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Obamacare to Force Health Insurance Providers to Offer H.O.M.O Plans For Homosexual

Just days after the Supreme Court illegally OK’d the right for Obama to force middle class American’s to pay for non-contributing tax payer’s health care, he has also added an addendum to his health tax. This added foot note will force all major health care providers to supply all homosexual customers with a new care plan called the Homosexual Ocracy Medical Option or H.O.M.O plan. This plan will allow homosexuals to not be denied coverage for the dangerous lifestyle choices they enact and guarantees unlimited coverage for gerbil like or foreign object incidents, drug overdoes and disease treatment. This new free health care for non-producing citizens again puts the tax payer on the bottom where their wallets are forcefully slammed and gaped to pay for those who live life without responsibly.

NAACP Bans White Children From Having Grape Kool-Aid Stands, Deemed Racist

6722938721_c23f7746f6_z-300x183Troubling news has rocked middle class America today after a judge in Livingston, Alabama ruled on a lawsuit filed by The NAACP that, white children selling Kool-Aid is racist. The NAACP claims that white children serving Kool-Aid, especially Grape Kool-Aid is a direct form of violent racism. They also claim white parents are the ones creating Kool-Aid stands to secretly develop racist tendencies within their children. When asked how this is a form of racist, The NAACP sent a statement saying:

White folks know that black children love Kool-Aid and know that Grape Kool-Aid is even more adored by black kids. These whites setup traps to lure those black children into their suburbs so their community can point and look at them like they are some kind of zoo animal. They might as well ask them if they want some watermelon or grits with their Kool-Aid for an extra $.25. How would whites feel if us black people allowed our children to open up caviar stands in our hoods, just so we could get little white children to come into our area so we can point and laugh at them?

Jimmy Fallon Shows Obama ‘Two Girls, One Cup’ Video

Obama chuckles at the vulgar imagery being displayed on his tax payer iComputer

Obama chuckles at the vulgar imagery being displayed on his tax payer iComputer

A photo of Obama backstage at The Jimmy Fallon Show has surfaced and it shows Obama chuckling at his computer screen in delight. What was so funny you may ask? Sources say Mr. Fallon secretly put the infamous “Two Girls One Cup” video on Obama’s computer and when he opened it, it autoplayed the video. You would expect such a gut busting reaction from a man who personally eats dog while he picks out death sentences via drone strikes. The source also states Obama was able to watch the whole video without blinking and was even heard saying “I’m hungry for some soft serve ice cream”. One now has to think about what other videos Obama watches in his office while he is supposed to be working.

Dyson Vacuums To Sponsor Planned Parenthood

Los Angeles, CA – In the heart of the liberal lair, it should not be anything short of shocking to see that The Government’s human life hating department announced today their new partnership with Germany’s popular vacuum system, Dyson. Having a rich history of eradicating millions of living souls, German engineering was an easy choice for Planned Parenthood when looking for a new partnership to supply its offices with weapons of mass killing. Along with outfitting all Planned Parenthood death camps with “No suction loss” equipment, Dyson has also spent $40 million dollars on a new marketing campaign to promote its product, along with promoting Planed Parenthood’s new slogan, “Using Suction To Remove Life’s Mess Ups”, across the United States and is heavily targeting high schools and middle schools of predominantly urban populations.

Bryan Blake Drugged and Forced to Lie About Our Site on HSSS.TV

Just look at the photo above, poor Bryan Blake, drugged up and surrounded by Satan’s little ass miners. Bryan was invited to speak about our holy mission and instead, he was greeted by the bugling bicep’d bear, Aaron and was forced to take gay ecstasy drugs and was told that if he didn’t lie about the website, they would perform sick gay sexual pleasures on him. Scared for his life and soul, Bryan complied with the damns and as you can see in the video, he uncomfortably lied about our Holy message. He also told us that The Man Dyke, was constantly trying to slip its hands down his pants and say “Every play pool with a stick with tits?”.

