break down that total amount of content posted on, 69% of it is gay romance novel cover style photos of juiced up shirtless pecks and flexed abs. You will even notice that most images the men are wearing tight shorts so they can show off the outlines of their puking flesh weasel, smashed in a way that the bulge looks larger than life. Who knows how many countless hours men self milk their sin snakes to these images of half naked reverse poo pushers. The more images they post, the more “rep points” they gain and also allows people to easily see who the biggest pervert is on each thread.

This is the most popular protein shake on the market. Rumor has it that this shake is made up of 90% Cuban boy semen, 5% citrus and 5% ecstasy dust. These are the top 3 things that homosexuals love to pump their bodies full of, when they aren’t the ones being pumped. Shakology is promoted in all workout videos and even has an additive to make non-homo gays addicted to the taste of male white oil. This drink serves as a way to not only bulk up their gay drinkers with frothy DNA drops, but also slowly turn new members into gays who crave and linger to fill their stomachs up with 80 grams of Cuban candy.

Insanity and P90X
I have already exposed the gay dangers of home workout programs like P90X, yet that is only one of hundreds of body toning and gay brainwashing videos out on the market and torrent download websites. These two programs are the most famous workout programs in the body building world and you can’t find one thread that doesn’t pay homage to how Tony Horton or the third person speaking Shaun T, have helped them come out of the closet and be full blown musky taint cuddling homo gay power bottoms. Terms

Stands for “Penile choking fornication”. Users will post this tag onto their photos letting other “brahs” know it is ok for them to self rape their fleshy Roman spear, while gawking at the pictorial gallery they just uploaded.

After burn
This refers to how many calories one has burnt during gay sex of during a session of them playing with their finger puppet.

Forum users with label their profiles as a “spotter”, letting the other users know they are a bottom sex player or it also means they are more of the submissive type sinner. The word spotter refers to their brown spot and that they want penile fecal insertion into their sewer muscle.

I’m Maxing Out!
Means that one has maxed out on their gay sex quota for the week and they are not looking to make anymore “hook ups”.

This is a secret code one posts to let others know that they are a “Homosexual Interested in Insertion Tickling”.

Another secret code letting users know they want “Bondage and Male Insertion”.

How to spot a forum user:

Kid Dies From Skyrim Marathon. Posted on His Facebook – Skyrim Marathon Sucide

Everyone laughed when I posted about how Skyrim is teaching our children homo erotic maneuvers and now that no one listened, not only are children hopscotching their souls to sin, they are now also in a new trend called “Skyrim Marathon Suicide”.

In the Facebook images obtained below from a gaming website called “”, we can see the sugar and carbohydrates binge one young man partakes in while playing Skyrim for 87 hours straight. You can see in the updates that his friends beg him to stop killing himself with oil saturated fats and lack of sleep, but the boy is to sucked into the game of demonic fornication and dragon masturbation.

If you child begs you to goto Costco and fill up on Doritos, Jolt Cola and high BMI causing treats, they might be planning a Skyrim Marathon Suicide.

Is Skyrim Teaching Your Children How to Perform "Rim Jobs" and Other Homo Erotic Sex Maneuvers?

What is Skyrim?
If you are a responsible parent, then the world of MMORPG first person shooters should be something of a foreign language to you. In games like Skyrim, players are teleported to far away lands that are cream filled with demonic spell crafting, violent shirtless blood shed and exposed not only Satanic critters, but bombarded with gay under tones of fecal fornication.

In the land of Skyrim, the player starts off as a captured terrorist, who has been caught plotting to destroy the golden empire by using dragons. Before the player gets to take control of his avatar, they are asked to create a character, which is purely the liberal’s way of teaching out kids that modifying and gender changing one’s self is fun and normal. Once the player has decided if they want to be a female wood fairy or an black ogre from Stormwind, they get to take control of their hell spawned fictitious demon.

