Big America Pilot Credits

Bryan Blake and Mike Watson have been offered their own television show. As a teaser for the boys new project, we were given permission to post the program’s introduction credits. This show looks like it will be full of action, American values, hard hitting journalism and host a hearty Christian message!

54 thoughts on “Big America Pilot Credits

          1. L.N

            Adam’s apparently hit his head and caused himself further retardation. He called me an anti-Semite even though there was no mention of Jewish people.

    1. Tyson Bowers III

      I’m sure the boys can find a spot for you bud! Maybe you could play the part of the hard pressed, workaholic boss!

        1. Alison Manson

          Ah so now ur an actor? Wow! Ok then stop acting like a victim to gays and emos and punks and rockers and all the other people who have lives and friends and sanity, 3 things u don’t have!
          The freaks, the faggots, the geeks, the savages The rogues, the rebels, the dissident devils
          The artists, the martyrs and all the fire starters. We’ll Break free from this hell, stand up and rebel
          We’re proud of being different, speak loud and admit it We Look hot and dangerous, we’re strong and you’ll get dissed! Don’t ever forget; haters make us famous

          1. Adam Nelson

            So you lust for both of them? Do you know lust is a sin, Claire. While you are sitting there and fantasizing about these two men of God, you could be trying to impress a future husband. Why are you lusting?

          2. Claire

            No, I lust for Mike. Bryan just looks like a douchebag. He also looks like he’d beat his future wife.

            Oh, and why is it okay for you to lust after nurses (and follow through with the lusting) but not for anybody else to? Shouldn’t you be trying to impress a future wife?

          3. Claire

            But according to you, you fuck them because they’re supposedly there to “do what you tell them”, and because you need to relieve tension. You never said anything about them being potential spousal candidates.

          1. Claire

            See, the thing is, you can’t pray to be raped. That would be a paradox. If you’re praying for something, it means you want it. Rape occurs when the victim does NOT want it. Thus, what you’re saying is that I could only want something that I don’t want, which is impossible.

        1. Susan B. Xenu

          So True Brother August! She accuses our wonderful intern of looking like a jerk douche bag (something she sadly is not familiar with in reality) and fantasy Rapes Mike all while posting pictures of herself looking like a 12 year old boy!

          1. Susan B. Xenu

            not to mention that she was married to our dear Brother Bruce and refused his love, leading him to obtain an annulment. Militant Negro seems to be the only one interested in her.

          2. Bruce Danus

            Claire, I loved you for your inner beauty, which never, ever came out. I’m sorry that the fact I was willing to marry you and try to procreate with you was not enough for you. I guess you already have enough “children” with your 402 cats though.

            I would like to take this time to thank Jesus for creating a loophole in divorces, annulments, so I did not end up sinning by needing a divorce. Thank You Jesus, I love You.

  1. Mike Watson

    We’ll do whatever it takes to cover a story, though Bryan almost drowned today during the shoot for our Minority Surf Wars segment coming up next week. He made it to shore and the lifeguard, she wasn’t too bad.

    1. Bruce Danus

      I am proud to be a part of a Fellowship that has Iterns like Mike Watson and Bryan Blake. These two young men are willing to risk certain death by following Gays, Illegal Mexicans, Terrorists, Communist Japanese and Blacks around, just to get us God’s Truth. Everybody should be thankful that we have amazing young Christians willing to do this for our souls. THANK YOU BRYAN BLAKE AND MIKE WATSON!!! You are both heroes in God’s eye and mine as well.


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