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Ghetto Blacks Now Using Barney to Spread Gangster Thug Ruckus

Just like the homo gays, blacks have been openly flamboyant with their propaganda materials lately and in the example below you will see they have taking children fun time and turned it into children crime time. In the video below you will see that a hardcore group of black music makers have hijacked the children’s show “Barney” to help spread their welfare disease and infest your children with low moral standards and hope to recruit them to their L.A. street gangs.

To show that the above clip is not some random fluke, please look at the video below. The Miami coked cained crew LMUFO has released a new video using homo gay 80’s propaganda cartoon, He-Man, to spread their sexy devil juices into the minds of young children.

Mexicans Now Use Kittens for Illegal Fight Games

Mexican’s have an odd way of making money from useless things. A few examples are, selling tortillas with butter, hot sauce dipped fruit pits and lemon dust. A Mexican’s main source of American income is usually lawn work or they will make money using chickens to fight in a gladiatorial style back ally blood bath. Here Mexicans will bet their garden money on which chicken they think will win.

Now that The American government has been cracking down on Mexican rooster battles, the shifty handed weed whackers are now using kittens in a WWF homosexual type cage match. Since there is no real laws banning two pussies smashing each other in a physical manner, the cops have their hands tied until they can get a bill passed that will allow them to crack down on illegal pussy kitten fights. Below is a video showing the violent matches.

He Said She Said TV Can't Get Enough of Christwire's Holy Word.

The flaming fecal assassins at He Said She Said can’t seem to get enough of Christwire’s Holy glory and influence. Week after week these two banshees of debauchery keep subliminally inserting our message into their TV show. We think after last week’s on air drugging of Bryan Blake, they have had a change of heart. We feel Bryan’s holy presence did a number on their souls and they are secretly trying to tell their audience to stop being gay and turn their sinful backsides into Holy followers of God.

He Said She Said Again Tries to Bash Our Holy Site

After many requests to have their NC17 television show banned from the airwaves, the deep anal duo known as super man dyke and P90X boy, have ignore our Holy gesture and continue to pollute the world with vicious gayness and homosexual antics. Last Monday, the quivering penile worshipers yet again went on their show to not only spread their gay agenda, but to also try and butt bash our Holy name.

To prove how disgusting and immoral the show is, Man Dyke decides to even give an anal fisting tip called “Gerbil Tickling”, which is a sex technique “She” uses when “She” is involved in an interracial gay sex party.

After the demonic sex tip, the team reads our article about them and they giggle in gay dismay. They even tried to praise one of their homo supporters, who falsely commented on our post, but we have anti gay technologies that block iPads and other homo gay products from praising such filth.

You can also follow Aaron on his Tweeter @AHizz and see how the homosexuals are turning Twitter into a cesspool of power bottoms and rough riding deep slammer tops. Also make sure to visit their site and contact their producer and request the show be removed. Instead of the hippies fighting for their laziness, they should be occupying HeSaidSheSaid instead. Gays are far more dangerous than any Wall Street stock broker.

The anti-God jibberish starts at 15:20 into the show.

He Said, She Said TV Tries to Bash Christwire on Their Gay Erotic Podcast

Deep within the swelling LGBT city of San Diego, a cosmo sipping, anal fisting show is televised to the masses. The TV show is call He Said, She Said and is hosted by one Cher singing drag queen and one P90X using pretty boy. The draggies name is “Ophelia Later”, which refers to “her” giving out free mouth sex acts in the back alley of any DDF gay bar “she” can stumble into and Aaron, which is just the gay way of spelling Aron, the extra “r” stands for rugged.

In their episode from October 7th, Aaron and “Man Dyke”, take a copy of our book we sent them and trash it on their show. Just like good little homosexuals, they deny anything holy. They didn’t realize we sent them our book in hopes of turning their lives around. Instead, in typical gay fashion, make fun of our topics and claim it isn’t even real. WHy is it that the gay community doesn’t like gay bashing, but will for full penetration when it comes to bashing Christians?