Black People Are Monkeys

There are a few polls out there, that I would like our readers to take the time out of their busy day and vote on:


Black peoples DNA is closer to monkeys than white or asian DNA. Does this make Black people less human than white/asian people?

Take the question as you wish, but I don’t mean to sound insulting or racist.



These days it seems all black men are lazy, uneducated criminals who just run out on their women after they get knocked up. So should all those black women start dating hard working, responsible white men who will take care of them and their children?



These days it seems all black men are lazy, uneducated criminals who just run out on their women after they get knocked up. So should all those black women start dating hard working, responsible white men who will take care of them and their children?


87 thoughts on “Black People Are Monkeys

  1. J

    Is this website for real? This HAS to be a joke, right?

    Pepsi logo brainwashing kids to support Obama?
    Black people are monkeys?




    If this is someone idea’s of flamebait, well, pat yourself on the back for a job well done.

    If not, well, may the flying spaghetti monster have mercy on your soul.

  2. Kimiwa Bakadesu

    I really hope this isn’t satire, because if it isn’t, WE FOUND THEM!

    TO /b/!!!

    And then quickly away from /b/ before they eat me…

  3. Bizza


    1. Andraea

      I am still in shock of this article and how ridiculous it is. You are nothing but a racist claiming to be a man of God, but clearly that is not the case. This whole site is nothing a but a joke. All you people do is degrade and discriminate against other races, cultures and lifestyles. This is a hate site. I feel sorry that you are so closed minded and ignorant. This is NOT a Christion site but a cult. Who are you to judge??? What makes you so high and mighty?? I pray that God gives you truth and wisdom. One day (hoepfully) you will wake up with good sense. I hope that you do not have children and are posioning their minds with this nonsense.

      God Bless,


    2. Lauren

      You are uneducated! What use is your white skin if your mind has not evolved, and it is not working effectively?! Use your computer, google: Spenser Wells, noted nordic geneticist of “The Journey of Man”–30 years of research. It is well established that whites come from blacks. Both are homo sapiens– the same specie. That is why blacks and whites can have children together, because the genetic make-up is the same. However, the black genes are stronger because they were not mutated through migration to extreme climates, requiring the individual to adapt. In the colder regions, the humans wore coats, got less vitamin D. Over time the melanin in the skin decreased, and eventually white skin was formed. In the Nordic regions of the world (Iceland, Norway, Sweden, etc.) many have very pale skin, blue eyes and blond hair–all devoid of pigment. It should be noted that blond hair and blue eyes are recessive genes–not dominant, but weaker. That is why it takes two blue eyed people or one with blue eyes and other who’s immediate linage (such as mother, or father, or grandparents) has blue eyes to create a baby with blue eyes. Invariably if one person has blue eyes (and his linage all has blue eyes) and his mate has brown eyes with no blue eyes in her linage, the baby will be born with brown eyes because that is the dominate gene, as it is closer to the original genes of homo sapiens, of which is less muted. The monkeys and apes you see in zoos or the wild are not related to homo sapiens, otherwise they would still be evolving into humans. They are a different specie. Therefore, because they are a different specie from humans, they can not have children together. So, how are blacks closely related to monkeys?!

      1. Danny

        A lion and a tiger can have cubs, and they are not the same species. So can two totally different dogs. You can still have offspring with different DNA it just has to be somewhat close. Do some more research next time. And when Europe and Asia were civilized in the 1500’s they went to Africa and they were like beasts. They had no clothes, and cannibalized. Blacks are the least intelligent race. As for Obama hes half white, and he is still stupid the is driving the economy down.

    3. Lauren

      You are a racist, uneducated, useless entity! Why are you better because you are white?! Did you chose to be born white?! Isn’t this just a fact of your birth? One day as a kid you discovered you were white. Why does that fact make you superior?! Why does white skin mean superior?! So, if you discovered you were born another race would that mean that you would not be valuable as a human being and deserving of being treated with respect and not disparagement. There are scores of very uneducated, very marginal, low level whites. Are those whites superior to the Obamas?! Even if a white is highly intelligent, does the fact alone of being white makes him superior to the Obamas? What is it about white skin that makes someone superior?

