Bryan Blake Destroyed Gay Radio Show Hosts Lex and Cory on Green Talk 960

Bryan Blake debated San Fagsico’s top two radio show hosts in a battle of wits and of course Bryan came on top!

Make sure to visit Green 960 and tell them how you wish to have Cory and Lex to tone down their gay agenda or email them directly at

9 thoughts on “Bryan Blake Destroyed Gay Radio Show Hosts Lex and Cory on Green Talk 960

  1. August Weisz

    Brian did a fine Job. They assaulted him with nonsense and hypothetical “what ifs”. Not a logical line of questioning. It showed their amateur status.
    For those of you who wagered:
    There were no phone in callers during their show. If you wagered over the line, you lost.
    Cory was forced to submit 138 times. Those who bet under tonight got lucky that Lex was off his game.
    Total Listeners is still being tabulated but if you coun his unborn child (we do) we are up to six.

    Thanks for playing

  2. Tyson Bowers III

    They also wouldn’t let him talk and over powered him with their higher mic volumes to flood him out.

    Bryan 1 – Gay Radio Host 0

    August, I tried calling and it was busy.

    1. August Weisz

      Yeah, I even tried later in the show when they were talking about their former mayor going to texas. still didnt get through. Not sure why. Its not like they have any other callers jamming up their lines.

  3. Blanche Beecham

    I think Bryan reminded these two the name of the program is “Radio School”.

    I think that their attempts to decoupage the homosexuality of Haggert and others on to Bryan will validate their ticket on the gay train. They also exhibited the clocksucking traits all liberals seem to have in abundance by promoting their agenda instead of giving Bryan time to speak the message.

    I’m penning a flaming missive of disappointment to these harlots of the airways and will cc the holymailbox.

    Keep going, Bryan, stay on message. Strong performance with weak airheads.

    Praise be for Bryan.

  4. August Weisz

    Are the interns going to be on tonight? I have been listening and it’s been extra filthy tonight. They spent like 20 minutes comparing the tops of their penises.


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