The New Nutrition Chart

While American’s starve, Obama has spent 2 million dollars to have the people at create a new graphical chart for all of us Americans to follow. Do we really need a 2 million dollar graphic showing us what to eat and how much of what to eat?

Instead of wasting this money, they could of called my 14 year old niece and she could of used her Photoshop knowledge to build this in 15 minutes.

The only real reason I can think of for them wasting all this money is to laugh at people begging for food. We know the liberals hate the poor and what better way to make fun of them than to waste money on a chart telling people what to eat, but what is the point if you don’t have any money to eat. I’m sure the dying people on the street can sleep better at night knowing a new graphic was created, so the people who have food, know what to eat. These types of sick power games make Obama and his toadies have sin excitement feelings in their sexual areas.

Let’s see what the new plate would look like if other anti-American groups were in charge of making our nutrition wheel.

9 thoughts on “The New Nutrition Chart

  1. Nogalina

    You guide yourselves by stereotypes. I’m sure we can start with Christian stereotypes.

    Also, you say that he could have fed some poor people with that money when clearly:
    a) You hate Obama, and therefore you would hate everything he did, be it good or bad.
    b) You have mentioned a while ago that the poor ‘are too lazy to help themselves’
    c) You can’t do much with 2 million dollars. Compared to the ammount of money neccessary to feed the poor people in the USA (not to mention the whole world), that is just a tip, and a very little one!


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