      The value of a person is not what race or sex or eye color or hair color he has. It is his character. You have very low character. You are not a good or valuable person because your existence does not help society as a whole. Some people think blue eyes and blond hair is superior to dark eyes and dark hair. If you have dark eyes and dark hair and someone said that you were inferior to him, you would probably say nonsense; what does that have to do with my value as a person. Also what if you were short or not well endowed? Thank god your kind is small and getting smaller as your kind dies out. And with some of you racists, you will just have to die out.

    4. Lauren

      Further, It is well established that white people came from black people. As people migrated out of Africa, those people’s genes mutated in response to the new environment. Black people are the original, and some might say superior race. The skin is of higher quality–more melanin, and age better. The muscularity is superior (black bodybuilders consistently outnumber whites in professional competition). The black is the better athlete. Look at the makeup of any professional team. And let us not forget, the jewels are far more ample, and better quality because these genes were not mutated. Blacks are also mentally tougher to have survived all the racist crap they have experienced generation after generation.
      It is too late, we have our first black president, and there will be more. This is just the beginning. Everywhere, little black boys and girls are studying hard and no longer believing the doors are closed for them. Nothing will stop this moving train, because what was done before, can and will be done again. Obama has superior intelligence than you.

      It is too late, we have our first black president, and there will be more. This is just the beginning. Everywhere, little black boys and girls are studying hard, to seize the opportunities of tomorrow, and no longer believing the doors are closed for them. Nothing will stop this moving train, because what was done before, can and will be done again. Even if Obama does not have a second term, the mental shackles are broken, because what was done before can and will be done again. Obama has superior intelligence than you. So, why are you better. Every quality that matters most, and that makes a person valuable to society, he has and you do not. So, why are you better. You are not better, in fact, you are inferior. Your hatred will not stop blacks from progressing. Let your kind die out.

      1. Tyson Bowers IIITyson Bowers III Post author

        You mean HALF black president. Don’t pat yourself on the back too hard. Also, if blacks are a superior race, then why are they the only ones who get sickle cell?

        1. RD

          Sickle Cell Anemia may prevent affected red blood cells from carrying a maximum amount of oxygen, but it also prevents malaria.

          Shocking, no? Especially since malaria is rather deadly, and white people typically require taking medication for malaria before, while, and after travelling in countries where it can and does occur.

          Yet blacks do not.

          Superiour? Who cares? They’re equal.

        2. WhiteGirl

          Guess what? Jesus had dreads, Mary and Joseph came from the the Middle East and North Africa. Jesus was black – so you’re calling Jesus a Monkey? You expect to go to heaven calling his people monkeys and judging and hating on them? Good luck.

    5. Lauren

      It is very critical to understand that racism/white supremacy is based on the instinctive need that all creatures have to survive. This is base, low-level thinking and living. That is why in the wild, all animals stick with their own kind. But humans are not base creatures. We can think and reason. But racist whites believe if they can suppress blacks mentally by convincing them that they are inferior, and if the blacks believe this, then the planting and self-sustaining of the “tree” is done. For example once a tree is planted, it requires gallons and gallons of water until the roots are strong enough to take. Once this is done, no more watering is required because the tree will sustain itself. That is why trees don’t die even if there is a serious drought. So, once a black person accepts that he is inferior, he will behave in a self-destructive manner, because one does not defend or protect that which is garbage or not valuable. At the root of many of the problems that blacks have is believing that they are inferior–innately so. Whites have done a great job of this by enslaving them, not permitting them to be educated, and systematically, and institutionally putting road blocks in their paths.

      Take learning for example: the way anyone learns anything is a process of stand, fall, stand, fall, stand fall, and finally stand. This is how babies learn to stand. They will see people walking about and want to do it too. They will stand and immediately fall down because the legs muscles are weak. They will keep trying, until gradually the leg muscles become strong, until they can stand. If someone could somehow communicate to the baby that he shouldn’t waste him time because if he tries again, he will fall because his leg muscles are inferior, the baby will try again, and sure enough fall down, (which is the process to achieve anything–physically or intellectually) he may give up before the leg muscles have strengthen enough. And this will result in him never standing because the leg muscles will atrophy or never develop because it is not pushed or taxed to get strong.

      Similarly when a black kid is learning math, or reading comprehension, and doesn’t get it right away (which is normal), he may remember the little voice that says “blacks are inferior”. The kid may say to himself the reason he can not understand or do well in school is because he is innately not capable of doing so–he is inferior. So, he will not study hard until he gets it, thus this becomes a self-fulling prophesy.