Look at the sick and twisted description of the show below:


It’s finally here, the epic interview we’ve been waiting months for. Earlier this year, Opheliaand Aaron chatted about a blog post titled “20 Ways To Tell If Your Teenage Daughter is a Lesbian” found on the holiest of sites on the net, ChristWire, and since, HSSS been a target of their “righteously” brutal anti-homo agenda. We’ve shared several of their blogs and they’ve fought back by exposing us as the gerbilling, homo-facist ManDykes that we are. After months of back and forth, we nabbed the interview of the year – a sit down with ChristWire co-founder & regular contributor Bryan Blake. Tattooed, toned & very easy on the eyes, Bryan shared with us how ChristWire started and what it has grown to become, a virtual magnifying glass for the often over the top idiocy that is the ‘Religious Right.’ ChristWire receives millions of hits a month, with contributors from across the globe and has spawned not only a book (out next month,) but very soon, a play along the lines of theVagina Monologues. Get to know the man behind the Christ…wire. Oh, and speaking of vajayjay, here are 51 ChristWire-approved descriptors for the lady part that won’t make you sound like a vulgar heathen!



Marvel Uses Aborted Fetus To Promote New Movie

A few years back I reported on the fact that Marvel was promoting The Homo Gay Agenda by making a Wolverine doll that taught young boys how to perform a mouth sex act on an adult homosexual. This is nothing compared to Marvel’s latest stunt to promote their newest movie coming out in the summer of 2012. You would think with the billions of dollars Marvel has, they would use flashy TV commercials or hire brainless whores to dress up as slutty super heroes at comic parties, shaking their milk sacs in the faces of pimp infested nerds. Instead Marvel has dug themselves into a new ditch of soulless debauchery and I feel they have dug so deep that they have opened a hole directly to hell.

This past week their marketing campaign was released and what was shown would make a liberal or communists taint tickle with pro-baby murder climatic arousal. Marvel took aborted babies and painted them like the featured characters in their up and coming movie and displayed them in jars, so they could float and look like the super heroes where in a incubation state, waiting to be born. How sick do you have to be to take a lifeless, forced killed baby and display them in circus freak-like manner in hopes to increase ticket sales to a movie.

It has been reported that Marvel paid Planned Parenthood $35 per fetus and also promised special effects and marketing credits to them in their movie. In return Planned Parenthood would make sure that Marvel is deliver only freshest of kills and to make sure that each fetus has the same weight and length. Once the bodies are received at the Marvel marketing headquarters, the babies are cleaned and sent to the art department for painting. Once painted the never given a chance at life children are dumped into a clear less square container, which is than filled up with a liquid to make sure the look like the are suspended in mid air.

Next thing you know, your children will be trying to get knocked up so they can line up behind Planned Parenthood begging to be vacuumed so their unformed baby can have a chance of being the next Aqua Man or Batman marketing centerpiece.

NBC Tweets False Ground Zero Attack to Increase Twitter Followers

In a poor attempt at gaining a jolt of ratings and Twitter followers, NBC decided to play a sick joke on America and the punch line was the most vile thing ever spewed out of a liberal mouth. On September 9th, NBC Tweeted that a flight number 5736 had crashed into ground zero and they even made their own evil hashtag to promote their “vile” marketing plan. Within minutes the non researching followers of NBC started to update their Twitter via their iPhones with #groundzeroattack along with the @NBCNews. This was using terror and fear to spread the username of NBC in hopes to gain as many new followers as possible.

But the joke didn’t stop there. After they gained another 10,000 followers, NBC decided to post another terror Tweet, by saying another plane, flight 4782 was hijacked.

Unlike the non-researching hacks that follow NBC and anything that their anchors vomit up as news, Christwire already knew that this was a fake story. Due to our vast knowledge about NBC’s propaganda, we knew 5736 is actually the 4 digit pin number for Rachael Maddow’s lesbian dating phone service voice mailbox and 4782 is the gate code for the underground gay leather bar on 3rd Avenue and E 92nd Street.

