Bryan Blake on Green960

Cory and Lex from Green Talk 960’s “Radio Show”, again invited Bryan Blake on to educate them on sinful grandmothers and why homo gay ads should not be televised. Of course Cory and Lex tried to use their deviants minds to turn the interview into something bear erotic.

6 thoughts on “Bryan Blake on Green960

  1. Stephenson Billings

    What a beautiful interview, Bryan (though those guys need a clearer phone line!). i can’t believe they would insult the girth of your manhood in such a crude way.

    And a “mandatory Lady Gaga break”! How offensive and wrong. I pray you talked some sense into these creeps.

  2. Susan B. Xenu

    I tuned in online apparently after you guys had went off…these guys really need to take a class in being interesting.


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