Black Friday is Racist and Needs to be Changed to White Friday

Black Friday, what a racist and inaccurate phrase. This term makes the day sound like something horrible is going to happen, like finding out your Harvard Law niece just got knocked up by some black kid who goes to some trade school, like Mount Ida. Black Friday doesn’t have a holiday cheer tone to it, nor does it make me want to go out and spend donation money on family gifts. No, it makes me want to stay at home and watch old black face movies and have a day full of laughs.

Let us get some hard facts straight, blacks don’t spend the majority of the money on this Friday, if we were going to name it after the lowest race of shoppers, why isn’t it called Mexican Viernes? The day should be called “White Friday” and stop this lying nonsense that blacks are the reason for great deals and bargains. Not only is White Friday the proper terminology, but it also sounds a lot more joyful and pure. I think more people would go out and shop if they knew that the day of hot savings was in honor of all the cash buyers and not the layaway loaners. Just like neighborhoods, the value and community productivity goes up when it is occupied by more than 97% of whites. I think the value of shopping would go up if we make this simple change.

Yes, we might of had the White House named after all of our race’s great achievements, but that doesn’t not mean we can be knuckle waffled and not get credit for dumping the most cash into the busiest shopping day of the year. Now, if they want to name something black, name it “Black First of the Month” or “Black Monday”, because everyone is their laziest the first day back to work. So this year, let us give some proper holiday cheer to the people who make sure that corporations make a nice profit during the holiday season and rename “Black Friday” to “White Friday” or even ‘Porcelain Friday”.

44 thoughts on “Black Friday is Racist and Needs to be Changed to White Friday

    1. kage

      I rather us blacks steel wheels then being white and raping innocent kids or shooting multiple ppl u fucking white ppl r insane u aint better than us

      1. Kier

        Actually go to any prison or local jail and it’s prominently blacks and Hispanics. So get your facts straight and stop being ignorant!!!!!!

    1. Alison Manson

      HA!!!! lol i gots a shit load of money for presents for my the 174 members of my family!!!!! of course u don’t have my life, so u wouldn’t know,…….. and plus “White Friday” sounds like a KKK get together,….. so does that mean ur a KKK member Tyson?

      I say it should be called “Free Shit Day” and we should have an old mother fucker out side with a little bell yeling ” Free shit!!! Come get ur free shit!!!!!”

        1. SomeMexican

          I completely Agree! You should be ashamed of being Christian!

          Have you thought about switching to LOLCAT religion? They haz cheez burgs!

  1. Earl Gunther Smith Jr.

    I am quite afraid of going out and shopping this year. I fear that I will get attack and sodomized forcefully in my sin hole by a pack of emogay anglo-saxons. Although, I do enjoy blackface movies. I pray that they will only shop at the 99 Cent store, the KFC, or the Watermelon Depot.

  2. Millennium

    wait … he take sthe donation Money for himself ?? and his family ?

    and as for the “white house” its caleld from the color of the House because white means neutrality ( and seriously a Black house it’s ugly )

    in south korea its called the blue House

  3. Captain Obvious

    ” This term makes the day sound like something horrible is going to happen, like finding out your Harvard Law niece just got knocked up by some black kid who goes to some trade school, like Mount Ida. ”
    Like people getting trampled and shot over Christmas presents.

    “Not only is White Friday the proper terminology,”
    No it’s not. Hundreds of millions of others beg to differ.

    “Porcelain Friday”.”
    Now you’re just making it sound shitty!

    Racist much?

  4. NellieBVB

    In the words of Marilyn Manson, “You’re creating something racist by changing it. You’re inventing a problem…” That is all I have to say on this subject.

  5. Christopher Christenson

    Another great editorial, Tyson. Black is a terrible color. It is a color of the slaves, of satan’s coals and of everything emosexual. White Friday would represent the Angelic and Moral Christian lifestyle that America is fundamentally built on. It would be a Great step to restore our cultural heritage as a whole with strong Morals and Christian choices.

  6. L.N

    Tyson, go look up WHY they call it Black Friday, and THEN argue that it’s racist. Especially when you’re one of the most racist bastards on the entire site.

      1. L.N

        1. Black History Month is dedicated to making sure that the people who worked towards the equal rights that African Americans have today are never forgot and to ensure that we never make the same mistakes again. Whether you want to argue if it’s practical to keep it around is a different story entirely.

        2. BET is a channel that’s named that due to the stereotype of how black people act and someone decided to go ‘hey, i can make money off of that’. Whether you think it’s wrong or ethical for something like that to be around to take advantage of a stereotype so heavily is also a different story.

        3. Black colleges, ok, I’ll admit, that is going a bit far. But hey, white guys can join them too or a civil lawsuit occurs and they’re fucked.

        4. Now, Black Friday? Yeah, it’s got nothing to do with black people. Are you a business man Adam? Do you know how the business world works? Here’s a little lesson just from some simple research I did: when determining if you’re making a profit or a loss, you use two colors, black for profit and red for loss. Red because it’s an alarming color and black because, well, that’s how the vast majority of text is in. Black Friday is called that because since every Thanksgiving is on a Thursday and the next big holiday is Christmas, people want to do Christmas shopping as early as possible, and sales tend to happen immediately after Thanksgiving. Because there are so many sales and because so many people want to go shopping on that day, many businesses make a profit and those businesses end up staying in the black, hence the name Black Friday.