    6. Lauren

      Further, regarding child discipline. Many black parents unwittingly employ the same methods passed down generation, after generation, of beating and degrading their children that the slave master used, because it worked. When the slaves became free they used the same methods to discipline their children because they were uneducated and that is all they knew. But the reason the slave masters beat the slaves is not because they loved them, but it was because they wanted to break they spirits and get them to believe they were valueless and they deserved their plight and would not rebel. So, fast forward to today, if the black parent is beating the child, disparaging the child, the child is not going to give the parent what he seeks: a successful child, but will seek revenge in not becoming successful, and acting out, or simply become unsuccessful because he doesn’t have value..

      So, whites have employed a systematic method of trying to convince blacks they are inferior so that whites can obtain and keep power, for their survival. The less competition, the fewer people they have to share the pie with, the more for them. At the root of this is a feeling that there is a lack of abundance for survival, and that if blacks are squashed, the playing field becomes more open. These racist whites must understand that there is no lack of abundance in the world. You don’t need to tear someone down so that you can succeed. The same way that a black is succeeding, you can succeed too. Keep your thoughts pure, logical and devoid of hate, and the world will open to you, as you will be closer aligned to the creator of the world. The low level living that you are engaged in is associated with the base animals. You were made human, to lord over the animals, not become one of them.

      This fear, and sense of lack is at the root of all the opposition to Obama. Even poor whites, whom the Republicans don’t care anything about are voting Republicans for the purpose of ousting Obama. The world is changing. With Obama becoming president, the mental chains of bondage for blacks have been broken. The presidency is the most prominent position in society. Little black boys and girls will see Obama’s success, even if he becomes a one term president, that they are not inferior and that they too can reach any level. These racist whites are very afraid because the very thing, of mental bondage, they employed has been broken forever. That is why all of these hate sites are popping up, and that they are imploring their fellow whites to stick together to take their country back. This is code word for put the “uppity blacks in their place.” So when a racist, under the purported cover of Christianity calls blacks monkeys, and that they are lower than whites, and closer to the apes, we know better. We know what is going on–fear of losing advantage to blacks. Education is the way out for both the racist and the black who has fallen prey to racism. See logical thinking, and supported arguments. Hate, and name calling is designed to shut down logical thinking and appeal to base level feelings.

      Blacks must remember they are the original, unmutated beings, and that they have everything they need to succeed. See yourselves as valuable so that you will treat yourself with dignity and not self-sabotage yourselves with drugs, crime and mediocrity. These racists are getting smaller, and their kind will die out.

  4. Adam Nelson

    Brilliant, Tyson, just brilliant. Now what gets me is how evolutionists claim that we’re all monkeys with dna that magically gave us a few new traits like talking, knowing, walking upright and so on.

    Now tell me, evolutionists, are people monkeys? Looks like you have yourselves a little catch 22 conundrum, evolutionists. Believe all this mean scientific stuff or accept the facts of the Bible.

    Christians know that man is man, monkey is monkey. When we were created, our DNA was created human. When monkeys were created, their DNA was created monkey.

    Atheists and liberals are the reason we have racism and war. Their teachings make you think that all men are not the same and allow racism like that found on those sites Tyson brought to your attention possible.

    All human choice is conscious and as such when a person decides to sin and use their knowledge of evil, they must be punished good and proper. Some people may be more inclined to crimes than others, and that’s because they don’t have enough morality instilled in them or their culture.

    That’s why atheists must realize they are wrong and join us in bringing all humanity up to par in a sense of doing what’s right, like America.

    1. Just for the Craic

      Actually, human DNA is extremely similar to monkey DNA. It’s one of the arguments that we did, in fact, evolve from monkeys.

      And it’s great that we’re being lectured on morality by a bloody Christian. A man who follows a religion that has caused the death of thousands because they had the wrong beliefs in the wrong place at the wrong time.

      If there is a God he’d better have a damn fine explanation.

  5. Brandon Evans

    Tyson, did you just call an entire race monkeys based on DNA? So now you’re willing to accept evolution, so long as it lets you make racist comments.

    And Adam, Christianity has been used as a tool (by tools like you) to justify any number of things from slavery to Nazism to (possibly worst of all (not really)) this site. Now you try to twist science that you dislike to make cast it as the cause of racism. Really? Because all you do on this site is spew hate about anyone who isn’t a White American ©. Jesus had a message of love and forgiveness. You spread the opposite of that.That makes you the most literal (if not biblical) definition of an Anti-Christ.

