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Filthy Lesbian Whore Monster Tila Tequila Launches New Blog

Tila Tequila, the queen of horrible lesbian acts, sewer hole orgies, pill popping and most recently the murder of her girlfriend, has started a new blog called MissTilaOMG.com. This blog is some kind of gossip column that she created so she can be more like her homo-wood queer pal Perez Hilton (Brother to Paris).

This blog is nothing but a big waste of space, spewing out gay agenda left and right. This queen of fish cave buffet is doing nothing but praising bad behavior! She tries to play it off as she is just exposing people in homo-wood, but in reality it is just a way for her to get more attention. She is what the black kids on the street call a “Attention Whore” but a good old fashion “Whore” will work here.

Women who were raped by their gay next door neighbor turn out to be whores in high school. They are the first ones to lose their virginity, the first ones to tempt other students in performing sex acts, they are also the ones who get your daughters drunk in college and force them to have lesbian experiences.

Tila is nothing but a low life piece of garbage that needs to be compacted, covered in gasoline, burned, then buried and then spit on.

I love how she is “calling out” other people for doing bad things, when she needs to look in the mirror first. She is ugly, her milk sacks are totally photoshoped and she has no brain what so ever. She doesn’t even write her own articles, she has to pay people in sin to do it for her. It would actually require her to site down and not being sin hole slammed for more then 10 mins to be able to write anything.

Tila, do the world a favor and jump off a cliff. Please take pictures so we may post your dead body on our site, you devil whore!

As I always say “A good whore, is a dead whore!”