        1. Adam Nelson

          Blacks cry about why they are still not equal, yet have to throw the word “Black” into everything about them and be racists. If they want racism to go away, they need to stop drawing attention to their differences and just live as equals.

          I feel Black Entertainment Television, Black College, Affirmative Action and any other “black only” or “black favored” construct is inherently racist.

          1. L.N

            Uh, what? You’re the one that throws ‘blacks’ to describe them more often than not. It’s either ‘blacks’ or ‘tribals’ in your head.

            Now, do I believe that certain actions have just gone overboard, even though their original intent was good? Yeah, a lot of, well, ghetto kids are thinking and talking shit like they’re entitled to shit no one actually owes them, especially anymore. However, there’s still plenty of racism left amongst jackasses like you who blame them for each and every single one of your problems.

          2. Adam Nelson

            LN, I’ve helped so many black people and actually have adopted three children in Africa. I send them money and personal items every month and plan to pay for their collegiate schooling when they are of age and can go abroad for university. So don’t you dare call me racist.

          3. L.N

            You still blame black people for every single thing that’s wrong with society and you believe them to be inferior to white people.

            Oh, and then you bitch about people who then use the money of other’s to go to college. So what you’re saying is, you give those people money, just so you can go and bitch about them later on, saying shit like ‘all they do is spend it on drugs and want the government to pay for their life expenses’.

          4. Adam Nelson

            These African kids are actually hardworking, are practicing Christians and I will happily pay for them to study here in the United States when they are of age. There is a world of difference between these African kids and entitlement oriented black kids in American ghettos. I happily support these kids because I believe in them and their right to have a better life. They literally have no resources of their own and I have so much, it’s only right that I help them. I refuse to make any excuses for black kids in America though. They are largely lazy, have entitlement issues and are every bit capable of getting scholarships, grants and loans to go to school. They can achieve and they live in a nation of great priviledge. I cut them no slack and challenge them to rise above their circumstances.

  7. Tom

    Black Friday really doesn’t happen here in the UK. I guess we’ve just got the common sense not to think that certain days are terrible. Unlike the Americans.

  8. Nuala Redbird

    Open admission to the fact that you take donation money and spend it on yourself. I plan on reporting Christwire for this; you will have to shut down, repay the money you took from the donations fund back to your donations fund, or register as a .com

    1. moron

      Wow dude……really? You want this site to return their “donated” money back? Also, you can be a .org without being an organization.

    2. Captain Obvious

      ” I plan on reporting Christwire for this; you will have to shut down, repay the money you took from the donations fund back to your donations fund, or register as a .com”

      1. Captain Obvious

        *ahem* Excuse me, that was completely the wrong caption. Google Images still hasn’t gotten the kinks out of its image re-sizer. Here’s the right one (probably):


  9. TheConfused

    I suppose I could point out that Black Friday refers not to race, but to businesses taking in a lot of money from the shoppers, putting them in the “black” as opposed to the “red”, but then I guess they would wonder why I’m dragging Native Americans into this, oh well.

  10. Every

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  11. Reality

    I am a white man and I have a few “black” siblings, and I am proud of them in every way. It is people like you, people that treat them differently, who should be treated differently. You go around trying to tell people their kids are becoming gay, and saying that blacks need to be white, because that is apparently more Christian. In my opinion, this is why so many people stray away from your kind of Christianity; because it is all based on this bullshit. I don’t know a single racist Christian personally, but now I know of one…smarten up Mr. Bowers…quit being an ass.

  12. Sariah

    Last I heard Jesus loves everybody. You sir are the racist one. It is “Black Friday” Because all of the stores open she it is dark out. “pitch black” Also, all of the white people that go into stores on black friday go in to buy Skyrim, Assassin’s Creed, Portal 2, Mass Effect, Deat Space, etc. They also buy movies that various races star in. because everyone else on this planet, not including you of course, look upon people as PEOPLE. And African Americans are still kept from their well deserved rights because of people like you. People need tips because of the financial crisis the country is in, and if God had a problem with the individuals he created they wouldn’t be around. Because last I heard He is an all loving God regardless of ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, or financial standing. And this is coming from a girl who plays the above mentioned video games, who’s favorite book is about witch craft overcoming all odds and friendship, I enjoy movies with Latinos and African Americans, my best friend is homosexual and African American. And to top it off, I am Christian 100%.

  13. Cindy

    The last time I checked black friday has nothing to do with the color of skin I am white I am not racist but this argument is rediculous look up the true meaning of black friday its actually a good thing. As for calling it white friday i dont give a rats ass because its a damn word and if the word black is so offensive should we go as far as to take the black crayon out of the coloring box i mean seriously call it what you want it just seems unimportant with all the other more serious issues going on in the world.

  14. arii

    but why does it have to be changed to “white friday” doesn’t it make it all the more racist? you ignorant DICKHEADS. it has nothing to do with the color of skin.


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