    Yes, Adam is the Anti-Christ. So is everyone else here. I may be hating on you, but I am trying to set you back on the path of love, and I pray for your souls.

  6. Brandon Evans

    That was a direct quote Adam. The link was provided. But fine. I’ll provide a picture.


    If you don’t believe, just go to his article.

    NOTE: If this appears twice, sorry, but I can’t actually see the first one, so for now, I’m assuming it’s not here.

    1. KeenObserver

      Black people and monkeys are often named in the same sentence because black people never had the opportunity to defend themselves. The study that makes black people’s DNA closer to the monkey’s DNA is bogus as well. Let us look together carefully: A monkey has straight hair, black people has kinky or at least curly hair. A monkey has short legs, black people have long legs, longer than for all the other races. A monkey has flat butt, black people have bulby butt, bulbier than all the other races. A monkey has a hairy body, black people have the most hairless body of all the races. A monkey has thin lips, black people have thick or full lips. A monkey has pale skin, black people have, well, black skin, If a monkey were to wear pants and were to put his hands in his pockets, the palms of his hands would be facing backwards. Black people have an extremely hard time putting their hands in their pockets with the palms facing backwards. Some races can do it with ease, though.

      1. nigah8tr

        Lolz. You all fail and the whole conversation sucks. Here, ill tell exactly whats going on. The white people on here are christians but are telling the black people they are mnokeys.the black people are christians saying that we all were created by god. I say we were all created by satan and satan is the only way. F/G P/D!!!!!!!!

  7. Tim K

    My Fellow People,

    The original facts that Tyson brought to the table are based on DNA analysis, it doesn’t matter if you believe in evolution or not. If you compare the entire genomes of the average black, white, and asian males to the average genome of a monkey, the black genome would be closest.

    I have no idea if this is true, but even if it is true it would be only marginally more similar and wouldn’t have any repercussions to how we should treat them in Christ.

  8. Isabel

    This is sick. If this isn’t a joke, you seriously need to reconsider the stability of your mental condition. Please get help.

  9. Finger Lightning

    Wait wait wait a god damn minute…

    When I said all faggots are niggers what I meant was all niggers are faggots.

  10. Fallen

    Please, are you serious?

    You simply can not believe this. It doesn’t work that way.
    First, you make sweeping generalizations, you say all black men are one way. Are you retarded? Any philosopher on the planet would laugh you out of the room for simply doing that.

    Now, is black DNA closer to monkeys than white DNA? I don’t know, you didn’t cite a study done by anyone, anywhere, ever. You said it to be true, that isn’t good enough. If you have even one study, done by the fucking Nazis that supports your claim, that is better than just saying it and not backing it up at all.

    Quite frankly, you are a fool.

    Sincerely, Fallen, because everyone in Heaven was apparently a moron.

  11. Wow

    Umm…skin color is based on amount of melatin. And we’re all evolved from black people. Just to let you know.

  12. TrueChristian

    I always thought that black people where diffrent
    It`s always been like they lack somthing we have,
    Now i know for sure,
    God has surely blessed you with some muche needed wisdom Tyson.
    god bless!

    1. Hey Friend

      all I have to say is God bless you and may you see the light… and … LOL .. you know what I love the most… whenever people hear the name tyron… they think of a black mail… are you a black male???

      Are you just screwing with us all… because I read some where that quote
      “ChristWire is a mere parody of actual fundamentalist Christian websites.”


      … you know… problem is sometimes parodies can go to far.

      If this site is really a ‘parody’ of fundamentalist Christian site than PLEASE… have a disclaimer on the front page of the website. Or at least a banner some where.

