New Street Sign For “Gay Crossing”

Bad enough San Fagsico has now used tax payer dollars to put butt plug removers on the corners of their streets, but now they want to start carrying this new sign, so people know that there is a chance a homo might be trying to cross the street.

I have mixed feelings about this. Yes it is good to warn Christian families that a light footed, fecal fister might jump out of no where trying to attack your family, but at the same time this is just forcing us to accept the gay lifestyle.

Also note the rape kit the gay in the sign is wearing. That is just not nice.

The only thing I would like to change on this sign would be to put horns on it or make it a “gay stoning” sign. I did a little doodle below:

42 thoughts on “New Street Sign For “Gay Crossing”

  1. BillyBob Biblebanger

    That’s not a gay crossing sign, it’s a female shopping sign. Note the large purse stuffed with the hard-earned wages of her husband.

        1. Jonny

          He is wrong it is not a gay guy in a designer t-shirt with a rape kit. School girl skipping to school with a lunch box

  2. Blanche Beecham

    I thought this was the “Church Lady Running Late” crossing sign. I’ve seen them in the larger cities. I always run, swinging my travel-Bible in my arms like an orangutan when I see one these signs at the conventions.

    I guess I was wrong. I’m so glad to have you, Tyson, to show me the error of my ways.


    1. Tyson Bowers IIITyson Bowers III Post author

      I thought the same until I got a phone call from Ernie who said these are used all over in SF and means Gay Crossing.”

    2. Jonny

      You’ve seen “church lady running late” signs? They don’t exist. What you’ve been seeing is a school crossing sign

      1. Jose

        ChristianDepends. Are you a millionaire lnoikog for a date? If so, the fee for such a site and/or the need for a credit card shouldn’t really be a problem.Or are you someone wanting to date a Christian millionaire, but have no money or credit card? If so, the problem is that the Christian millionaires and the dating websites have no way to confirm that you are who you say you are, and not some creepy stalker perv. One way they make that confirmation is by getting you to supply a credit card number, which then leads to credit reports and other data that confirms your identity, marital status and so on.

    1. The Comedian

      “I’m not racist, I just instantly think that if there’s some kind of negative action occurring, that black people are behind it without any reason.”

      -Adam Nelson

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  4. Tyson Bowers IIIClaire Post author

    “Bad enough San Fagsico has now used tax payer dollars to put butt plug removers on the corners of their streets”

    Tax-payer dollars financed this piece of crap? I don’t think so.

    p.s. you realize that you put devil horns on a “school xing” sign, right? It’s clearly a little girl carrying a lunchbox.

    1. MeAwesome

      Claire said: “Tax-payer dollars financed this piece of crap?”

      I know! Where is the outrage? Imagine if your local tax dollars went to such a poorly constructed unsafe evil device.

  5. Millennium

    yeah its actually a schoolgirl crossing you said it’s gay but since when homosexual male wears skirt ???

    seriously you should stop your nonsense

  6. Adam Nelson

    “The only thing I would like to change on this sign would be to put horns on it or make it a “gay stoning” sign. I did a little doodle below:”

    Advocating violence against a group of people….

    Isn’t that the same thing that got Shameful banned from this board? Double standard since TB3 is one of the site owners?

    1. Millennium

      he actually don,t know that it’s punishable by the alw and even his own christian god law to bring hate toward a group of people

  7. Jack

    Yea we got some signs around here too–

    They have a den of lions on them, with some ppl throwing some ignorant Xtians in.

  8. Matt

    Oh, I thought the sign was a Christian holding the bible, skipping down the street to church, If I saw that sign, I’d drive fast and hope for a hit

      1. Jonny

        Matt isn’t necessarily an atheist nor is he necessarily blood thirsty. All you can tell is he dislikes the typical Christian.

        Also not all atheists are blood thirsty. In fact I’d go as far as saying that the majority are not.

    1. Tyson Bowers IIIIce Van Winkle Post author

      Its a shame that young women Muslim like you are trying to bring your hate to this Christ-centered country. I hope that meet a nice Christian man some day who can show you the light!

      1. Jonny

        Ice Van Winkle. Let me get this straight you are calling Matt a young WOMAN Muslim? I can see why you would believe that to be true. Matt is obviously a young WOMAN Muslim as everyone knows that MATT is THE most popular name for FEMALE Muslims around the world. In fact every Matt I know is a FEMALE Muslim.