Right off the bat, the gay supporting software company Blizzard, shows the player images of decapitations and after the third of forth head chopping, a necromatic dragon appears and sets the player free from righteous punishment. Now that the player is free, they will spend the next 400 hours robbing people, killing villagers, crafting sexual items, fornicate with elves and other Harry Potter style animals and also learn how to conjure up black magic.

Throughout the game, the player is exposed to full frontal violence and replay style death killing finish moves. The graphics of this game are way too realistic for the type of blood shed they ejaculate all over the player’s CPU monitor.

The spells the player are taught are directly out of The Book of Wiccan and are far more dangerous than anything your child is watching on that Wizards at Waverly Place and Sabrina The Teenage Witch. When a player casts a spell, you will see the hand gesture is that of how homosexuals fling devil DNA juices at each other after a long night of fecal frenzy ass assassinations. This is subliminally teaching your children that they need to go in their rooms, demon whack their sin staff and produce sin milk into their hands and than fling it in the face of the first person they come in contact with after their taint tugging session.

Once they player has finish killing all the people in Skyrim, his final battle is to have a mass dragon orgy with his fellow homosexual warriors he meets on his way and all take turns impregnating the dragon with homosexual dragon eggs. Once the dragon has been backdoor feasted, the player must kill it. The dragon needs to be killed, so the spirit of death and gayness can enter the new eggs and reek havoc onto the rest of the world. This new destruction will be playable in the next Skyrim saga.

SKYRIM LINGO: DOVAHKIIN – Is the supposed citizens of Skyrim, but is a code word that means:
D – Dirty
O – Orifice
V – Violation
A – Always
H – Hurts
K – Keep
I – Injecting
I – It
N – Naiant

How Would My Child Get Access to Skyrim?

If your child doesn’t have the money to buy this game, be sure they are spending countless hours watching their bitttorrents download massive amounts of band widths to illegal obtain this demonic grail of violent dragon porn. Be sure to inspect all of their friend’s houses. Anyone of the evil axis of consoles; PlayStation 1,2 or 3, Gamecube or XBox 360 Live Kentic, could be lurking in one of their households.

If you do learn that one of your children’s friends doesn’t have proper parents and allows them to play on such vile machines, make sure your child knows that by playing with this friend will go against God and would send his soul to the fire pits of Hell.

What Gay Thing is This Gaming Teaching Kids

Skyrim Jobs – Skyrimming is a street term the gays use when talking about applying their tongues to the outer rim part of another man’s sewer spout, while that man is being hung upside down. See the gays have weird fetishes and are close to Satan. Satan speaks to them and tells them news ways on how to experience demonic orgasmic sin. Satan has recently taught our fecal fisting bandits that if you hang each other upside down and let the blood rush to the head, the anal dumpster becomes more sensitive to touch and we all know gays wake up and fall asleep just day dreaming about sticking something up their own or someone else’s sewer hole.

If you notice your son has become more light headed around the house, this is a definite warning that he has been Skyrim jobbing.

Dragon Fisting – Dragon fisting is a new way the gays enter each other’s mud goblets with both of their hands. The difference with dragon fisting, is they make sure to grow their nails very long and once inserted into their low t-cell counted friend, they make a tickling movement with their fingers and sends their mud monkey buddy into a demon infused enticement of gay rage.

Make sure to inspect the length and smell of your children’s finger nails on a daily basis.

Icy Spear – The Icy Spear is the name of an actual weapon in the game of Skyrim, but on the gay streets, it is where a gay freezes their meat banana with ice cubes and than forcefully injects their partner’s demon tunnel with their icy flesh spear.

If you notice that you never have ice cubes in your freeze, be sure that your son is freezing the anal caverns of other men in the neighborhood.


Christian Rating

Scientist Develop Gay Repellent Powder

What is it?
American valued scientists have developed a powder that can tame the gayest of homosexual from having fecal raping urges. The powder has a chemical that tranquilizes the homogay gene found in the modern day ass ass-assin. The chemical has been dubbed “Moral X” and has been tested in gay hot spots like San Francisco, Lincoln, Nebraska, Dallas, Mexico City and Rio during Carnival.

