Obamacare to Force Health Insurance Providers to Offer H.O.M.O Plans For Homosexual

Just days after the Supreme Court illegally OK’d the right for Obama to force middle class American’s to pay for non-contributing tax payer’s health care, he has also added an addendum to his health tax. This added foot note will force all major health care providers to supply all homosexual customers with a new care plan called the Homosexual Ocracy Medical Option or H.O.M.O plan. This plan will allow homosexuals to not be denied coverage for the dangerous lifestyle choices they enact and guarantees unlimited coverage for gerbil like or foreign object incidents, drug overdoes and disease treatment. This new free health care for non-producing citizens again puts the tax payer on the bottom where their wallets are forcefully slammed and gaped to pay for those who live life without responsibly.

5 thoughts on “Obamacare to Force Health Insurance Providers to Offer H.O.M.O Plans For Homosexual

  1. Bentley

    This is totally idiotic. You’re entire life is a joke and you have dedicated it to spreading false propaganda. There is a set of barbed chains in hell with Tyson Bowers III written on them, right next to Lucifer’s. God Bless.

  2. Tris

    Why are you doing this? This information is clearly false. I’ve looked at other pieces on your site. They’re very mean spirited and rude. There appears to be an obsession with homosexuality that is relentless in your life. Beyond that, there appears to be spite for other ethnicities (I haven’t read those articles, but there’s a link below that makes me wonder why you feel poking fun using demeaning ethnic stereotypes is any kind of example for youth in pursuit of the creator of all peoples.

    And you’re a youth leader?

    I think you need to re-evaluate what G_d put you on earth to do. If you think it was this, or any other kind of constant spiteful attack, you need to do broader reading in the bible. God is love. This is just not.


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