      Yours sincerely
      your friend

  13. KeenObserver

    Most races are descended from blacks, not once, but several times. Let me illustrate: The Romans, took a lot of slaves in general, black slaves in particular, into Rome: Jews (that were at that time black or at least mixed, Egyptians, North Africans, etc…). No a trace of those blacks is left in Italy today. Where did they go? They were absorbed by the population, pure and simple. Did anyone in America marry someone of Italian descent? The same reasoning applies to the Spanish, the Andalusian in particular, the Portuguese, etc… That definitely had a balanced, calming effect on those populations, which became less aggressive, less destructive over time, more in tune with the welfare of the planet than bent on its destruction. England had many blacks amongst its population before the colonization of America. Shakespeare was already saying: “Black men are pearls in fair ladys’ eyes”. I disagree with Gobineau when he says that African starts at the Pyrennees, implying that all the European countries south of the Pyrennees are African (i.e. mixed with blacks) and the nations north of the Pyrennes, like his native country of France, are unmixed with black blood. Patently false, of course, since many distinguished Frenchmen had black blood: Hannibal went through the south of France. The Auvergne region of France has many people with black traits (prognatism, for example). Murat, fieldmarshal in Napolean’s army, was a French native, but with beautiful curly hair, and Napoleon used to call him “The cherished child of the Providence”. Austria had its share of black blood as well. “Brothers” like Beethoven, Haydn, were sometimes lokked like mulattoes. Please remember, the Ottoman armies were in that neighborhood.

    1. Hey Friend

      I like you alot KeenObserver… and anyone else who uses common sense…

      I still believe in God don’t worry… but seriously… didn’t Jesus teach us to love our neighbours as we love ourselves…

      but… I guess you guys must really hate yourselves then if this is how you treat you fellow human beings, ‘neighbours’.

    1. Hey Friend

      … everything you just said confused me…

      there are many things that black people have done in this world that you may not know of because media today sadly, has no real documentation of black history or your just ignorant… YOU choose.

      One thing you may not know is… the first ‘human’ heart transplant was in South Africa… by a white man, Chris Burnard, but he owes all his success of his first heart transplant to Hamilton Naki, who at the time was a farm worker and had successfully transplanted a cows heart into another cow. From this Hamilton taught Chris how to do heart transplants and Christ took the skills he learnt and applied it to the human body.

      Chris later went on to say “Hamilton Naki had better technical skills than I did,he was a better craftsman than me, especially when it came to stitching, and had very good hands in the theatre.”

      and that is only one example…

      if you look at some countries… the GROWING EPIDEMIC of laziness and lack of ambition is swallowing the people whole. To the point that in Australian many children drop out of school to find jobs and migrants who are highly qualified – and I’m not saying only black migrants, I’m talking all migrants – are unable to find work and are forced to waste their skills and years of studies cleaning theatres, working at factories and driving TAXI’s. I know these people are helping the economy doing mindless jobs, but what about the people out there that don’t have jobs and are just lying sitting at home when they could be doing these jobs to better their economy…

      point is all cultures have helped the world become what it is today… you can try to attribute everything to white people in general… but if you really believe all of this stuff. That black people are monkeys then you should at least believe the rest of science that we are all in fact monkeys too.

      LOL.. That was a fun rant.. I should vent more often.

    2. Lauren

      This commentator is clearly ignorant. Blacks have contributed virtually all to society. The original Egyptians were black, and mathematics, and myriads of inventions were as a result of them. Greece later took credit for these inventions as spoils of war. Read “Stolen Legacy”–well documented and undisputed.

      In modern times, blacks have contributed greatly. Google inventions and contributions of blacks throughout history. For example, “is this the real McCoy?” refers to the wonderful patented inventions of a black man, whoes inventions were often copied but were never as good. The gas mask, which was indespensible to the troops in WW1 was invented by a black man. The first traffic light, the shoe last for mass production were invented by blacks. There is so much more…breakthroughs in medicine and virtually every area.

      In this day of easy access to knowledge, there is no reason to be ignorant.

      1. Tyson Bowers IIIBruce Danus Post author

        I have only heard of them inventing peanut butter through a man named George Washington Carver. This is just further proof of the blacks depravity as we all know that peanut butter was created for use in the homogay/lesbionic bestiality rituals where the rub peanut butter on their sin regions in an effort to force animals who know no better to lick it off. It saddens me knowing how hard the blacks and homogays are trying to corrupt our children into thinking this is “normal” and “appropriate” behavior.

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  15. OOOH WHAAA??!?!?!

    I’ve always wanted to know what people really thing… and sadly I feel as if I have only found out what retards think.

    Nah… that has been educational… I would say I learn alot about how to be racist and how to contradict myself.

    OH, and by the way… the same study that said Black people are monkeys also said that Jewish people were also monkeys… Trust the Nazi’s to write the truth huh…???