Liberal States Caught Searching Nasties Online

The liberal mind is one of filth and sloth. While God loving patriots use the internet to search for relevant information and to be up to date with news, the liberal spends their day looking up vile and unholy search terms.

We used the latest in search engine technologies to find what kind of band widths keywords each state uses while browsing on popular search engines like, Bing, Yahoo, Hotbot and Lycos. The results will shock you.

Below is scientific data maps pulled from some of each search engines most popular search terms and that data was generated to create some amazing color coated heat maps to show you that the liberal states abuse the internet for porn erotica and other pro-choice style browsing.

Let us see what kind of filth we have floating around the digital highway:

The only reasons some of the Conservative states have been dinged, is because of liberal relatives coming over to visit and using up their band width to get their sick fix. This goes to show you that liberals have no respect for friends and families.

Cory and Lex from Green 960 Want Questions From Our Readers

The filthy homosexual hosts of Radio School want our most holy readers to ask them questions for them to read live on air. If you want to post your questions in the comments below and have them read to their San Fransisco audience, we will forward each comment over to them.

Questions will be read this Sunday at 7:45pm PST and you can listen to these two fecal fisters live on their poorly designed website here.

Make sure your questions hold a Christian Class.

If you don’t want to post your question here, you can always email it to our Holy mailbox here.

Rachael Ray Promotes Unsafe Sex Games

Much like the anti-American Christina Aguilera, Rachael Ray is using her Mexican sauce to entice your American’s to think mind nasties, full of sin docking pleasures. This almost midget sized women tries to come off as a nice suburban housewife, but in reality, she is trying to corrupt America’s youth.

The images she likes to post in magazines and in tabloids force young boys to have feelings of self “M-ing” and teaches girls to entice boys with foodie sin treats to force them into sex acts.

Here are a few photos she has had posted to show women how to perform sinful mouth pleasures:

In these photos you can clearly see she is teaching male children that they should self touch them and at the same time she is promoting that young females should grab twiddle rompus’.

Below we have her showing girls how to pose in sex devil poses to making gentlemen be filled with Satanic thoughts of putting their flesh tree truck into a women’s baby door.

We have also noticed this women likes to show of her milk sacs in public. You can tell they are saggy and not plump, which is a sign of infertility and infidelity. Women who act in whorish ways are cursed by God. Their breasts are reduced to flappy flesh and are not able to produce proper nutritions for babies. This is very common with the Mexican races in America.

College Humor Gives Out Badges To Promote Sexual Activities In Elementary Schools

College Humor, the most vile and left wing website online (next to Dirty Shirty and The Atlantic Wire) are now passing out badges in hopes to promote children to perform in premarital sex acts.

Why do these wannabe homosexual comedians think it is funny to attack our children? Why do they feel the need to fecal fist little Timmy? Why do they want to sprinkle whore dust onto little Mary?

Because they are sick and twisted liberals with mommy and daddy money.

Here is some more nonsense they have been apart of: Makes Mouth Sex Act Practice Toys Now Promotes Having Sex With Pony Anus’

College Humor Promotes Gay Office Relationships Now Promoting Child Molestation

Katy Perry Uses Her Marinated Sinbags To Make Children Masturbate

Katy Perry is the most un holy women the world has ever seen and she wants your children to be sneaking into their rooms and demon whack their private parts to her pornographic videos. Her main goal in life is to control your children with sex. She has gone from a sweet Christian girl to your typical liberal media, power hungry whore and will stop at nothing to be the top Jezbel of devil music. She knows if she can brainwash your children by using her sinbags, she can force them to buy her records and goto her shows. The more money she makes the closer to satan she becomes. Her and the devil get off knowing that she confuses kids into touching themselves. As we know masturbating is a sin and she knows children at a young age are confused. She uses the confusion to make them rebel against God and take part in forcefully creating devil DNA.

