Spider-man is Gay – PHOTO PROOF

Spider-man’s goo web of homosexuality has been confirmed. For years we have warned everyone about DC Comics agenda to subliminally turn kids into homos. Now with this photo, all our holy alerts have been proven positive.

In the photo you can see Spider-man being sin docked with another chocolate speedway merchant’s flesh sword. Spread out for all the world to see, Spider-man is talking in all this fellows manhood, right up his sewer drain.

Is this the type of things we want out children exposed to? Do we want young Timmy to think it is normal for two men to anal assault each other and call it love? Do we want Jimmy to think it is a normal thing to see to men engage in sin erotica? NO!

Finally we have unarguable proof that comics are evil and video games are the work of Satan himself.

Let’s keep our children safe from “Spidies” white web of homosexuality.

23 thoughts on “Spider-man is Gay – PHOTO PROOF

    1. Cthulhigan

      Not demeaning from the intent of the article by the way. Stan Lee from Marvel has an undeniable history as a God-less Communist agitator in this country. I merely wanted to correct you in order to defend the veracity of your article.

  1. Mat

    Photoshopped. You can tell because you can see the man’s reflection instead of the spiderman’s reflection in the car. Obviously spiderman’s reflection should have been there instead of the other man’s.

    1. Tyson Bowers IIITyson Bowers III Post author

      Sorry Mat, you 4chan “photoshop” excuse will NOT work here to protect your gay promoting crime fighter. You can clearly see the spier-man’s hands in the reflection of the car.

          1. Patrick

            You call yourself a reverend? Shame on you for allowing Satan and hate into your heart. You so-called Christians do not live by the teachings of Our Lord! You are the spawn of Satan!

  2. MeAwesome

    My 16 year old son wanted to rent the Spiderman videocassette movie the other day. I’m glad we dont let our children watch movies of this rating.

  3. Blanche Beecham

    I’m sure the Counsel of Conservative Citizens will be right on this. DC comics has had many issues with Spider Man and Thor. I also heard that some younger members of the council are boycotting sponsors and gathering on the internets.

    I can always count on you, Tyson, to illuminate the darkness threatening our youth. You are a treasure and my personal pick for ChristWire’s Golden Keyboard award. I dropped the voter postcard off today on my way to pick up some wigs from the salon.

    I pray for your way to remain steadfast and true.

    Praise be,

  4. Popanator

    Normally I’d post something about poopies, but this article is so stupid it burns. SPIDERMAN IS NOT REAL! He is a CARTOON CHARACTER! Jesus Christ, retards it is a guy in a SPIDERMAN COSTUME!

  5. Samael

    Oh heavens no. What has occurred here? Why is our web-slinging hero magically listing himself using only his hands off the car, making it highly unlikely or extremely uncomfortable to have anal relations? Why is it so easy to convince people with an IQ of 90 that this image depicts sexual acts without any proof aside from a bad angle?

    In all honesty, I solely give you credit for getting this image in that angle, although im quite sure getting it from behind the other man would have been much more convincing.

    Oh, and, I dont believe this is a “gay” relation. Heavens, if “gay” is a sexual relationship between two males and is considered such a heavy sin, may God smite the many many pedophile Pastors now in Samael’s hands and let them burn for all eternity.

    But before they burn, let us holy ones solve the problem by… simply relocating said pastor to a new church. That should solve the problem.

  6. Fuck this!!!

    This is so retard SPIDERMAN is for gay???….Billions of people watch spiderman and you would say that..and you judge spiderman based on a picture?…you are very well retard.

  7. Harrison

    Anyone who wants to can dress up as a character and do whatever they want. If I dress up as Jesus and have buttsex with a homeless guy that mean Jesus was gay?

    You seem to lack a LOT of common sense, and this makes me worry for humanity.


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