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Christwire Book Tour Dates

Santa Monica, CA
Sunday, January 8, 2012 · 2:00pm – 5:00pm

Palm Desert, CA
Sunday, January 15, 2012 · 2:00pm – 5:00pm


Hillcrest, CA
HSSS.TV Book Signing Show – TBA

New York City – TBA
Boston – TBA
Phoenix, AZ – TBA
Tucson, AZ – TBA
Topeka, KS – TBA
Pasadena, CA – TBA
Seattle, WA – TBA

Christwire Q&A

We thought it would be a super great idea to allow our readers to ask us some questions in hopes to bring them closer to God. Of course, like all things, there were some bad apples who asked some atheistic and liberal questions. They were ignored.

Why does Satan always want anal sex?
Satan wants males to crave the act of sin docking in hopes to corrupt and control their souls. This is why Gays are deemed unholy and living, breath devil children. Performing anal sex is a fast ticket to Hellville.

Who is your favourite musician?
Amy Grant. Here voice is of the angels and you can hear her music being played at most of our teen dance events.

Can God make hott vampires exist? Also, where can I get the best croissant in town?
God can create anything he wishes. I doubt he would make a vampire, as they are demonic figures. For your second question, I goto Billy’s Best Bagels on 3rd.

Will there be goldfish crackers in heaven?
The soul does not require food in Heaven. So no, there will be no crackers in heaven.

Where do baby angels come from?
Angels are not born like humans. They are created as full grown warriors.

If you have more questions you can email us at our Holy Mail Box or send us a Tweeter or Facebook Posting.

Martin Luther King Quotes

I would like to take some time and praise the black communities greatest member in hopes that one day their savage ways will be turned around. Doc Martin was a great afro-saxon who believed his tribesmen were doomed and he tried to use the world of God to turn things around. But, no one from his dark world would listen. Doc Martin was killed by his own kind in hopes to shut him up. Of course this was then blamed on the white man, when we all know it was all conducted by the crack dealing followers of the Malcolm X.

Blood alone moves the wheels of history.

Doc Martin was talking about how slavery was needed to move this country forward.

For where God built a church, there the Devil would also build a chapel.

Mr. King was saying here, that no matter where you put a church in a ghetto, it is still corrupted by black savages.

I am afraid that the schools will prove the very gates of hell, unless they diligently labor in explaining the Holy Scriptures and engraving them in the heart of the youth.

Proof Doc Martin was against the liberal agenda being taught in our schools and that exposing children to homosexual studies would send their souls to hell.

Let the wife make the husband glad to come home, and let him make her sorry to see him leave.

Martin he shows he was a firm believer that a woman’s role is to stay in the kitchen and serve her husband.

Nothing good ever comes of violence.

His cry to tell blacks to stop creating all the violence in the country.

I more fear what is within me than what comes from without.

Saying he feared his own black skin and African heart.

Keith Olbermann fired For Supporting Homo Gay Agenda

God has shown his disgust today by firing the left wing racist, homo agenda loving, Keith Olbermann. For too long Olbermann has been supporting left wing agenda propaganda with the money he makes from his comedy news show on MSNBC. Well, today God had enough and made it so that he was finally fired! Olbermann was found to be secretly supporting Homo Gay Agenda groups that fund “rights to pedophiles”, “Gay Marriage” and possibly NAMBLA. The evidence has always been in front of our faces. Below is a collection of images that have been collected, showing Olbermann giving secret signs to his groups. This man loves muslim extremist, socialism, Carl Marx and cabana boys. This is why he is being pushed and he will burn for his sins.

Afro-Saxon Song to Brainwash Your Children Into Making Gay Friends

I told you the homo gay agenda and the afro-saxon community were teaming up to ruin the fabrics of true American values and households. They want to brainwash your children into thinking they need to have a rump ruffian buddy to fit in with “today’s” America.

The deal with this video is the trashy devil whore rapper gets money for a hipped hopped album and the gays get a new song to blast on MtV to brainwash. By making gay friends “cool” allows the homo agenda to get one step closer into your house and being able to have control over your young child’s mind.