How does it work?
Simple sprinkle a generous amount of the powder on your rectal area and the scent of morals and Christian values will repel any homosexuals from trying to frolic into your brown daisy. This will keep your safe from gay anal attacks for up to 12 2hours. If you plan on visiting an area that is classified as “liberal friendly”, you might want to reapply the powder ever 4 hours for maximum protection.

Is it safe for children?
Even if it isn’t safe for children, I rather lather my son up with a gallon of this than having a mumble anus having a fecal frenzy on his untainted sewer hole.

Anything that keeps the mud monkeys out of the pants of kids and adults, gets a 5/5 from me. Now only if they could make a powder that keeps liberals out of Government.

Blacks Release "Raps Snacks" to Brainwash White Youth

Deep within the ghettos of America, hipped hopper drug slangers are working on consumer products that are marketed towards young white kids. Black record dealer owners, know that 86% of their record sales are from the blue eyed race and they know if they could market other products to children, they could capture another source of revenue to fuel their cracked coked caned habits. Their latest product, Rap Snacks. These ghetto bite sized snacks are branded to make you kids feel like they are getting the same foods as, Lil’ Roman and all the other “Lil” rapped hopped artists. It makes them feel like they are a part of the street gang struggle and allows them to get a taste of a welfare lifestyle at the cost of 200 calories.

With ever bite, your child will become more sassy and less motivated. They will develop a “chicken head” attitude and start “dissing” his moral values.

Once kids get hooked on these chips, they will want more ghetto-tastic flavorings. Next it will be Tupac Popcorn and than Will.i.spam cans. Once they have been sucked in so far into this black hole of despair, the next step will be black ghetto street drugs and prostitution.

Here is an example of young black attitude from last night’s X-factor. As you can see, the “Lil’ Astro” has the “I deserve everything cause I’m black” attitude. This is what you can expect when your children get sucked into a world of thuggery.

19 Things Occupiers Should Really Occupy

  1. A real degree
  2. Bar of soap
  3. AIDs test
  4. Non-fitted jeans
  5. Self respect
  6. Morals
  7. A job
  8. An original idea
  9. Jesus
  10. A country that is not America (preferably a Socialist country, where they openly kill their own people)
  11. Oncoming traffic
  12. A sense of reality
  13. Real American values
  14. A 2400 calorie diet
  15. A budget
  16. Heterosexual lifestyle
  17. An understanding of basic economics
  18. Chlamydia vaccine
  19. AA

51 Christian Friendly Words for Anal Sex

  1. Sin docking
  2. Fecal jousting
  3. Reverse deification
  4. Cramming the flirt-grill
  5. Spearing the chocolate starfish
  6. Mud gagging
  7. Pumping for Satan oil
  8. Fanny frolicking
  9. Plowing the fecal farm
  10. Poking the rude muscle
  11. Tainting the turd tunnel
  12. Mangling brown booty cakes
  13. Plundering the colon cavern
  14. Fondling Fred
  15. Surfing the feces freeway
  16. Alabama Irish shave
  17. Occupying the log cabin
  18. Packing the mud musket
  19. Playing Canadian Mounties
  20. Stirring bum fudge
  21. Impaling the anus
  22. Agitating the winking eye
  23. Defiling the Star of David
  24. Rectal harpooning
  25. Visiting Harlem
  26. Slurring the puking gorge
  27. Playing with the spoiled onion
  28. Mashing the sewer hole
  29. Groping the Mexican finger trap
  30. Tickling the bladder
  31. Bashing the flatulent tuba
  32. Double-crossing the “vagina
  33. Ripping the chowder head
  34. Marinating in fecal mucus
  35. Buffing the big wheel
  36. Playing in devil sauce
  37. Fecal curdling
  38. Invading Africa
  39. The prison dance
  40. Angering the corn dragon
  41. Greek handshake
  42. Danish leap frog
  43. Compton drive by
  44. Turnpike surprise
  45. Portuguese karate punch
  46. Skipping the fish dinner
  47. Fishing in the yuck hole
  48. San Francisco hemorrhoid massage
  49. Beating the crumpled eye
  50. Wearing a brown wig
  51. Filling the prairie hole

BONUS: Searching for mud hobbits.

