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Google Instant Caught Promoting Homo Gay Agenda

Waking up this morning to do my daily policing of the content on the internet, I was quite surprised when I typed in my favorite subject “Jesus Christ” , Google decided to displayed homosexual gay content!  The screen was filled with homo sewer hole sex ads and gay propaganda content. The most horrible part about this was my youth interns where sitting next to me when this content was displayed.

After more investigating, I found that Google has launched a new programming called “Instant”  which is suppose to “enhance” your web experience. Funny how that word “enhance” is used in twinkie stick growth ads and is used on homo gay agenda blogs and newspapers. I also think it is funny that Google is calling this “Instant” which looks close to “In Stan” which sounds just like rump raper talk.

I use to love Google, but now seeing that they are purposely forcing sugar plum fairy content onto my screen, I will now go back to using services like netscape or hotbot.

How would you feel if your daughter is searching for new cooking recipes and she has results showing ads for plastic tadpole torpedoes or ads of females who worship other womens fish caves. Or what if you son was looking up football scores and got scores of photos mens satan scepters.

I say we should stop using Google until they fix the gay virus they are spreading. I would even suggest using Lycos or Dogpile.