Looks like BET should change it’s name to GET. What’s next? “My Anal Raping Pedo Gay Friend”

New Black Gay Rap Anthem Promotes Raping of Kids and Your Wifes

Finally some up close and personal video taped proof of how violent and dangerous black music and people can be. I recently found a video lurking on Youtube that shows a black gay sugar plumb fairy singing about raping your kids, wife and he even says he will rape your husband too. They even title the song “Bed Intruder”. how much more do you need? Have the gays and afro-saxon’s started to create hybrids or gay violent mean who rap hipped hopped style?

I can tell this video was filmed in the “projects” because a typical crackhead has a little cameo about how hardcore her neighborhood is. Sweetheart having a 2nd grade education and smoking a cheap form of cocaine does not make you tough!

At the end of the video you can see the effects of hipped hopped music on young white children. They are already mimicking the lyrics and gay gangsta type mannerisms and high pitched voices.

Ryan Seacrest Steals Content From

Ryan Seacrest has stolen content from Christwire and claiming as it is his own. We request that his homosexual based radio show go on air and claim their liberal hands lifted content from our site and apologize. Here is proof below of him talking on his show acting as if it is his own content.

Click here
Warning, this site is full of homo gay agenda content.

My Plans To Stop Illegal Immigration and Make Money For The United States

America is broke and American has a illegal Mexican problem. I have a few ideas on how we can kill two birds with one stone.

Remember when you were a child and you would go to the Christian carnival? Do you remember your local pastor setting up fun games for you to play that cost a couple of tickets? Well I think we should take some of these games and modify them.

Idea One: Wet Down the Wetback

This idea would require us to build a large wall across our border, but have one part be a high chain link fence. On one side of the fence we would have high powered water guns and on the other side would be dirty Mexicans trying to climb the fence as fast as they could without being blasted off. The guns would cost $5 a minute. Here is a digital concept.

Idea Two: Whack the Wetback

This idea is quite fun. We could make large concert walks with little holes in them that the refried rice bean would have to crawl through. We would charge 5$ to people and they would have large hammers. They would sit and wait for a tortilla tosser to pop their head out and whack them really hard.

Idea Three: Dunk a Juan

By far my favorite! This one will take some work but would be quite fun to play with the grand kids. We would round up any illegals caught the night before and slap them in a dunk tank. The dunk tank would have a tube that once the border jumpers get dunked, the would get sucked out to the Gulf. You would pay $2 a ball.

Idea Four: Tower of Sombreros

Got a good arm? Think you can knock down more than “Juan” Mexican? Step right up and take your best shot at knocking down not just 5 but 15 Rio Grande Salmon. This idea, we would take a group of 15 illegals and stack them on top of eachother. Once they were knocked down by one of those work out balls (which are $5 a ball) they would crash into a innertube, like the ones you see at water parks and be ejected out to sea.

As you can see, keeping the borders can be fun! I hope you share my passion to keeping our country “spick” and span.

Proof Blacks Are Possessed By Satan and Are A Violent Species

A new video has surfaced of two blacks attacking eachother. One is a teacher and the other is a student. From trusted sources, it has been reported the student was acting up (typical black child at school) and the teacher warned him over and over to stop. The child then throw a desk at teacher in a “spear throwing” motion which caused the teacher to be engulfed in black rage. The teacher then ran up to the child and attacked him using some type of Zulu martial arts punch moves.

Where does this violence come from?

It comes from rap music:
Black people praise rap music more then they do religion. They believe murdering, drug dealing, “slanging”, “pimping” and other black sin things.

It comes from their father’s sin:
Black people have a long blood line of sin and violence. Starting from when they were created about 1300 years after white people.

It comes from bad mothers and fathers:
Black people 9 out of 11 times don’t grow up with a father figure, because most black males lack responsibility. Their mothers are just as bad. They tend to spend more time smoking crack and selling their bodies, instead of taking care of their children. That is were my tax dollars goto, to take care of this black babies.

On that last note, let’s take a look at the students mother. She is over weight, uneducated and ugly. This is the typical choice that a black man chooses for a mate. Obviously her son is following mom’s foot steps.

This is why I have a strong believe of locking up blacks in jail and putting them through a vigorous rehabilitation program, to re introduce them into the world. I mean this is a breed of people who beat their own children like how lions eat their own young in the wild! Until then they are a threat to our children and women.