    I hope you guy are anti-semite too…

    — by the way I don’t support anything negative racist thing I have learnt from this website. You better pray like hell that your soul clean of all evil before Jesus comes.

    HA HA HA HA… LOL!! That always cracks me up… pray like hell… seems I’ve learnt how to contradict things just like you.

  16. MikeyBoobs

    Blacks evolved from apes and when groups of blacks left Africa they evolved based on the enviorment of the area. As they migrated to area with colder climate where the sun was less intense their bodies slowly stopped producing melanin to conserve energy for other uses. Their strucual feature changed as well. The farther they went the easier it was to get food so they didn’t have to be as athletic. That is the basic story of human evolution

  17. NethernyC

    Well what do you expect from a site that judges the whole world to be “unsaved” sinners right in it’s title? These people are exhibiting some very monkey-like behavior themselves. Once again, using WORDS to get what they WANT. Humans should be smarter than this!
    No, caucasians did not “evolve” from negroes. ALL the modern sub-types of humans came from the same ancestors. We had to. Because, y’know, they were here first, and now WE are here. That’s how it works. If only we could stop makin’ shit up and leave each other alone.
    Basically, people need to learn to STFU and listen more, and be respectful. Acting this arrogant, with all the judgementalism on this site… God would only smack these monkeys down.

  18. Jonas

    if i ever find you (owner of site) God is my witness. I will pray for you. then i will shot you. not on your head becasue i wont want you to die but i will shot you on the legs so you can live felling sorry and sad for the remaing of your life. and thats a promise.

  19. Traci

    This is retarded. I am so afraid for any white kids growing up and believing this crap or ANYONE for that matter. This is why religion is bull. Go and drink the damn kool-aid, already and die.

  20. Westwood

    No look, blacks are monkeys. Ever watch basketball? Trained monkeys putting a ball thrugh a hoop. There are some whites out there, so the monkeys look like they are good at something. Its like Seaworld where people come out and watch the trained animals. srsly

  21. Guy Freemantle

    Tyson you continue to crack me up, this site is becoming addictive.
    Which DNA analysis are you talking about, shouldn’t it be anlyses, implying more than one study? And isn’t DNA an heretical sciency thing, the enemy of the bible?… Oh and you’re a racist fool too. And when you refer to monkeys does that include the great apes too?… you know the difference right? On the face of it, white people more closely resemble monkeys (apes) and also if you don’t back your crazy statements up with a reference of some sort, nobody will take you seriously….

  22. you are a hypocrite

    Shame on you for the racist, homophobic, and chauvinist views of your site. I have no idea where you get these bizarre views, but if there’s one thing jesus taught, it wasn’t HATE. It was love for other human beings, people different from you. You are an embarrassment to Christians everywhere and you are the reason more people aren’t drawn into a faith that promotes love for your fellow man. Clearly you are operating on fear, which is quite sad. If you were so strong in your faith you wouldn’t be so afraid of people different than yourself and you would love them, as you should. Your day is coming. You should be ashamed.

  23. Fuck This

    I can see what u r trying 2 get at…. christians are still well on their way 2 hell. Thanks for not changing that! Doing the ‘normal people’ a favor. Fuck Jesus and there is no god! You idiots! If Jesus wasn’t a fictional character.. he was black or brown, not brown haired and with blue eyes.

  24. Michelle

    Ok if blacks are closer to monkeys that is because of evolution but they are still our cousins. If it was first ape, then monkey, then caveman then human that means we are ALL related to monkeys. So if you are saying blacks are close to monkeys thats fine but we also stem from our cousins, we eat, we piss, we crap, we yell, we beast feed, wee groom our children, we fight, we mate – all these things monkeys do and all these things humans do. If you are ashamed of black people you are also ashamed of yourself as they whether you like it or not blacks and monkeys are related to you.

  25. t hammers

    Are black people chimps? I would concur, and regardless of melanin, what about physical features and nostrils like the barrels of a shotgun?. But, what is wrong with chimps? They are compassionate, intelligent, physically strong mammals. Why are black people so intent on denying that they may be associated with such an amazing animal. Chimps are intelligent, gorillas have a physique many men strive for, its extremely controversial I know but you cannot deny that Venus and Serena Williams have an extreme advantage based on genetics, not skill or physical training.

