Olivia Munn Exposes Her Milk Sacks And Plays Naked With Elephants

Olivia Munn

Our little devil whore Olivia Munn is at it again spreading her slut factory body parts across the internet to our children. We have in the past shown you what type of subliminal figure she is to your young gaming child before:

Olivia Munn Strikes Again, Now Promotes Homogays Agenda?

G4TV Uses Games to Lurer Young Boys Into Sin

Olivia Munn “Exposes Legs And Shows Us Some Thigh” Admit Munnies

Now she is posing naked with animals. Not just any animal, but elephants. The reason for this, is because elephants have large twiddle rompus’. She says she is doing it to stop cruelty in the circus, but Miss Munn we know that it is just a metaphor. You want to be the devil ring leader and abuse our children. She is just using this so no one will know her true plan. We know she is Naamah and that she will use her devil powers to marinate you children in subliminal sin by first looking at her exposed utters that spew sin nectar, then down to her rotten fish cave and then once your child is brainwashed, they will start to stare at the elephant’s tadpole torpedo. She knows that displaying a large penis will make your children homo curious and start to have sinful thoughts.

Your child may start to have thoughts of performing mouth sex acts on a large satan scepter named Phil or Ken and this is exactly what Miss Munn wants. This is her fantasy and she is probably pleasing herself with a large 24 inch plastic man rocket just thinking about all the little boys she is converting to a homo gay lifestyle. Even on her show she shows young men how to fit large “hot dogs” in their mouths and sometimes it’s more then 3 or 4. I guess Miss Munn has been practicing. I wonder how many she can fit in her other sin holes?

Her name is also a encrypted coded:
M – Mistress
U – Using
N – Naamah
N – Nectar

Your children are not safe while this women is allowed to expose her agenda on TV and the internet. She will continue to use her sin forged body and lure your children into becoming gay or little whores who like to shove “hot dogs” down their throats.

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119 thoughts on “Olivia Munn Exposes Her Milk Sacks And Plays Naked With Elephants

  1. Tyson Bowers IIIStephenson Billings Post author

    Never heard of this person but why does this animal organization always insist people pose in the nude? How desperate are they to get people to pay attention to their 1960s agenda? These nasty hippies really are out of touch and to promote such radical lifestyles in a time when our economy is suffering and EVERY AMERICAN needs to do their share, well that’s just un-American.

      1. YallRGoinTaHell

        I find it HY-FUCKING-STERICAL that I’m seeing adds for “Doing San Francisco in a day” “Adultfriendfinder.com” and pictures of women’s naked midsections to advertise weight loss. Good job hackers! LOL.

        This website is the reason every other country in the world hates us. Anyone and Everyone who had any hand in building it whatsoever are going to repeatedly sodomized by Satan’s fiery red cock when they die. Just remember you intolerant bigots, Jesus was a black man.

        That is all. 😀

        1. Chico

          Because nothing make children go gay faster than hot women

          (P.s. like 75% of the stuff on this site, this is a satire)

    1. Jazze

      comeing from the guy who still think we live in 1950 from the way you think non-white people should be treated….

    2. Proud-Jew

      Stephen, since you find her nude body so offensive, as a hetero male like myself, one can only conclude you are a homosexual.

    3. Wow

      This website (tysonbowersiii.com)gives off evil vibes, it sends bad messages –

      A good man of God does not call a woman a whore or all these other phrases the author so blatantly uses here…

      This use of public scorning is just as damaging as her showing some skin, only its worst this article confuses weak christ followers who are just learning about God and makes them think people who serve christ are crazy… making them not want to follow anymore!

      I think Tyson Bowers is in a paradox state where he is still choosing between the devil and god because only a person in that state can write a article like this!

      Listen up Bowers – a true believer in Christ doesn’t wallow in such nonsense- You should rethink your articles and write about prosperity and christs mercy instead of promoting the so called enemy!

      God is not pleased with your confusing natured articles of hate – readers please excuse Tyson Bowers he is a unsettled soul that needs to work some thing out with himself and before God.

      A true Christ follower does not send any of his/her time on the broadcast of hateful scorning messages!!!

      God loves you and he lives in you, so don’t waist your time looking to far for him :)

      God Bless

  2. Ali Kay

    This might be the most ignorant thing I’ve read yet. I may not know who this woman is, but she’s fighting for the rights of animals, and the only hidden agenda I could possibly even begin to see is to get more publicity by being nude. But, hey, this is the 21st Century, is it not? The only way to get people’s attention now-a-days is to use sex appeal, and she’s doing it in good nature. It’s not like she’s walking around saying “FUCK ME I’M A DIRTY SLUT I’VE BEEN A BAD GIRL SPANK ME”. I’m forced to wonder if you all are perfectly fine with animal cruelty, as well. How would you go about it differently? Do you really think it would be successful?

      1. thefirelord

        no, you ignorant moron. your poll shows that most of the people that come to you misguided idiotic site agree with you. you can’t even see her breast or butt or her belly for that matter. you see more at a day at the beach or at the mall. how your children treat women is all on how they are raised. i’m a christian i was raised christian and i don’t let what movies i see or picture i see determine how i treat women. you know what i see here? a beautiful woman that is doing what she believes in. who are you to judge her on that? huh? are you perfect? no i don’t think so and if you say you are your lying.