Look at the whorish witch craft that spews out of her sinbags in the images below. Those things are covering our children’s minds with liquid whore lava. Notice that in every video she makes sure to have those baby feeders in plain sight. She doesn’t realize God gave her those, so she could have many children and feed them. She forgot those were made for her, so she could be a good Christian stay at home mom and make many Christian babies.

Here she is spitting satan’s fire at the commoners below:

Here she is trying to brainwash little children by wearing a Elmo shirt. She knows children love Elmo and wants them to start yanking their baby torpedo at a young age.:

Here she is shooting out devil DNA from her banshee balloons onto the faces of innocent minds:

Below is a graph showing the increase in young men touching their twiddle rompus’ and spewing devil DNA ever since Katy Perry has been made a devil whore icon.

I would love nothing more, then to see this witch burned at the stack.

Chilean Miners Rescue Was a Hoax – Video Proof

When looking at all the video of the Mexican Chilean miners, you always see them happy and chanting anti-american songs. The miners were never dirty and if you ask me, I know just one day inside of a mine, you will look dark as a afro-saxon selling crack coke cane while listening to hippped hopped music on the corner in the Bronx. Here is a video showing them “trapped” inside of a mine, but look close…they all are clean and after 60 days they should of had muhammad beards growing. Do they want us to believe they supplied them with cots, food and everything else needed to survive though a 3 inch hole?

3rd world countries will do anything to try and make money and it looks like that is what was going on here. This is nothing but a big soap opera. You can tell how badly the acting is by looking at the hispanic child and see how he was acting to “wait” for his father to come out of the hole. The boy looks confused as if he is saying “why am I pretending to just see my dad, when I saw him last night drunk, abusing my mama?” You can see another man talking to the child, like he is giving him instructions on how to act.

Notice the loud crowds of chiles waiting for their fellow man to be rescued? Oh you don’t hear anything? I would think with such a BIG rescue that place would be packed tight like rice in a tortilla! If this rescue was so massive, why aren’t there massive amounts of people? We know latins will find any reason to miss work and party, why aren’t they using this to get a few days off of work??? Doesn’t add up.

These people already have book deals, movie deals and other media projects in the works. This shows you the liberal media will do anything to make a quick dollar off the hearts of Americans. It is classic left wing propaganda to use poor families to pull on our heart strings. At the same time, this shows you how horrible latin mexicans are and that they will do anything to steal money from America. They pretend to be in trouble, while we send NASA and our money to help them. I bet they used that money to buy burritos and sombreros.
Proof of Chilean Miners book and movie deals

Black Golfer Vijay Singh Uses Satan Powers

It’s bad enough that we have let certain cultures into the world of golf, but now we have them using satanic powers to cheat in the game.

In the video below, we see muslim golf pro Vijay Singh use his magic to skip a ball across water and then has the ball roll backwards for a hole in one.

He name alone means something horrible!

You can even see that he has possessed the people in the crowd as they cheer for him. These people will all be judged for praising a false idol and will all burn in hell.

I have warned the PGA years ago about allowing certain types of people into the great old American pass time. Well, now all I have to say is I told you so and have fun burning for your mockery and disregard to our Lord.

I say repent and remove such players like Tiger Woods and Vijay Singh, who try to blend into our Christian lifestyle, but are really wolves under sheep skin.

New Pepsi Logo is a Subliminal Sign to Brainwash Children into Supporting Obama

My friends, please take a look at the Obama mark of the beast logo that he stood behind and the new Pepsi logo. You can see the similarities in the two and it has now come to my attention, Pepsi has been brainwashing our children with there own subliminal version of Obama’s mark.

My fear is that they are sending messages to our young children in hopes to enslave them.

I urge all good Christian people to protest all stores and businesses that server or drink Pepsi, so we may rid ourselves from this demonic brainwashing.