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New Mortal Kombat To Use Menstruation Violence

Screen shot from one of Mortal Kombat’s new female secretion killing moves.

Burbank, Calif. – Shocking and morbid video game news has been announced today fromNether Realm headquarters when lead developer,Nakasatu Kashimi, showcased their next installment of the popular blood and gore game series, Mortal Kombat. This game has been known over the years for its highly graphic bloodshed, homosexual subliminal content, detailed mutilation combat system and unfamily friendly vulgarity. But, today the line of American decency has been crossed. That line crossing doesn’t include new ways to decapitate or rip the spine out of your opponent, that the typical Mortal Kombat games bring. Nope, now kids will be able to finish off their challengers with clotted glob streams of murder scene red female menstruation blood. You read that correct, your children will be able to unleash red seas of female monthly mucus onto each other to the point of death and Nether Realm thinks it is “stepping up the game in video game experience.