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51 Christian Friendly Words for Homosexuals

51 Christian Friendly Words for Homosexuals

Gay Men

  1. Fecal fister
  2. Backdoor robber
  3. Chocolate swimmer
  4. Man sewer worker
  5. Turd tunneler
  6. Taint tickler
  7. Reverse poo pusher
  8. Mud monkey
  9. Low T-celler
  10. Fecal bandit
  11. Anal assassin
  12. Poo pirate
  13. Limp liberal
  14. Sugar plummed anal fairies
  15. Fondling Freds
  16. Ass alien
  17. Bottom burrower
  18. Totem poll sitters
  19. Disease addict
  20. Hot beef Harrys
  21. Winkle dandies
  22. Flesh sword fencers
  23. Phallic swindler
  24. Friend of Satan
  25. Butt pocket pan handler
  26. Anal tingle torturer
  27. Taint terrorist
  28. Vain worshiper
  29. Muscle cavern poker
  30. Brown saucy puncher
  31. Coco weasel
  32. Star gazer
  33. Mumble anus

Gay Women

  1. Clam dabbler
  2. Eve’s sister
  3. Satan’s Scissor Sally
  4. Crab captain
  5. Volleyball coach
  6. Fishy lollipop licker
  7. Tickler of the eye
  8. Flesh pearl Cannibal
  9. Clot slobber
  10. Fish cave worshiper
  11. Yeast fiend
  12. Flap elf
  13. Mississippi crawdad driver
  14. Blood venom slurper
  15. Fish garden mutt

Tranny Things

  1. Inny outy
  2. Inverted penile twister
  3. Man dyke

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Planned Parenthood and 16 and Pregnant Team up to Promote Teen Abortion

We all know that Planned Parenthood is funded by Socialist politicians and Communist foreigners and that the company itself sponsors orgy festivals like Coachella, Bonnaroo and Warped Tour. We even know they are the ones behind removing toys from Happy Meals, so they can ruin the dreams of children and turn them into depressed emosexuals and hipsters (these groups of people make up 96% of all abortion clients).

You see, while Planned Parenthood is vacuuming out life from a minor’s baby hole, they are also promoting tweenager sex at the same time. They know they need a steady stream of knocked up and ashamed kids to keep up with their month abortion quota. The more abortions they give, the more these outside companies pay them. Not to mention they love pleasing Satan with fetus sacrifices.

Planned Parenthood and Mtv sitcom, 16 and Pregnant, have teamed up to breed their next superstars. Planned Parenthood is forking over the cash to start a new “viral” campaign to get girls to submit their teen pregnancy photos to sites like imgur and tinypic. Once uploaded, the photos are shared across the Planned Parenthood network for voting. They already know 16 and Pregnant does its job to promote that being knocked up is “cool”, so they know there is a slew of girls just waiting to upload their naughty belly photos in hopes of being the next reality super moron. The girls with the most shocking photos will star on Mtv’s next project “16 and Aborting”. This new show will teach young girls that they can go out and have sassafrass tickle sex rubs, get on television, get paid and than void their belly of responsibly.

Here is proof of the chaos that is brewing on the internet. Girls are asking the world for tips on how to get the “coolest” pregnancy, so they can increase their chances of being cast on the TV series.


Very sickening and scary if you ask me. Notice that the Afro-saxon community is eating up this opportunity.

I think as American’s we should take the following image as an example of how we should be protecting our daughters from the vile suction cup of abortion.