#dumptherobotday Is Coming. A Protest Against Craig Ferguson’s Gay Sidekick

Last weekend we posted a story exposing the homo gay agenda that is being forced onto ABC viewers via The Craig Ferguson show. Once that story went up, there was about 1500 retweets of our comment calling out Craig himself to admit what he is being forced to do is wrong. His brainwashed, cry baby fans and followers started to reply to us with hate speech and sexual threats! Shows you proof that his viewers are being turned into gay supporting terrorist to do the bidding of ABC (Always Been Commie).

The fact they try to slip gay humor and propaganda into the minds of people via a homo erotic robot is disgusting. They use a robot, because gays are just like robots. They repeat anything they are told to repeat and don’t have the ability to show or feel emotion.

Craig acknowledged that he is in fear of the truth that we speak on his show Monday night. He first blocked us from using his name on his Twitter, then blocked us from being a follower (like a digital restraining order) and then showed his fear again on national television admitting defeat. Sorry Craig, just “blocking” us will not stop this new powerful movement!

Here is a link to the exact time to the video.

Post #dumptherobotday if you are with us! Let’s put a end to the gay robot spewing out devil nectar to the brain washed viewers. You can follow or covert Twitter account here @DumpTheRobot.

You can also help us by posting this flyer on your Facespacing profiles and your Tweet accounts! Let’s put a stop to this propaganda known as Geoff Peterson!

14 thoughts on “#dumptherobotday Is Coming. A Protest Against Craig Ferguson’s Gay Sidekick

  1. Fishyfish

    How is Craig forcing the non-existant gay agenda upon ABC of all networks? His show’s on fucking CBS no? Also, you can’t really be serious about calling Geoff the only gay character on the show. If so, then you haven’t been paying attention to Craig at all. Excruciatingly pathetic

  2. Herb Shallot

    “They repeat anything they are told to repeat and don’t have the ability to show or feel emotion”
    No, gays repeat anything they are told to repeat BECAUSE they are so hysterically emotional. Just watch the documentary “The Boys In The Band” and you need look no further for proof.

  3. Crazy

    And people wonder why there are athiests and anti-christs in this world. Perfect answer right here. Interesting how such religious people can be so damn hateful. Sounds more like Satan if you ask me.

  4. Merize9

    HAHAHA! (Praise or condemn… Oh my my…) Whats this joke? It’s going a little BIT too far. I love Geoff, and he’s only a robot. Thats it! Quit bitching. Let it go. Do not judge.

  5. Ty Bowers IV

    I love you Dad!

    The rusty trombone combines two amazing things into one: analingus and handjobs. See, you get your lover behind you and, as he’s eating your ass, he’s yanking your crank. By gum, it’s the Reese’s peanut butter cup of fucking. Now many of you, straight and/or gay, are nodding, saying, sure, yeah, of course, that’s obvious, who hasn’t been rusty tromboned a time or two? But there’s a good number of ya who are slappin’ yer foreheads, thinkin’, “Well, son of a bitch. That just makes so much sense.” And there’s probably a couple of you thinking, “Ew, never.” We call those people “lost causes.”

  6. Jason

    Interesting hate-filled diatribe. How about about you do some good and try exposing the Christian hate agenda for a change?

  7. Alexa

    “They repeat anything they are told to repeat and don’t have the ability to show or feel emotion.”

    Woah, that’s really mean. If I had emotion I’d be very sad right now. *Sniff*


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