  26. WTF

    How can you argue about a black person’s DNA when “Science is man’s poor attempt at understanding God.”? Seems disingenuous. If you’re gonna hate, just be honest about it. Just say I don’t like such and such group and dispense with the bullshit reasons. Perhaps you need the lies you tell yourself because, deep down inside, you know all men, regardless of their “race” are sons of Adam and therefore live in the light of the Lord. I pray for you.

  27. cze

    The only thing I want to know is it’s great we have a half white Pres. I don’t understand why black people don’t want to help there own people. The people In Africa are starving hungry. The majority of white people here help each other that’s how we developed such a great nation. I really just don’t understand this hole world its nice why let ur people starve and suffer. I think the so called”white man” inwhich I resent that stereotype…has helped almost every nation in the world who needs help. It seems that black people needs to resents their own county of origin. I know very little of where I was born but still go visit and involved with the politics for my home country and would love to live their. Being on tv seems like it’s everyone’s big chance to succeed. That’s no kind of achievement to me. U may make some name for your self but you think we car about crazy rockers or rappers who lie about what they say. Y’all might I don’t. Do something someone truly going to remember you for. Big or small. I see alot of things that seem so pitisfull I seriously have no commitment it’s a joke grow up. I do not respect alot of things. I do not see the values of this website also I see valve issues in the young Africa Americans seems sad to have millions of them locked up for petty theft. Not that it don’t happen to everyone but it seems they are getting caught up n their limelife persay. That’s no way to live. Watch first 48 that’s not made up and they never get to finish there rap about killing someone over some money cause their sitting in prison. Goodluck to all who reads this . success is in the eye of the beholder aka you don’t let your small mind land you behind bars.

  28. Ian

    People originating from Africa are in fact more human (homo sapiens) than people outside of Africa – as all other races have dna from other hominid species i.e. Neanderthal.

  29. Adam Nelson

    Reading comprehension and logic seem to not be something that sit well in your mind, my friend. May I suggest the tools of study and reflection to help you in your future endeavors?

    Surely, you do note think a race of people are monkeys, do you? Do you honestly think black people are monkeys?

    If so, you are clearly a racist. As it says in the story of creation, man and beast were not created as the same. As our friend Pat always reminds us: man is man, monkey is monkey.

    That’s the point. It’s the belief in Darwinism, or evolutionary theory without a God, that allows for atrocities such as racism (which Tyson showed us great examples from the world wide internet web service), eugenics and NAZIsm.

    A life without purpose is what evolution teaches, and a life where people can be differentiated, ‘graded’ and scored on a genetic level is what it teaches.

    Martin Luther King said man should be judged not by the color of skin, but by the content of character, friend. Why do you hate the words of Martin Luther King?

    Character is shaped by one’s environment and culture, not by simian ancestry as evolutionists would have you believe.

    So unless you’re willing to state that not all men are equal and that we can divide races into castes, you have to believe mankind, all people, have the same origin. That origin, my friend, is not from a monkey. It was not something drafted over billions of years and resulted in grades of races.

    It was found 6000 years ago, with the creation of Adam. It is formed by the culture in which we grow up, emulate and project upon our peers in the world.

    This is why it’s important to guide the culture of all into morality. All people have potential, but some cultures, institutions, parties and teachings have lost the way.

  30. Brandon Evans

    If I may quote you, “Reading comprehension and logic seem to not be something that sit well in your mind, my friend. May I suggest the tools of study and reflection to help you in your future endeavors?”

    I don’t believe black people are monkeys. Your buddy Tyson said that. I believe all people evolved from the same line of ancestors, and the higher similarity between black DNA and monkey DNA means nothing to me. The color of their skin actually has nothing to do with that. The proto-humans that eventually became the African race stopped evolving a little earlier because they stayed in the land where humans first developed. The ancestors of other races spread out to other regions with different conditions, which necessitated further evolution. Any differences between black and white DNA are either meaningless mutations, code for the actual skin color, or code for traits no longer necessary to survival. My evolutionary beliefs (one of few reasons I stand apart from mainstream Christianity) do not make me racist.

    If I may, I’d like to direct your attention to Tyson’s article on Kanye West’s beautiful (if derivative) song “Welcome to Heartbreak”, found on this site at (I use the preview URL so you can check that it goes where I say it does). In this article, he makes outrageous racist claims about blacks like “knowing the typical message that the blacks usually try to embed into our youth, I’m sure it is telling them to go out and use drugs, kill “whitey”, rape women, shoot cops and other “ghettoish” things.” and “From the title alone, we believe it means “Welcome to life without God.””