          1. Edge

            If you lived in Italy, you would know that polls are spoiled and they never represent reality. End of the story.

          2. thefirelord

            you guys are morons. how about instead of bashing her you do what God would want and treat with love “christ wire”? really? your kind is whats wrong with the church, your like the muslim extereist that give the real isllam followers and bad name

          3. thefirelord

            its a one sided poll, of course your “poll” is going to be in your views favor, its on your web site. how about you put it on G4tv.com and see if you get the same results. i highly doubt you will

          4. JoeBob Redballlicker

            Did you know there are two types of people in the world?

            Type #1: Those that put people into two types.
            Type #2: Those that don’t.

          5. Alex L.

            You are an ignorant, sad man.
            how can you consider that a poll?

            Answer my poll:
            Are you gay?
            A) Yes.
            B) Yes.

            pick one.

    1. Tyson Bowers IIIStephenson Billings Post author

      Why do Liberals always use such foul language? This girl genuinely shows the depravity and narcissicism of the left wingers today. And what’s so bad about animals today? Many of them seem to be living better off than humans! What about people, don’t you care about them? Your shortsightedness and hate is truly astonishing.

      1. BobTheChairGuy

        “Your shortsightedness and hate is truly astonishing.”
        Pot and kettle, anyone?

        “What about people, don’t you care about them?”
        I’d imagine she does, that is why she is standing up for a woman, who is doing good work for charity, who you are calling a “devil whore”.

      2. Tyson Bowers IIIClaire Post author

        “And what’s so bad about animals today? Many of them seem to be living better off than humans!”


          1. Jazze

            so what? it’s not like animal rights people fight for the animals who a haveing a good life. they fight for EXACTLY those animals claire posted pictures of.

    1. Ali Kay

      Of course I approve of gay people! I have never, in my entire life, met a hateful, rude, or ignorant gay person. I understand there are some out there, but there are a lot more hateful straight (coughignorantchristianscough) people in the world. And, as far as the elephants go, I have yet to see any elephant penis. I have no idea where you even got the idea of that from. Sheesh.

  3. millenium

    american people ??? another biased Poll I bet. We are around 100-200 people On this sites

    and what is Un american to save the animals because No animals No food You know that what will you do after we won’t have any animals ???

    and How being “gay has to do ” with your article do you know the real definition of GAY at least because if watchinng Olivia and having a Boner is Gay than a lot of Guys is GAY ?

    1. Tyson Bowers IIITyson Bowers III Post author

      Sir we have a large membership and user base on our site. People come her daily in the 10’s of thousands to read the truth about what is going on in the world.

        1. Tyson Bowers IIITyson Bowers III Post author

          Stats according to adbrite:
          Pageviews per day: Over 20,000
          Unique users per day: Over 12,000

          And they keep rising.

      1. Rob Walton

        Yeah, those numbers are lies you Word-blaspheming demons. If they are true, 9,999 people are visiting to see if you’re for real, and one is as crazy as you are.


        1. Tyson Bowers IIIStephenson Billings Post author

          Nice try, fella but you are wrong. From the number of emails and comments Christwire gets in response to our articles, it is clear that we have a fantastic audience! There are always a number of bloggers and journalist out there who write about us as well, inspired and motivated about the Christian crusade we are leading. Thank you!

          1. Just for the Craic

            Funny, because it seems to me that a good number of these comments are telling you all that you’re dicks.

          2. Kent Manderville

            Let’s follow the logic. You can “turn gay” from looking at elephant penises? What about horses penises? As far as “milk sacks” go, I think that is a 12 year old boy term. Why can’t you use the word breast? Will it turn you more sinful?
            I am a devout Christian, and I cannot believe the level of ignorance and hatemongering expressed by this site. It is distinctly unChristlike. Calling women “sluts” and “whores” for expressing views you disagree with is not Christian at all. I am embarrassed for you. No wonder people think Christians are a hateful ignorant bunch. Shame on you.

          3. Rob Walton

            I would agree with the other poster (without name-calling)

            You claim to be with Christ (it’s in your name) but he did not attack unbelievers (Gentiles of his day) He attacked the religious zealots – the Pharisees.

            I’ve looked at a number of the columns here – they defame, debase, attack, and destroy. The Apostle Paul would be appalled. Not only that, you do not use any scriptural references. Why? Because there isn’t any.

            The law of sin and death was fulfilled. We live under the covenant of grace. Jesus warned that in end times, people would become lovers of self, but nowhere did he say or demonstrate attacking these people. His last instruction was to make disciples, baptize, and teach. I am the righteousness of God through Christ…yours comes from self. Read Galatians 2:21; Matthew 25:36-42; Heb 8:6-7; Luke 19:10; Matt 7:21-23; Eph. 2:8-10; Gal 3:1-3

      2. Bryan

        Dude, what the fuck do you know about the truth… your a fucking Christian, a stuck up piece of shit christian as well

        1. Rob Walton

          Bryan, the term Christian implies follower of Christ. I assure you that they are Christians in name only.

