Casey Anthony Parties it up with Fellow Murderer, OJ Simpson

After being released from jail, child murderer Casey Anthony decided to have dinner with fellow slasher, OJ Simpson or also known as Satan’s Running Back.

As you can see in the photo these two are having a grand old time laughing it up about their liberal court system wins. Notice how Casey is throwing up the black gang sign for victory.

Now let us hope the OJ can’t resist the urban temptation to cut up white female flesh and removes this baby killer from the world. If he does, I’m sure God will forgive him for his crimes.

50 thoughts on “Casey Anthony Parties it up with Fellow Murderer, OJ Simpson

  1. Neoconstipated

    I’m shocked that our liberal prison system where OJ currently does time allows conjugal happy hour parties between unmarried sinners of differing skin tones.

    1. Katherine

      When I first read this article, I could have sworn it was straight out of the Onion. To think that any of you people are taking this seriously and not recognizing it as a simple Photoshop is beyond belief.

      Then I looked around the rest of this website and realized that all of it panders to the lowest common denominator. You have to have the mind of a child not to be disgusted by the misinformation and garbage here.

      I’m honestly in shock.

      1. Katherine

        I am very, VERY relieved to find out that this is an elaborate fake. What’s more upsetting is that it reflects a real worldview a lot of people have.

        1. Ed

          Or perhaps what’s more upsetting is that there are probably a whole bunch of friggin people who take this website seriously. That’s the only thing that scares me. I can tell you, I know some Christians who are that extreme about their beliefs, no doubt about it.

  2. Jr P

    Although the judicial system fails, as it probably did in this case. People that claim to represent cristians, should be truthful, and the photo in this article is not. Its a photoshop hoax; the strong light source on his face comes from the left, and the light source on her face comes from the right. Also, different resolutions on the faces. Cristwire…really?

    1. Jr P

      …on the other hand. If the photo its true, someone should go ‘medieval cristian’ and burn them at the stake!!!

  3. Shannon

    1) she is not being released till next wednesday
    2) that pic is clearly photoshopped
    3) they are both guilty as hell no matter what a jury said

    1. Timmay

      And OJ is still in prison for another unrelated armed robbery. However, I think this article is still quite valid, in a Christian sense.

        1. TokioHotel.BOTDF.Lauren

          reminds me of an Asking A. song called Alerion. It goes FUCK THIS/ Cross my heart I hope you die/ Left by the roadside/Karma’s a bitch, right?

          1. Timmay

            You cast this spell in another thread just a few minutes ago. I see witchcraft abounds!

          2. TokioHotel.BOTDF.Lauren

            It isn’t a spell, Timmay. It is the lyrics to a song called Alerion by Asking Alexandria. I don’t do magick.

          3. Shannon

            Timmay stop while your ahead and Im still being nice, I am trying my best to not be a bitch around here. As hard as that might be.

          4. TokioHotel.BOTDF.Lauren

            Come on baby
            Keep it down, honey hush your lips
            Clothes trailing from the backdoor to the bedroom
            And I don’t even know your name

            (Woo) Give me all you’ve got
            Make this night worth my time
            Make this worth my time

            Oh what I would give to live this night again
            I knew when I first saw you
            You’d fuck like a whore
            You’d fuck like a whore
            Hope they hear you screaming for more

            Your thighs were made for cheeks to graze
            My lips, your poison
            They bring you down to your knees
            Your thighs were made for cheeks to graze
            My lips, your poison
            They bring you down to your knees

            (Oh, come on)

            Girl get down
            It’s almost over
            Take it all the way (Oh!)

            You stupid fucking whore

            And after all of all my dreaming being only you
            You’re standing there baby
            Oh the things that I could do
            Back to the wall with a drink in my hand
            Back it up, baby; ride, ride, ride

            One step too late
            And I never told you (never told you)
            That I can’t take another disappointment
            Breathing and grasping
            All leads to another messy ending
            Breathing and grasping
            All leads to another messy ending

            With your back against the wall
            With your face buried in the pillow
            I see you cold, I feel you heartless

            Bitch, you stupid fucking bitch
            You stupid fucking bitch

            Fucking bitch

            ~Not the American Average, Asking ALexandria

          5. August Weisz

            It depends what Shannon we get.

            Do we get the Shannon that allies herself with Claire and Allison, which speaks nonsense and hate?

            Or do we get the sometimes brilliant and caring Shannon who thinks for herself and shows leadership?

