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Kentucky Man Sues Mother For Not Aborting Him


46 year old, Craylon Marcus sues mother over not aborting him.

Alva, KY – 46 year old Kentucky man, Craylon Marcus, has served his mother with a outrageous lawsuit claiming her selfishness to not abort him while he was a fetus has caused him years of emotional and mental abuse. Mr. Marcus’ lawyer, Brian Miller, claims post non-abortion sickness is a serious mental illness and shouldn’t be taken lightly. “Over 75 people a year in the US are diagnosed with PNAS and it is time for their rights as unwanted fetus’ to be heard. People claim it is the mother’s right to have an abortion or not, but no one is there fighting for the little one growing inside of her. No one ever asks for his opinion. It is my goal to ease my client’s suffering by punishing his mother for her lack of responsibility.” Miller stated in a news conference earlier today.

Miller plans to also filing a class action suit against Americans who do not practice anti-pregnancy sex.

African American Scientist Invent Synthetic Watermelon

Dr. Jerome Wilson and Dr. Tyres Johnson celebrating their new discovery with their wives at their congratulatory party.

Dr. Jerome Wilson and Dr. Tyres Johnson celebrating their new discovery with their wives at their congratulatory party.

So-called “amazing news” has come to the Black American community according to Dr. Jerome Wilson and Dr. Tyres Johnson. Today both doctors have claimed they have created synthetic watermelon and both claim this scientific breakthrough is what the Black American community has been desperately been waiting for. This scientific venture was funded with over $4 million dollars by grant money given to the two doctors from Boost Mobile and Kool-Aid. Even President Obama has even acknowledge this oddly proclaimed discovery by awarding the doctors by clearing their criminal records and removing their child support responsibilities. When asked why they didn’t spend their time and money looking for the cure for Sickle Cell, a virus that affects many of their members in Black America, Dr. Johnson said:

“Cause a mo’ fo’ wif dah Sickle rather be finna wif a watermelon and be chillin’ instead of having Sickle and no melon.”

Bloomberg to Ban Public Smiling, Says It Might Offend Those Having Bad Days

bloomberg-300x214Today New York City mayor, Mike Bloomberg, has announced a proposal to ban smiling in public. This is just the icing on his latest fascist conquest cake that he has been baking since taking office. First it was banning salt, next banning soda, topped off with banning PDA and now the artery clogging sugary frosting is to not allow people to smile in public just because it might offend someone who has had a bad day. After this frowning announcement, New Yorkers have dubbed the anti-American mayor with the name “Mayor Gloomdberg”.

Casey Anthony Parties it up with Fellow Murderer, OJ Simpson

After being released from jail, child murderer Casey Anthony decided to have dinner with fellow slasher, OJ Simpson or also known as Satan’s Running Back.

As you can see in the photo these two are having a grand old time laughing it up about their liberal court system wins. Notice how Casey is throwing up the black gang sign for victory.

Now let us hope the OJ can’t resist the urban temptation to cut up white female flesh and removes this baby killer from the world. If he does, I’m sure God will forgive him for his crimes.

Blacks Make “Ghetto” Friendly Justin Bieber

The Afro-Saxon community is up to no good again today. They have released photos of their new anti white project called “Wayne Beiber”, a blacked faced version of Justin Bieber. Why can’t they just let white people have things of their own nowadays? They already control Justin with fear, now they need to have their own version of him to steal the spot light from whites.

I hear his first song is going to be called “Oh baby mama, baby mama, ohh” is Saving Souls Digitally!

What a blessing it was today when a good friend of mine sent me a link to This site is the new front line in savings souls digitally by allowing users to read the Bible in it’s entirety. Here you can put together Bible studies, send your friends your favorite versus or hymn, search for great holy topics and more!

It even has a mobile version! You can can browse God’s word at work, while at your kid’s soccer games and your wife can view it while she is cleaning house or doing another of her house chores. What a great thing!!

With all the filth and smut that has infected the digital waves, this site for sure will lower sinning across the internet just by its presences alone. While others post photos of Katy Perry’s sin sacks, is posting love and truth!

I suggest our readers, especially the sinners on our site to check it out and release yourself from sin!

Afro-Saxon Rage Caught on Tape

The proof is in the chocolate pudding. Afro-saxon’s are very sensitive people and can go off at any minute. Here is a video of a Afro man getting angry with his slave rage because the wholesome family story Toys R Us didn’t have coloring books. You can see in classic black style, that he blames the white man for not having coloring books and it must be that the store is racist. I understand that the young man can’t read and wanted coloring books so he can give himself some form of education, but to say this is racism is just ridiculous.

Afro-Saxon Song to Brainwash Your Children Into Making Gay Friends

I told you the homo gay agenda and the afro-saxon community were teaming up to ruin the fabrics of true American values and households. They want to brainwash your children into thinking they need to have a rump ruffian buddy to fit in with “today’s” America.

The deal with this video is the trashy devil whore rapper gets money for a hipped hopped album and the gays get a new song to blast on MtV to brainwash. By making gay friends “cool” allows the homo agenda to get one step closer into your house and being able to have control over your young child’s mind.

Looks like BET should change it’s name to GET. What’s next? “My Anal Raping Pedo Gay Friend”

Homo Gay Music Now Being Taught in Schools

Looks like our little flesh twinkie humpers are now trying to teach children that homosexuality is fun, by brainwashing them with songs. The sheet on the left is for classrooms with boys and the sheet on the right is for little girls. The titles are vulgar and are a perfect example of how the gay’s brain works when it comes to small children.

Please view the photo below and vote on how you feel about this new form of homo terrorism. Releases

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