      3. Saoirse

        No, we come here to laugh at the poorly written articles that are rife with grammatical and punctuation errors, hate, and ignorance. Oh, and to try to figure out if this a spoof site or not.

        If this is in fact not a spoof site, then I would think that people trying to send a message to the world would at least take the time to proofread it and make sure that it was properly and coherently written.

        See, when you write a persuasive essay, you are supposed to provide support for your thesis….not just spew bile and bitterness and say, “This is the way it is because I say so and I’m a Christian.”

  4. Jim Jam


    It is a a logical fallacy to assume that because God does one thing one time that means that He must do the same thing another time.
    The fact is that no one deserves healing from God. The wages of sin is death, including is the decay of our bodies in illness. A whole and complete body is not owed to anyone. God does not have to heal anyone at any time. The fact that He does sometimes heal is because of His mercy. But if God does not heal, He is not guilty of any injustice. The miracle is that He heals anyone.

    This implies that sickness and disability is punishment for something which the Bible says we are born into. We’re born into sin, everyone is a sinner, we have no choice in the matter, yet we’re still punished for it. Better yet, why are many of the most faithful stricken with such illnesses? The logical fallacy is within what you said, and its many implications, not a simple question. God loves everyone equally, right? Ergo, he heals everyone equally, right?

    starving people exist? Why? Loving God?

    The video relies upon elevation of the attribute of God’s love above all His other attributes, such as His righteousness. All attributes of God inhere one another and cannot be separated in order to make the emotional appeal contained in this question and all the questions this non-believer poses.
    Starving people exist because such is the nature of a fallen and corrupted world. God is not a vending machine into which we drop prayer coins and out pops our desire. God is sovereign and has a morally sufficient purpose for the evil that exists in the world.

    Food is not a desire. I could understand, and agree with this statement if it were regarding “praying” for a new Mercedes, but to say that “God is not a vending machine” in reaction to a starving human being who prays for food, because they have no means of finding food for themselves, is utterly vile. I would like to assume that, if you were stuck in an area with no means of acquiring food, you would say to yourself “God is not a vending machine,” and halt your prayers since it’s only a desire, after all.

    Demand death of innocent people in the Bible

    There are no innocents in the world, for with the fall of Adam, all sinned in Adam’s sin. The fact that God extends mercy on anyone is the miracle here, for we all deserve nothing but His holy justice.

    Yes, there are innocents in this world. Someone who has never intentionally harmed another person is an innocent person. It frightens me how, under an all-powerful, all-loving God, we deserve, and receive such massive punishment. It must be so simple to sit there in a warm house and say “You deserve it because God said so,” but I doubt it would be so simple were you the one being punished, since you’re a sinner.

    Anti-scientific nonsense in the bible.

    6 day creation, the flood, jonah whale, adam from dust

    There are no conflicts between science and Scripture. Both presume the existence of God and when truth is discovered in science God’s truth is being discovered. The theories from science of the age of the earth are just that, theories. As to the other issues raised, the onus is on the non-believer to objectively establish that the events described in Scripture did not happen. Unlike Christianity, that cannot be done when operating within a worldview that denies an objective Truth-giver.

    When truth is discovered in Science, God’s truth is discovered, even if it conflicts with truths in the Holy Bible… Makes perfect sense. The thing you don’t seems to realize is that the way you use the word “theory”, differs from the way scientists use the word. When you say it, it’s an idea in your head that might possibly make a little bit of sense. When a scientist says it, it means it’s something that’s pretty much proven to be fact. The theory of gravity, for example.

    Proponent of slavery

    The historical account of slavery in Scripture is an account of a fallen race and the benevolence of God, which will be discovered when one actually reads how slaves were to be treated when compared to how slavery in this country or others actually existed.

    Fallen race refers to black people, if you didn’t know. See, God cursed a group of extra special sinners to speak a different language, and have a different color of skin, and that’s where black people come from. Now, would you also like to find a way that racism is okay, too? Oh I know, because God said so.

    Bad things happen to good people

    There are no good people. Yes, the unbeliever may perform civil good acts, but they are performed without the motive of bringing all glory to God, and are thus but filthy rags in His eyes. Further, God will visit Fatherly displeasure and chastisement upon His people, the believers, in order to increase the sanctity of their walk of faith and to temper them for greater trials to come.

    Again with this “there are no good people” shit. I’m a filthy rag, I know. So, bad things happening to good people is temperament for future trials to come. How is dying of cancer, for example, temperament for future trials to come? Trials in the afterlife? This was a good person, you must remember. Trials in heaven? Oh my.

    Jesus miracles sans any evidence

    The miracles of Christ were attested to by Scripture and the rapid spread of Christianity subsequent to His resurrection. No mere myth spreads this quickly.

    Well, you did say ‘myth’. A myth like that is especially plausible 2000 years ago, with such a lack of scientific knowledge, or any objective train of thought. Hell, Jews were the closest thing to skeptics in that day and age.