        Just so you know I am mocking you. That was highly sarcastic. Matt is clearly not a girl not only is his name Matt (Short for Matthew most of the time a very common MALE) The avatar is a male picture. As for Muslim you can’t tell religion by a name or a look. You have just hoped that some guy finds another christian guy to settle down with.

  9. Jonny

    That sign is in no way a gay crossing sign. For one that is clearly a girl. That’s how you draw a stick girl. It is not the symbol for gay. Even if it was they wouldn’t have a “gay crossing” that is discrimination and homophobic to think that gays have to or do cross a road at a certain point and nowhere else.

    Secondly a “rake kit”? Do you really think a kit is required for rape? Not really no. A rapist would not skip along waving around stuff he/she plans to use to rape people. They would get caught. It is like a serial killer dancing down the street with the body of his latest victim and a bloodied knife.

    That is clearly a lunch box. That is a little girl skipping to school with her lunch box. You’ve just demonised a innocent (possibly Christian we don’t know signs don’t have religions or sexual orientations for that matter) little girl skipping happily along to school. Shame on you.

    Another point gay does not equal rapist. Learn the definition of rape. Just because someone is gay doesn’t mean they rape people. Nor does it mean they are “light footed”, evil or a “fecal fister”. They are also unlikely to attack you. Especially if you go outdated bigoted stereotype like this site often does.

    What’s not nice is calling people names or throwing stones at people. Violence is not nice. Final note as this site clearly shows it is impossible to force anyone to accept anything.

  10. Tyson Bowers IIIAlbert Toppers Post author

    There is no speed limit on Earth today that would slow down my Lamborghini Murcielago if I was approaching this sign.

    1. Jonny


      You would not slow down at this sign? You make me sick. Especially if you knew what this sign meant. Tyson is completely wrong about this signs meaning. It is clearly a school girl with her lunch box skipping to school. That means you’d not slow down and risk hitting young children. And you call yourself a clown. You should be ashamed of yourself, driving around school areas looking to knock down little kids. That’s your sole audience you are potentially killing there. How would you work?

          1. Tyson Bowers IIIAlbert Toppers Post author

            You’re SICK to insinuate that I would run down children in my luxury vehicle. I merely stated I would not YIELD to homogays just as Jesus himself would not YIELD to sin. Grow up, L.N.

          2. Jonny

            You insinuated it yourself when you said you wouldn’t slow down at a school crossing sign. That is what you stated. L.N just pointed out how sick that was.

          3. L.N

            I’m not insinuating anything Clownboy, you flat-out said that if you saw that sign, that there isn’t a speed limit on Earth that would make you go slower. That sign is a school crossing sign, which means you’d want to run over children. Oh, and Jesus loved everyone, including the sinners, so he would yield to them on the road.

          4. Tyson Bowers IIIAlbert Toppers Post author

            I was speaking symbolically, you MORON. If a pack of rabid homogays pranced across my car at this crossing, I would put forth an honest effort to slow my vehicle. I do not condone murder; please stop putting words in my mouth. It’s impolite and uncalled for.

          5. Damien Blade Spring "Emosexual" Extraordinaire, Jew

            How would you know if they had rabies? Would you get out and have them tested for rabies on the spot? Also, you did say that you would run them down.

            “Albert Toppers
            October 27, 2011
            7:54 pm

            There is no speed limit on Earth today that would slow down my Lamborghini Murcielago if I was approaching this sign.”

          6. L.N

            Clownboy, there’s no way in hell that was a metaphor for anything. Hell, you even said that you wouldn’t yield to gay people on the road later on. You want to run people over, including children.

          7. Tyson Bowers IIIAlbert Toppers Post author

            Damien – I cleared up the misconceptions regarding my initial post in my subsequent posts. Please read the whole thread before rushing to judgment.

          8. Jonny

            Rabies is a serious incurable fatal illness. Those with it don’t tend to prance across roads, what with them becoming aggressive and being given a death sentence. Prancing is not something you can do aggressively especially if you know you’ll die soon.

            Packs tend not to prance either. They tend to dislike prancing. Shame really prancing packs makes a good piece of alliteration.

            There was no symbolic speech in your replies. You very clearly said you would not slow down for this school crossing sign.

            Finally L.N never put words into your mouth L.N took what exactly what you said. What is rude, impolite and childish is calling someone a moron because they disagree with you. Only idiotic people should be called morons.

        1. Jonny

          The school girl is a school girl. A sign like that offers no set sexual orientation. As it is a school crossing sign they tend to show up around schools not parties.

          Also “homogay”? You don’t need both the homo and gay part of that word they both mean the same thing. Half the word is redundant.


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