Selena Gomez Punched, Justin Bieber Answers With a Middle Finger

It is sad to see all the violence in the world today. This is a direct result of all the sinful play that has been going on ever since Obama came into office.

What is even worse is seeing the amount of violence that is sprouting in our young people. We believe the recent violence that has been pushed all over the TV with the teacher unions in Wyoming has increased the amount of youth violent acts.

Just like the teachers who get paid more money then a entry level programmer and who only work 8 months out of the year and ALSO have us pay for their retirement, these children are reverting to violence when they see something they don’t like.

You see Justin Bieber is a teenage SIN-sation and millions of young girls and gay men worship him. They see him with someone of a different race and they get angry that they are not the one with him. Instead of wishing him happy birthday and wishing him well with his spicy tortilla girlfriend, they stalked both Bieber and Gomez and attacked her. Reports are saying she was punched in the face by a young girl who was wearing a PETA shirt and it shows you that people who live a “Peaceful” lifestyle will always use violence when someone is doing something they don’t agree with.

We already showed how children of liberal parents are attacking her on Twitter with death threats and racial hate speech.

22 thoughts on “Selena Gomez Punched, Justin Bieber Answers With a Middle Finger

  1. Tyson Bowers IIIClaire Post author

    How the hell does Bieber have that much hair already? He shaved his head what, like two weeks ago? Nobody’s hair grows that fast. He must be wearing a toupee.

      1. Tyson Bowers IIIBlanche Beecham Post author

        I am preparing an in depth investigative report that covers this phenomenon of luxurious hair on the Beibs. I don’t want to give anything away just yet, but I think the rosewood implements are quite elegant in design. I’m just amazed how far the rabbit hole goes on this.

  2. Tyson Bowers IIIAdam Nelson Post author

    Did Justin Bieber beat her? I’m unclear of what happened here and it would not be surprising, considering he’s running with hoodlums these days.

  3. Alisha

    Your attitude about teachers is offensive, insensitive, and ignorant. You have no idea how teachers work or the major complications our government has created in the educational world. Stick to speaking to something you actually know about and not blaming Justin Bieber’s crazed fans on teachers. Seriously. You couldn’t make conservatives look any worse.

  4. Optimist

    I’m willing to give the young man the benefit of the doubt and assume he’s inspecting the snot he’s mined from his nostril before ingesting it. I’m happy for him now that he’s had that rodent removed from his head.

  5. Emily

    This might just be the most ignorant thing I’ve ever read. The Bieber you’ve condemned loves the G.O.D. And he thinks abortion is a no-go, even in cases of rape, so why aren’t you bowing down and kissing the ground he walks on. You could exploit him, to make way for your strange agenda. Also, is this site religious or political? Mind officially boggled.

  6. jazze

    “It is sad to see all the violence in the world today. This is a direct result of all the sinful play that has been going on ever since Obama came into office”

    yeah the violence that we have seen the last few thousand years is all because obama came in office a few years ago… seriously what the fuck are you on and why the hell aren’t you sharing?

    P.S. i’m not a fan of either beiber or selana gomez. in fact i despise everything they stand for. but if that’s them then my mother is fucking britny spears.

  7. Julia

    Just because some people don’t like Selena doesn’t mean they should punch her in the face It is just like you with your love life together and all of the sudden someone punches you

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  10. nof'ingway

    this is the most ignorant piece of writing I have ever read! not only is this story known to be false, but PRESIDENT Obama (refer to him with the title jacka**) has absolutely nothing to do with the violence in this country. if anything, it is the west coast with hollywood producing such terrible, violent movies that produces these outbursts(that aren’t real). tyson bowers III has lost complete respect from me and several populations on this Earth. your trying to blame President Obama….are you kidding me?


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