    Jesus never appeared to me

    The question begs the fact that Christ is obligated to appear upon request. Even if He did, no non-believer’s mind would change, as evidenced by the fact that Christ walked the earth and it remained rife with those that denied Him. The non-believer deep-down knows God is, they just don’t like the God who is. The simple fact is that the non-believer hates God, as this video clearly demonstrates.

    If Jesus Christ appeared to me, I certainly would believe that he were there. As a non-believer, I find it foolish to hate something that doesn’t exist. Should I also hate Santa Claus for not bringing me that robot back in 1998? But, no, I don’t like what you consider to be God-like activities. Malicious, arrogant, hateful, disgusting, activities.

    Divorce rates

    Again, and even assuming the data is accurate, a fallen and corrupt race, and even believers who remain under the noetic effects of sin, will continue to sin.

    Divorce is sin. Divorce from an abusive spouse is sin. Divorce from a spouse who beats your children is sin. Divorce from an addict, who steals your money so that you can buy that desired food is sin. Gotcha.

      1. Jim Jam

        That was written by my good friend d0pes1ck, He’s agnostic more so.
        It was his conversation with a pastor. Great points where made. Where’s you’re arguement?

      2. Tyson Bowers IIITyson Bowers III Post author

        Mr. Billings, all these kids know how to do today is copy and paste and then state they are well educated. By reading a paragraph on a blog or watching a video on youtube about atheism doesn’t make you an expert.

        1. Tyson Bowers IIIStephenson Billings Post author

          I would love one of these little punks have a unique thought for once! When they’re not swearing up a storm, they’re cutting and pasting. This sort of behavoir will get you expelled from school, yet these little imbeciles still do it. Probably because they never learned the word “expulsion” in their public schools. So sad that this is the future of America.

          1. iwouldfuckher

            billings i would like to see you have one well thought out argument that is not just a rant on something you dont agree with at least these people have something to back them up…
            this isnt the 1500s and women ca show whatever they want… i prefer peta to use tits and pussies instead of cocks… maybe you want a cock in your ass and thats why you are mad.

          2. Jazze

            yeah have a thought for yourself guys…like maybe not blindly folowing that stupid bible of yours? why are we not alowed to copy paste when you are? why do we need to think more “uniquiely” when you don’t? because we don’t agree with you and we have to try untill we do? bullshit. well this is the reason any argument witch include a bible verse is invalid…. and they will stay invalid forever. because you yourself said they are.

        2. Jim Jam

          Also, going to church or reading a bible doesn’t make you an expert in religion.
          I never stated I was an expert, I was simply expressing my views to Mr. Billings!
          You’re websites comment box seems to promote speaking you’re mind! If I had known I would be replied to with such blasphemy and arrogance I wouldn’t have bothered.
          Of course, modern day Christians are like that though.

      3. d0pe

        No, sir, my website is not an atheism website. It’s largely focused around web development.

        I applaud all of you on your trolling capabilities. You even got Jim Jam/Jimmy. A++++

        1. Captain Obvious

          Why thank you, we all enjoy this site! It helps us relax by throwing our hate at people who deserve it instead of the driver who cut us off on the highway talking on their cell phone! Oh, and D0pe, could you post your site url here? I think that it would clear up a lot of things, and I am also fairly interested in DOS programming.

          “Now she is posing naked with animals. Not just any animal, but elephants. The reason for this, is because elephants have large twiddle rompus’. She says she is doing it to stop cruelty in the circus, but Miss Munn we know that it is just a metaphor. You want to be the devil ring leader and abuse our children.”
          Metaphor is defined by dictionary.com as ‘a figure of speech in which a term or phrase is applied to something to which it is not literally applicable in order to suggest a resemblance, as in “A mighty fortress is our god.”Compare mixed metaphor, simile.’
          Cruelty in circuses and bestiality have nothing in common.
          Somehow, I don’t think the children would consider it abuse…

  5. semperfi

    those are not exposed breasts (milk sacks for you morons) Us edumacated folks call them there things “knees”. Sorry I had to break it down into redneck style, but you know its the only way they will understand. What I am still trying to figure out how viewing a beautiful woman wearing nothing more than what the lord gave her cause homosexuality? Why don’t you hop on over to graphjam or Icanhascheeseburger and find me some scientific proof.

      1. Jim Jam

        Sense when is wearing clothes a sin? You’d think if this so called “God” had such a problem with our “Private” areas being exposed freely, he would of given us a retractable skin flap of some sort. Being nude is completely naturally and perfectly fine! Just because modern society doesn’t allow it in all places of the world does not mean a thing! Maybe we should start putting clothes on animals as well!

        1. Tyson Bowers IIIStephenson Billings Post author

          “Sense”! I think you meant “since”! Oh brother, we’re dealing with lots of mentally-challenged visitors here today! Please try to maintain at least a third-grade comprehension level please. How do you expect to get a job in the real world when your rich Liberal parents stop paying for your partying ways?

          1. Just for the Craic

            “This sort of behavoir will get you expelled from school”

            “Behavoir”! I think you meant “Behaviour”

          2. semperfi

            correcting your spelling mistake when you were so quick to condemn others for a typo is racist? I didn’t know English teachers everywhere were secret kluckers!