Just image it a white child was in this room? Ah, they thought of that gives me nightmares.

Below is the shocking video, showing how blacks act in their enclosed urban habitat.

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New Infant Doll Sex Toy Created For Homosexuals

Ha busted! I got you again Mr. Gay Toy Maker!

I got you here:

And here:

Don’t forget here:

And this gajunker:

Now again these filth factories want to produce a doll that has a working human twiddle rompus!! You can see from the start of this unclassified video that a gay man with a fake French accent comes wondering in while two little girls are playing with a baby doll! Look at the excitement in his sin whore eyes when his starts to hungerously gaze at the fake babies wee-wankous!

Let me break this commercial down to you as I have been studying the gays mind for sometime now.

1. The guys use little girls in the video to make this product look like it is for little Sally and Katie, but what mother would really want their 3 year old playing with a plastic satan staff? BUSTED

2. The video uses a French accent. Why? causes French is spoken within the gay bath houses, so when they hear a man with a French accent their little gay radars go off and they know the item is geared towards them. BUSTED AGAIN

3. The man in the video shows you how to tickle the baby (looks like he has done this before) because babies become aroused when tickled and homos know this. Once the baby is tickled it shoots baby tadpoles in the man’s face. This is a favorite act with the gays when they perform mouth sex acts on young children. BUSTED BUSTED BUSTED

This toy is nothing more then a doll that allows gay men to have their sick rape fantasies while they have their little gay parties in places like Homowood and San Fagsisco.

New Site Praises Twiddle Rompus’

More gay activity has sprung up on the web this week with a new blog dedicated to satan scepters. This blog is no doubt a underground homo gay agenda fetish site that likes to praise and show off the gays favorite afternoon snack.

Gays love to show off their love for pant towers and this site is exactly what that is for. The name alone “Accidental Dong” uses gay speak to let other child molesting gays know that they can find their man mecca here. Normal non sinning people would never search for the word “dong” as it is a secret word only used by homo males.

This site in my mind is most likely the second largest site for gays. The first largest site for gays is any Disney site. The gays love to make fake profiles and chat with the youth. Plus, gays love fairies and magic as it is also things that satan likes.

I believe the photos of the foods are actual foods created by the gays, so they could watch young boys put twiddle rompus’ in their mouths and then they could get themselves all excited and go home and release their gay molester sauce out of their sinful skin rockets.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Obama funds sites like these.

To help fight the homo gay agenda from spreading more marinated sin, you can buy one of our “SAY NO TO SATAN SCEPTERS” shirts.

Hipped Hopped Music Makes You Gay

From past posts and research we know the hipped hopped music is the cause to many blunders in our country, like rape, underaged sex, murder, STDs, welfare, unfathered black children, ghettos, interracial sex and marriage, disobedient children and prostitution, to just name a few. Never in my life would I think that these thugs would ever want to promote sugar plum anal sinner gangsta rap. Yes my good people, rap is now making not just white youth, but black youth gay!

I already know I will be asked by many non believes and homo supports about where my proof is and here it is:

If this isn’t enough proof then I don’t know what is.

This whole site promotes black thug twinkie worshiping life and encourages the young white suburbanites to turn gay, by using their hipped hopped music.

They have many videos showing off their gaydom and they rap about their sin worms and how they want to put them in another man’s man hole or how they want a man to shove their twinkie stick into their mouth. SUCH HORRIBLE ACTS!! I would hope blacks would be outraged and “cap” or “shoot up” these gay thugs. There is nothing but homo photos, event postings and blogs promoting gayness! This site is just marinated in sin!

If I had to pick the lesser of twice evils I would have to say I’m going to pray that blacks will start some black on black crime with these gay rappers. Atleast normal black rappers don’t promote gay sex and gay lifestyle.

So I ask my “homeboyz” out there to take a stand and get this problem taken care of.

Christwire Radio – Saving Souls One Show at a Time

Welcome to our new Christwire Radio Show! This is our first installment or what we like to call our introduction show.

Blake Schuart

Chandler McFloust

I would like to introduce our two knowledgeable interns, Chandler McFloust and Blake Schuart. They are making their way up the ranks here at Christwire and we are proud to give them their own radio show!

Listen to our show!

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