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  1. The Dude Abides

    Wow. All I can say for sure is any “Christians” that would do this to their own daughter are sick, twisted and surely the complete opposite of being Christ-like. They have failed threefold – as loving Christian, as parents and especially as human beings. I also can’t help but notice notice the good “preacher” names the minor child but protects the bat-shit crazy parents. God will not be amused with any of you idiots come judgement day. I’m sure there’s a special corner of hell reserved for you all.

  2. Ashley O

    WOW!!!! I Dont believe in Gay Marriage and those things BUT If ur child is Gay Who cares???? U should love ur children unconditionally no matter what… It is soo shallow of this girl’s parents to put here up legally for adoption!!! Shame on her parent’s…. It’s not like she is a serial killer or a rapist. or a child molester!!!! If being Gay makes her happy so be it, let her be happy because tomarrow isnt promised to any of us!!!!!

  3. Michael Picardi

    these parents are SAD. To abandon their child because of some man made “laws” attributed to their so-called god, is in fact VERY sad. Love knows no bounds..especially when THEY created this child.

  4. Lenny

    We are so close to discovering the “gay gene”, too. In the future we can just abort sexually deviant children and not wait until they’re 16.

  5. Kelly

    How very sad that you can raise someone for 16 years and feel no loss go on with your life like she never existed? She was born this way and finally figured it out for herself and all she wants is to be loved, they must not know the true meaning of love by this ludicrous act. She is being rejeted by her family, you don’t think this is going to cause her even more problems? I hope these people are the ones who suffer deep in their hearts for what they have done and may she find a loving family instead of these terrible people.

  6. David Shaughnessy

    These people are so tragically misguided! They use their religion as an excuse for this outrageous demonstration of a complete lack of love for the gift of a child. The true sadness is that organized “religion” is essentially the enemy of God! It is created by man…NOT God! It is corrupted by those seeking power and control and they play on the one fear that is prevalent amongst the human race…”what happens after this life?” This simple fear has been hijacked by so many fundamentalists throughout the ages from the beginning of time.

    There is only one tenet that honestly covers it all…”Love thy neighbor as you love yourself!” If we all practiced this and truly lived by it, whilst paying heed to the other important tenet…”Judge not, lest you yourself be judged,” think how different this world could be. Islamic fundamentalists have, just as the Catholics did during the dark days of the Inquisition and more recently with these outrageous sexual assault cover-ups, been conned into betraying all the true essence of the faith, by unscrupulous and dangerous HUMAN BEINGS, setting themselves up to be of a higher power than the rest of us and God (in whichever form you choose to see him/her)…the religious leaders! Never let influential groups of flawed human beings, negatively influence what you know in your heart, to be right.

    I ask only one question: How can what happens in the next life be the slightest bit relevant, when we insist upon committing such atrocities as demonstrated here, in THIS one?

  7. Devin

    Jesus taught his disciples to love with humility–not abandon your children. I think the Chadwells should pray with repentance more than anything else. God have mercy them, I don’t see this news as a far cry from betrayal. I don’t think these parents have any love in their heart for their child, if they did, their 15 year old would not be up for adoption.

  8. Rogue

    HATRED – pure hatred.. that is what this is.. You have to ask yourself WHAT TYPE of parents hates their own child like this? This is NOT gods love.. god is a loving god.. a forgiving god.. god accepts you for who you are.. and apparently these people don’t know what love is.. because all I get from this is PURE HATRED!


  9. brigett ncguire

    Would they put their kid up for adoption if it was born a male instead of female or vice versa? Its the same thing a person is born gay. Just as they are born male or female. Thats one thing that i despise of these “faiths”. Supposed to be all loving, non judgemental and are SUPPOSED to believe our God is OUR JUDGE. But these more devote so called CHRISTIANS or CATHOLICS I MEET, I FEEL THEY ARE THE BIGGESTED HIPPOCRITS.!!!! I am a straight female but have had people not allow their children to come to my house because i have a family member who is in recovery Remind u in recoery, making a better for themselves. REMEBER PEOPLE GOD IS OUR JUDGE WHETHER WE ARE STRAIGHT,GAY, black or white or AN EX ADDCIT. I grew up as a Christian and was raised right not to judge, to love hard and forgive even EASIER. Sometimes if we all listened to our small children…who are innocent til they get older and are tainted by bigotry or homosexuality by this worlds adults , we would have alot better of a world. I have two close gay male friends who are a couple. They came to me one day and said the following. Keep in mind they are around my kids alot sometimes daily. He said ” I just wont you to feel comfortable when your kids are around us.” I said “What in the heck r u talking about?”. He said” the whole stigmata about gay men being around male kids.” I held back the tears and said…”Please dont ever think that way and I am so sorry u have been made to feel this way.” ITS SO SAD. To this day they see my kids almost everyday and I c how much they love my kids and my kids love them! Its these Holier then though people who have made these people whether they be gay, black, latino, male, female or trans gender feel this way. To you I say HOW DARE YOU.!~

  10. Sara Whetzel

    Is this really what Jesus would do?!?? Things like this is what makes the rest of the non-believing world think that “Christians” are full of hate instead of love.

  11. Indy

    My Grandmother prayed for 25 years who has dated women and a couple years ago had a child and decided she didn’t want to have any other homosexual relationships. I’m not saying she stop being gay because that’s something I don’t believe, but what I’m saying is that maybe God heard my Gramma’s Prayers. it’s very easy to give up your kid and just let someone else deal with the adolescence consequences of finding out who they really are, but most REAL parents don’t let go of someone who they really love. I do hope this girl get’s adopted from parents who would love their child unconditionally. discriminating your own child is not loving, and as for your Church, a true Christian would simply remember that “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ People like you two SHOULD NOT EVER


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