  6. Tyson Bowers IIIClaire Post author

    Alright, Billings has officially lost ALL credibility (not that he had any to begin with).

    Correcting someone’s spelling mistake and then calling someone else a racist for correcting a spelling mistake of his own.

    Billings, you’ve gone off the deep end.

    Not to mention how in another thread, Billings spelled “promiscuous” as “permiscuous”, chided someone else for a spelling mistake, and when I called him out on his “permiscuous”, he replied to me saying: “Claire, the correct spelling is ‘promiscuous’.” As if I was the one who misspelled it in the first place.

    Billings has no balls, no backbone, and is a lying, arrogant son of a bitch.

    Oh, and he’s fat, too.

    1. Tyson Bowers IIITyson Bowers III Post author

      Mr. Billings is actually quite fit for his age little lady. No you should be in the kitchen and not on the computer.

      1. semperfi

        Is this the 1950’s? Perhaps you should go to the kitchen and learn how to form a complete sentence little “man”.

        1. Tyson Bowers IIITyson Bowers III Post author

          Funny how you use a powerful phrase for an alias, but you are no where near as great as a Marine. I served as a Marine and you using that name is a disgrace!

          1. semperfi

            I have been a United States Marine for 10 years. What was your MOS if you really were one of us?

          2. MacsenWledig

            Semper Fidelis has been my family’s motto for over 800 years and I personally find it appalling and offensive when ignorant jar-head grunts butcher it by contracting it to Semper Fi. “Fi” has no meaning in Latin you morons, which effectively means you are saying “Always Nothing”. As appropriate and relevant as that may be to the United States Marine Corps, if you must steal our motto at least use it correctly.

          3. tyler

            Hey dick face tyson, I thought you where christian and a marine. But yet you say that women should be cooking and calling people slut and whores of nature.

      2. Tyson Bowers IIIClaire Post author

        In the kitchen? Sorry, but my dorm doesn’t have a kitchen.

        Perhaps you should be in the kitchen making creampies with your boyfriend, Mr. Boners.

        1. Jim Jam

          Next time you make a typo I’ll be sure to point it out!
          It’s common of people to make typos on the web!
          Is that all you had to say? You sound as if you’re frustrated.
          What a waste of bandwidth.

          What if I told you that English wasn’t my primary language and that I spoke Hebrew?

          The amount of maturity this has evolved into is clearly pathetic, I will not argue with such arrogant human beings. It’s very hard to believe “God” created such an arrogant person. Then again God also created, Bi-Polar disorder and Schizophrenia. Let me know when you stop hearing voices from the sky sir.

          You’re lack of respect and arrogance is disappointing.

          Can you speak Latin, or Hebrew? If you are so committed to you’re so called “God” wouldn’t like prefer a book that hasn’t been translated numerous amounts of times?

          Also big shout out for my friend Ali Kay who claimed. I was being mature and told me not to say anything, It’s a public forum, If you’re so frustrated over my freedom to post and present my arguments and point of view, regardless of my intelligence, Then you may continue you sever your contact with me.

          All who have though of me as presenting myself as mature please give me a thumbs up, if you wish!

          Also your website has some error to where my replies don’t show up sometimes, yet it states that I have a duplicate post.

          If there are any typos, please excuse me.
          I am human I make mistakes, Everything does.
          Even machines.

          I tried to clean up as many typos as I possibly could, I know I am typing to a Christian audience and based on my experience with Christians, most of them are very closed minded, arrogant and unintelligent.

          I am sorry for posting here Ali, but this is a public forum and you do not make the rules.

          1. Jim Jam

            I also think it’s quite hilarious that he seems to scan my writing in search of something he can insult me on, other than the actual topic of “Olivia Munn Exposes Her MIlk Sacks And Plays Naked With Elephants”.

            I didn’t know I needed to write so flawlessly.
            Did you konw taht if the frsit and lsat lttres of a wrod are in the crrocet pclae, you can raed the snetncee nolmraly as if three was no msitkaes?
            Assuming you aren’t mentally impaired.

            The human brain scans threw text and only notes the first and last letters of each individual word. This is how you are able to read so fast.

            Don’t hold me to that, It might not be true.
            But based on my experience it seems logical.

            Qiuck scan my text for tuypos~!! LOLOL
            iput a few of them in jsut for you!

          2. Jim Jam

            As if dyslexic people can’t get a job. Perhaps I could be dyslexic, It’s not nice to insult somebody you do not know sir..

  7. Jim Jam

    “Also big shout out for my friend Ali Kay who claimed. I was being mature and told me not to say anything”

    I meant immature, sorry bout that. Just caught it.
    Most of you should have caught on either way.

    1. Jim Jam

      I think the only respect I can give Mr. Billings is his point of view on Ali Kay..

      “This girl genuinely shows the depravity and narcissicism of the left wingers today. ”

      I agree, From talking to her a few times I think it’s a good assumption that shit is quite narcissistic, also Mr. Billings… narcissicism is not a hard word to write..it’s spelled as N-A-R-C-I-S-S-I-S-M.