    You tell me racism stems from my evolutionary beliefs, but it sure hasn’t stopped this site from boldly posting racist articles like this one.

    The image below, which I thought was surely a joke, is what brought me to your site.

  31. cole722kash

    Purpose and faith is key to all our of us. Religion is the outlet of choice by many. I rely on knowledge. If more had a perception of scale of the known universe… We are nothing. Earth is precious. Earth has been wiped clean of most known life many time before. We are due, either by supervolcano, meteorite impact, magnetic pole switch, or a number of other things. We should be educating ourselves while slowing population growth. Famine, Anarchy, Death is a reality to many on this planet. Faith gives us strength and hope for a better future. Enoch riding a flaming chariot flown by angels to heaven. Electricity used by Egytians. Pictures that only can be viewed from the air left by people who couldn’t fly. Pyrimids built by two people seperated by ocean. Ancient city that can’t be built with today’s tech. I charge you to do the math…

  32. Bizza

    I don’t need to grow up. That’s the beauty of being me. I host a radio show, jerkoff! It’s my job to take things over the line and be immature. That’s what you don’t get about the show.

    …and judging by this article, you’re just as racist as the next guy, mister self-righteous. You might as well pull the bible out of your ass, and live a little before that ol’ ticker of yours gives out.


  33. Hell's Angel

    Hey Tyson, Fuckwad, Kiddie Fiddler or whatever your name is…. anytime, anyplace, anywhere I would love to give you my response in person and I do not need a radio show to do it. YOU are the one that is fucking evil. Are you upset that you walked in on Daddy giving it to the plumber when you was young and Mommy turned to drink and drugs after she was caught fucking the black preacher after daddy blew his brains out before his trial for molesting a pre-teen boy at “Christ-Camp”?

  34. Fartman

    …..HUMAN DNA is 99% the same as that of a chimpanzee (which is an APE!)

    No one race is more like a chimpanzee than any other. Oi. Even IF this site is a joke, spreading this kind of nonsensical bullshit is both immoral and RETARDED.

  35. cole722kash

    Ok, I think you got it half right. I myself believes in a higher beings. I have faith to do the right thing based on everything I know about the universe.

    We have to explain the unexplained. This is human nature. The truth of our plight is plain as day. Enslave for generations and you expect the mental health of the offspring to be completely sane. Add the environment and family disfunction mixed with drugs and we have a potent cocktail indeed.

    It’s not Black and White simply, because there are other varibles at work here also.

    DNA is human. Fact. The only difference is skin color. Africa is the eden of homo-sapians. Fact. The sooner you stop lying to yourself the better.

  36. cole722kash

    Inferior? That’s a hollow statement with nothing close to a fact backing it. Is the wolf inferior to a toy dog? Guess what came first.

  37. Hey Friend

    I to a certain point believe in everything you said like you at age 10 I would stay awake every night thinking of if I can quote you
    “supervolcano, meteorite impact, magnetic pole switch, or a number of other things. We should be educating ourselves while slowing population growth. Famine, Anarchy, Death”

    but I have just learnt to relax and realise if it is really meant to be it is meant to be. Like a learnt a long time ago ‘everything is about balance’. That is why we have a choice… that doesn’t necessarily mean that there should be evil but without the choice of doing evil there wouldn’t be evil. Also … I don’t really like using cliches but ‘ everything happens for a reason’.

    So you need to relax a little more think positively act positively… and help people out. Cause really all you can hope for is for it to catch on and that all the good energy will be passed on. Because you can’t really force your ideas on someone, they won’t just readily accept it. SORRY dropping another cliche ‘You Can Lead a Camel to Water, But You Can’t Make Him Drink’.

    You know what has always puzzled me… how do they know the camel is male.

    I leave you to ponder that….

  38. OUCH!!!


    Sorry DUDE… I gave you the thumbs down on your comments…

    beLOW the belt man… I understand your pissed off… I’M PISSED TOO… my family’s black and they are all accomplished each of them has gone through university. My dad sides only hosts several doctors I have PHD holders and an uncle who has been offered more than two jobs to be a professor at several different universities he was even sponsored by a british company for his studies in the field of biotechnology.

    I don’t like how they undermine peoples abilities in general but sadly, THEIR not the only ones…


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