          6. Shannon

            I always think got myself, it just happens that sometimes I agree with them, nothing wrong with that, I promised to be nicer and not so much hateful, but don’t expect me to sit down and be quite when I am being insulted either.

      1. Timmay

        Just because you are a self admitted heathen sinner, I don’t hate you in any way.

        Also, on a different note, didn’t mention something about an audition coming up soon? I truly wish you good luck! It can be a tough town for that sort of thing, but I have hope for you. In both the cleansing of your sin and your audtition.

  4. TokioHotel.BOTDF.Lauren

    Load up your six-shot baby
    Put it to my head
    Pull the trigger, blank I’d figured
    Put it to me, dead
    Lay your guns down let me die (scars)
    Why can’t you just let me die (don’t)
    Lay your guns down let me die (heal)
    Why can’t you just let me die (when)
    Lay your guns down let me die (you keep)
    Scars don’t heal when you keep cutting
    Always cutting
    Cutting deeper
    Always deeper
    Scars don’t heal when you keep cutting

    ~I was once, Possibly, Maybe, Perhaps A Cowboy King, Asking Alexandria

      1. TokioHotel.BOTDF.Lauren

        That isn’t Joy Division, that is Asking Alexandria, a hardcore band. Joy Division is an 80s Indie band. Asking Alexandria fucking rules, and personally, I don’t care for Joy Division. Here’s some more Asking A. for ya!

        Oh, you’re back to me and the hunger returns
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        The curtains left wide
        One scream it’s over
        I lay them side by side
        Holding each other
        I’ll be there in the morning with a smile on my face
        I’ll be there in the morning to start it all again
        Boy you caught me red handed
        You’ve got no fucking clue what you just got yourself into
        Panic runs down your leg, seeing me kill again
        You just got yourself caught and you don’t even know it
        On the drive you get the rush and pull the gun on me
        We make the stop, it’s time to be set free
        Oh, the bullets gone
        I take the spade I slit your throat
        You fall into your grave I cover up my tracks I’m done
        I won’t kill again
        I said that’s it I’m done
        I’ll be there in the morning with a smile on my face
        I’ll be there in the morning to start it all again
        No she’s
        Daddy’s little girl
        She wasn’t meant to be another me
        But it’s the scissors to my fucking throat

        Hey There Mr. Brooks by Asking Alexandria

  5. Scart

    a) Please, google “Photoshop” before creating this sort of thing.
    b) You all sound like such good, loving, forgiving Christian folks. If this is what it means to be a Christian, count me in! I’ve got bigotry and hate to share for days!!
    c) Seriously. Y’all are disgusting human beings.

    1. Harold Camping


      I agree.

      As Ms. Scart rightly points out, that photograph has not been photoshopped.

      We want you, but we do not want “haters” and bigots in our Christian community.

      Yes – OJ and his new bride are somewhat disgusting. But if they pray for forgiveness, they will sit next to God in Heaven.

      1. TokioHotel.BOTDF.Lauren

        No. She said that it has been photoshopped. See where Casey and OJ meet? It’s blurred. So is her whole outline. Oj’s shadow is not on her face. The way she is positioned, there would be a shadow. Her hand, not the one in the peace sign she is making, but her right hand, is much darker than the rest of her. This is clearly photoshopped, hunny. Sorry.

    2. Timmaaay

      Umm, our church states that Photoshop is used by Satanists. We’ve been instructed to use The Gimp, which is free and also Christian (just as having your soul save is free!).

  6. DumbPeopleAreFunny

    Haha are you people actually this fucking stupid. Its a photo shopped picture you ignorant pricks. She hasnt even been released from jail yet. How stupid has this country become…..

  7. Bob Newhart

    Today I learned idiot rednecks have never heard of Photoshop. Do you actually think this photo or story is true? LMAO, idiots.

  8. Linda

    I love the photoshop… sadly id like to point out, if she is so guilty of something wouldnt a jury find her guilty justly? i heard or watched a good 90% of that case and found no solid evidence that proves she is guilty. the prosecution made her look crazy more then tried to prove murder. lastly, she isnt out of jail. sorry, this artical is full of crap.

  9. April

    You must be dumb. Like straight DUMB.
    This picture is OBVIOUSLY photoshopped.
    This website is a joke.
    Now excuse me while I frolic in gluttonus gayness.

  10. steve

    You are an idiot. That is not a “black gang sign”… Look it up. Nixon used it leaving the white house, churchill used in during the war..


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