      Exclude the dashes, dots and capitals.
      That was just my way of attempting to make the letters more readable.

  8. Satan's Right Hand

    You hippocrates! You are just like the Pharisees, spreading you derision and self-involved propaghanda. And all the while, using some of the most filthy writing I have ever heard. But you’re writing it illustrative of your whole pretentious philosophy–you think if you use soft language that you have liscense to be as hateful as you please. What is more important, avoiding curse-words, or spreading hatred?

    When will you learn to take substance over form? You are false Christians, and bad people. When the day of judgement comes, your only hope is God’s mercy for your stupidity. Otherwise, you are going to fucking burn.

    1. Jim Jam

      Highly Agreed sir.

      There is only a certain type of Christian I have respect for.
      Satan’s Right Hand, You have spelled a few words wrong there.. I think you should correct it before Bill throws a hex on you, and/or laughs at you, and wastes more bandwidth over improperly spelled words.

      Yu knw we ar actualy savin bandwidt if we shortn our spech up jus by 1 littl charactr!

      Idiots on this forum are arrogant,narcissistic,unintelligent, and blasphemous as hell! Yes I used the word correctly, You are an insult to “God” if he exists!

      I’m pretty sure, you are the definition of the word Bill! “Blasphemy is irreverence toward holy personages, religious artifacts, customs, and beliefs.”

      More copy and paste for you to complain about!

      Cheers, get busy!

      Couldn’t you be using you’re time to learn Hebrew or do something more religious and nicer with your time other than insult people with different mindsets and points of view? We are all unique! So you’re “God” says..

      Are you implying that he’s a liar sir?
      Are you fucking retarded sir?

      *Yes I sweared..I knew when Bill saw it he would jump over his chance to pick on me over it. Hopefully he doesn’t have a heart attack..

      The more people that view this website the more money they make!
      The more bandwidth they waste, the more it may cost them!

      Use this knowledge wisely.

      1. Jim Jam

        Now that I think about it..
        There could be a god intended purpose for gay people as well!

        There are a lot of children without parents..
        Homosexual people can’t reproduce, But they may adopt a child that already exists.

        This helps population, and children without parents and/or guardians.

        You may be against a man + man raising a child, or a woman + woman..
        But as God stated.. We are all equal.

        All we are is particles of energy; everyone and everything. we are all the same and nothing really matters.

        Have fun and live life the way you see fit!
        Do not attempt to force you’re views upon others!

  9. millenium

    JimJam from the website you show ( the analyse of christwire ) It,s show I was actually right around 100-200 people visit this site

    at Most and They are not always connected the peakest was around 20-30 which is Not very Much

    1. Tyson Bowers IIITyson Bowers III Post author

      Recheck your facts moron. A site can’t have a ranking like that with 200 visitors. Also how do we get hundreds of comments and how do we get 30k views of this story alone in one day? You’re just scared that people are actually out there looking for the truth!

      1. Satan's Right Hand

        No one is scared that people are looking for the truth. I can’t speak for everyone, but IM scared when people think they’ve ALREADY THINK THEY’VE FOUND THE TRUTH, when clearly, they have not.

        I think we can all agree that the most essential part of any spiritual practice is to cultivate morality, right? Right? But it’s clear from your article that you haven’t even mastered basic manners! As far as I know, Jesus never went around calling women sluts and whores for any reason, let alone an ethical cause. PETA sure isn’t perfect, but I think preventing animal cruelty is a good thing.

        I’m not sure what you mean by “truth” in a spirtitual sense, but I know what I mean when I say “truth” and it’s pretty simple: the truth is love.

        Ergo, when people like you go around blasting the trumpet of hate in the name of righteousness, it doesn’t make me “scared that people are looking for the truth.” It makes me scared that you might actually believe you’ve found it when you are so clearly wrong.

      2. Julie

        It’s the same people who comments your satire articles. We are around 15 whu always comments. And Millenium show me the visitors statistics for your site, so your numbers are impossible,dumbass.

    2. Tyson Bowers IIITyson Bowers III Post author

      Stats according to adbrite:
      Pageviews per day: Over 20,000
      Unique users per day: Over 12,000

      They keep growing too. Go back into your cave you worthless reject.

  10. Jack

    I dont know what to say. What world are the people posting on this site? First i read that Glenn Beck is some kind of modern hero, odd coming from a site that praises God. I mean sure if you dont mind going breaking a few commandments here and there Beck’s not the worst guy ever. Frankly i wouldnt listen to a guy with no degree whatever and was an admitted substance abuser and drug addict but thats just me. Oh Olivia Munn is a beautiful television personality and if she wants to get naked with animals who cares. Oh and my profession, defend our country from terrorist or any threat.

  11. Jazze

    actually i can prove that the 2 latest polls are lyeing.
    you see i was sceptical and decided activate a counter…funilly enough that counter rose slower than the votes in both cases…care to explain? the sites you are linking to are known to be very bad at actually being right.
    and again even going so far as to asume every single vote is somehow legit they are not viable to be used as a sample.
    again i’ll remind you i got 99% saying 9/11 was a glorius event and the will of god. i got that bceause i asked on a pro alquda site. now is this a viable example? should we come to the comclusion that 99% is pro 9/11? or should we call it an unvalid source just as this is?
    further more your posible answeres are quite insluting. it’s like starting a poll saying do you love god yes or yes and then concludeing you got a majority of yes.
    also being unable to refer to the bodyparts of a woman with the corect terms puts you are the maturity level of a 8 year old. you resort quite pathetic mesures like calling somebody racesist for correcting your spelling in a post in where you are corecting somebody elses spelling…does that mean you admit to being a racesist as well?
    you even went as far as to disregard a well thought out argument just because it was a copy pate but you know what? that is haveing a source. and it’s perfectly vaild…and we all know the only reason you diregard it like this is because you have no way of defending yourself against it.

  12. Tobias

    LMAO…I love the poll, leave it to religious freaks to post a poll where your only choices are to agree with them, or burn in hell. I’d choose their imaginary hell any day over the real hell that they would like to bring to our world with their slanted view on morality, so I’ll choose B.

    I also often see a lot of moral stance against organizations like PETA, but never any productive suggestions on how PETA could morally promote their message. Just how should PETA draw the moral into the fold guys? Let’s see you do something for the endangered animals, can’t remember I the last time I saw a “Christ for Creatures” or “Jesus didn’t wear fur” slogan. Now I know that the bible doesn’t make a real stance on the issue at hand, but I also know that IF a good god were to exist it sure wouldn’t want mankind to treat it’s creations the way we do.

    PS. If I was in Olivia Munn’s position I’d be obtaining a lawyer and having you shut down for defamation of character…maybe even make some cash off you to support the cause; just what evidence do you have that this model wants to “be the devil ring leader and abuse our children”?

  13. Max

    If anything, these religious nutbags are a threat to our children for suggesting to burn a woman for doing a good cause. If you people are so insecure about the sexuality of your children, maybe you should consider taking parenting classes, or waking up and realizing that homosexuality is natural. You’d have to have some really deep seated issues if you feel resentment or hate for someone over something that is their own business.

  14. Jim Jam

    PETA do a lot of fucked up stuff as well. I don’t support them, Watch Penn & Tellers BULLSHIT! For a start.

    This site is just a troll, quit wasting you’re time here people.
    The chances of intelligent conversation ended when they people labeled themselves as true Christians.

  15. Tyson Bowers IIIClaire Post author

    I don’t even remotely see her breasts in that picture. I see the top of her chest. I mean, heck, it would be more accurate if the title read: “Olivia Munn censors her vagina with her foot!”, or “Olivia Munn practically shows asscheeks!”

  16. Sarah

    Wow, You are an ignorant moronic person. If you happen to read the news on this, you would see that she mentions she was not naked, she had a tanktop and underwear on, the way she was sitting just happened to make it look like she was naked. She has even said many times, she would never pose nude.

    Idiots like you are the reason I do not go to church and deny people when they give me their little pamphlets like I’m the one who needs to be saved.

    Another thing is, this woman is gorgeous, how the Hell in the world would it make a boy turn homo? And there is no reason to dislike people because of their choice.

    By the way I’m completely pro-choice, and I love Charles Darwin and the idea of Evolution, because that’s the truth! You can’t prove to me there is a man in the sky commanding us to listen to him.

      1. Woody

        Extinction over time proves evolution. Species that are not strong enough to survive die out. Those that are left are either stronger species or different strains of the same species that did not die out due to specific adaptations.

        Dinosaur bones prove extinction. Dinosaurs were giant lizard-creatures that no longer exist. Clearly, life went on, but they did not. The dinosaurs died out due to some unsure contamination of their habitat- whether excess heat, insufficient sunlight, a significant alteration in the atmospheric balance, or some other force.

        Radioactive decay proves time. Most rocks have trace radioactive materials in them. Radioactive materials decay over time. By measuring the radioactive decay of specific rock samples, we can prove how old they are now, and thus when they were created by geological processes. Over a large area, rocks tend to be older the deeper they are. Dinosaur bones are found underground.

        Evolution is proven. QED.

  17. Tyson Bowers IIIClaire Post author

    What’s really funny is that I’d never even heard of this Olivia Munn person until Christwire did its first article on her.

      1. Jim Jam

        Oh for the record, whoever owns this website, is in the same intelligence level as Billings and Tyson. It wouldn’t surprise me if they edited the poll votes. I mean the site is owned by a complete immature moron, no?

  18. lovebite.

    My own mothers a christian and she isent even like this,I havent stepped
    foot into a church and stayed for service in over 5 years & she still treats
    me the same as when i was a little church going goody-toe-shoes.The people who
    run and enjoy this site are ignorant and really should keep up with the times
    because now-a-days no “little” lady stays in the kitchen.Also call me un-educated
    ill prove all of you assholes wrong.

  19. Jesus Christ

    My followers misinterpret everything I stand for. All your hateful comments towards those whom are different than yourselves disappoint me. The story of Sodom condemns violence and rape, not homosexuality. Human beings are a species that have been able to multiply at a rapid rate due to technological advances that make nature less of a danger to us. Homosexuals are population control since they do not reproduce and tend to adopt. I am disappointed in my children because they are not intelligent enough to see this. You should not follow the bible so closely, as it is the word of men whom claim to know the will of my father. By believing in the bible you are not putting faith in the holy spirit, you are putting faith in men.

    Back when I was among the living I fought for social progress in Israel, which at the time consisted of eschewing irrational and outdated Jewish practices such as circumcision. I encourage my children to champion the cause of men that seek to liberate themselves. Learn a trade, love your brothers and sisters regardless of their differences, and help each other create a better tomorrow.

    I hath spoken!

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  21. MikeyBoobs

    I’m confused. So your against looking a naked men because you say it turns people guy but you say the same thing about guys looking at naked women. The only answer that I can come up with is that you like fucking animals.

  22. Bruce

    this site is obvious satire, IT CANT BE SERIOUS….why would anyone complain about Olivia Munn naked? mhmmm the sexyness

  23. Leith

    Naked Elephants? Now that truly is sinful! All animals should wear clothing just as god intended.
    Even that steak on your dinner plate should be dressed in more than just gravy.
    Eating naked Lamb Chops is just promoting pedophilia.

    What sort of world are we living in when animals can walk naked in the streets like… animals!?

    Pure christian souls are being tempted to do sinful acts with sheep and goats because of their nudity. All live stock should dress like Muslim Women, especially the shaved sheep…… Mmmmmmmm Ive got a sin filled boner just at the thought…..

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  25. YOSPOS

    Dear Christwire.org,
    It’s God’s fault there are gay people.

    Fucking homosexuality, how does it work?
    It’s a miracle, a fucking miracle.

  26. Mike

    REALLY? I know who olivia munn is and i watch her EVERY DAY on attack of the show. She is not a whore. She has yet to pose naked in ANY picture she has ever taken were it exposes anything. I watch G4TV every day almost and the only show that is even remotly (sinful) is the international sexy ladies show. WHAT SIN DOES IT LUER ME INTO? Attack of the Show? hmm TECHNOLOGY MOVIES AND GAMES. Xplay GAMES E3 GAMES comic con MOVIES. ONLY SHOW international sexy ladies show. and you dont have to watch it. I dont. I believe in God and I go to church and read the bible with my family etc but this article is STUPID. Its not her fault sex sells in this God forsaken world. INCASE YOU HAVENT NOTICED ITS A NERD CHANNEL GAMES TECH MOVIES COMIC BOOKS ETC YOUR AN IDIOT ABSOLUTE IDIOT. STOP POSTING IGNORANT STUFF LIKE THIS. MAYBE LEARN ABOUT HER AND THE NETWORK AND THEN MAKE YOUR JUDGES AND EVEN GOD SAID NOT TO JUDGE. IM 15 MIND YOU AND I KNOW THIS. STOP POSTING THIS. SEX SELLS SO WHAT. AND WOULD GOD WANT US TO HARM HIS CREATURES NO SHE IS HELPING THE ELEPHANTS (God forbid right? NOW STOP PASSING FALSE JUDGEMENTS AND STOP POSTING STUFF ABOUT HER.

  27. Mike


  28. Mike


  29. Eddie

    Is it just me or does the about the author thing at the end of this article sound like something a lunatic would say before grabbing an M21 rifle and plucking innocent people from a clock tower?

  30. JL

    I find it deeply disturbing that such harsh judgment exists like this…
    At first I thought this website was a joke, but I’m sad to find out that it wasn’t. I wonder if you’ve even read the words of Yeshua, let alone communicate with him. This revolutionary taught love, forgiveness, humility. I see none of these here. Now we find ourselves two thousand years later, and we see people trying to use him as an excuse for doing the very things he was trying to fix!
    I really feel sorry for you guys. How much more pleasant would your life and the lives of others be if you used your time and talents creating value and enjoying yourselves rather than tearing others down?
    This is truly, truly saddening. Why is it so hard to accept that, maybe…just maybe, that the Higher Power loves all equally and immensely, and we would benefit do the same?

  31. Davidmclaughlin

    Olivia Munn is an activist. She is trying to bring attention to a brutal issue, which is that of animal abuse. one of the only reasons that she isn’t just doing a normal PSA (Public Service Announcement) is that Peta has been doing that for years, and that didn’t seem to work. The American public has become jaded. So, she used more drastic measures. If I remember correctly, God created man and woman naked, in that there Genesis book. In God’s eyes, no one is naked, because being unclothed is not a sin. If anything, BEING clothed could be considered a sin because it was only AFTER Eve ate the apple that we began to wear clothes, and, correct me if I’m wrong, that’s original sin, no? I swear that this website is completely satire, at least the articles. By the way, I am NOT, repeat, NOT a Christian. At least, not anymore. All of my comments and mentions of the Bible are merely references that I am at least 98% sure are accurate.

  32. Imdrunk

    Youre a fucking idiot, so what if she shows a little skin? devil whore is a horrible insult and i love the lord so dont try to say i dont see the devils guise, he is a being to be apart from and hes one of the main reasons to be christians but olivia munn is not a follower of him even if she was a whore


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