Examples of Atheists, Gays and Liberals Ruining Your Child’s Year Book

Parents be warned! Liberals parents are using their children’s year books to push the homo gay and Atheist left winged agenda. Before purchasing this year’s year book, make sure to ask for a soft copy so that you can proof read it before purchase. It is also good to see how they place black students. If they are mashed up in the back of the book, that is a good sign of a high morally valued year book.

106 thoughts on “Examples of Atheists, Gays and Liberals Ruining Your Child’s Year Book

      1. BVB666HIM

        Don’t have to be rude. I know it’s a parody, but a parody using another parody? Like really, it’s pathetic, it’s as if they didn’t even try to make it seem like it could be real.

        1. Sean J. Raymond

          What do you mean to say? That what you see before you is a joke? Do you want us to stand by as our youth are corrupted?

          1. BVB666HIM

            Let them walk on their own two feet. That wont know how to live until they fail so many times before getting it right.

            I raised myself and I still have moments where I fail at something or other, but I learn from the experience. So yes, sit back and relax and let them experience the real world for themselves.

          2. BVB666HIM

            Um, being 17, I think I can… and how the fuck would you know that I wouldn’t understand? I probably understand more than you… Then again I don’t fucking know you and you SURE AS HELL don’t fucking know me. So don’t fucking judge me cos guess, what! You’re not me, you don’t know me, and you never will.

          3. LinuxGamerTheist

            Such foul language should not be used on the intertubes, especially not on this website!

          4. LinuxGamerTheist

            Okay my turn to show off my hacking skills: Oddatheist’s name is … *drumroll* … Zachary Walton!!!

          5. OddAtheist

            Oddly enough…My first name is Zach (with an H not a K) not sure where he got Walton though…

            And yes, I’m a guy and Brony refers to male fans of My Little Pony

          6. BVB666HIM

            I wouldn’t know… << sorry not a fan of My Little Pony… haha, I used to be when I was 10 and stuff… I have friends that are though, which is cool.

          7. LinuxGamerTheist

            but… well, then there is some other random guy with a rainbow dash twitter avatar whose computer I now have control of… hmmmn…

        2. mudhooks

          I see, and just exactly which rulebook states that you can’t use parody to do parody?

          And who exactly is being “rude”? “Epic fail man, all this crap is from fail blog or sites like that. They’re all parody sites and make fun of shit. None of those are real. Stupid fuck”.

          If I wanted to be rude, I would be.

    1. Militant Negro

      You dumb emo bitch. Learn what PARODY is. Just becuase it is a humor site doesn’t mean it is parody. Jesus you white people are so damn stupid.

      Those pictures are real, they are just posted on comedy sites to make people laugh. repeat they are real you dumb cracker.

      1. BVB666HIM

        I’m not even fucking white MN. So don’t fucking call me a damn cracker, and I’m not emo. So shut the fuck up. I’m a tomboy, this is a fact. So stop trying to be racist with me, it sadly wont work.

        How’d you like it if I called you a fuckin’ stupid ass nigger? You wouldn’t like it would you. So don’t do it to others if you do not expect to get it in return.

        “Treat others the way you want to be treated”

          1. BVB666HIM

            Lol. Maybe that’s what he wants us to think… Or or you talking about The Boondocks character? Cos I know he’s black, just using him as an example.

  1. Christopher Christenson

    Oh my, that is terrifying. I cannot believe how corrupt our youth has become, and yet they’re everywhere. I had tons of people like this make fun of me in high school and university, and this only serves to show how insane our young people are and it makes me fear for our future. We need a Holy Intervention to save the earth from sinners like these.

  2. KBLME

    I thought this is what happens if text was a religion state…oh wait.

    Also that 2nd on explain this site in a nut shell, fail blog!

  3. OddAtheist

    I wouldn’t say Atheists, Gays, or Liberals are to blame…More like immature highschool kids.

    Makes me love my yearbook quote though:
    In the end, everything is a gag -Charlie Chaplin.

    Speaking of Charlie Chaplin quotes:
    I have no further use for America. I wouldn’t go back there if Jesus Christ was President. -Charlie Chaplin

      1. OddAtheist

        Nice one.

        I remember my friend did one from Mad Max 3

        “Remember: no matter where you go, there you are.” PigKiller.

        He used it just to mess with people

    1. LinuxGamerTheist

      the Fibbonacci sequence can be used to measure the spread of gays. I’m kidding. You are a homophobic asshole.

      1. August Weisz

        And you have based your life on a OS whith no future. Even for people that wanted an open solution, Android has doomed it.

        1. LinuxGamerTheist

          How has Android doomed it??? I’ve not based my life on it, I’ve based THIS ACCOUNT on it. Linux, btw, is not an OS, it is a kernel. Android is not the Linux kernel per se, It’s a modified version, optimized for mobile devices. GNU is the future. What do netbooks run? What do servers run? What do supercomputers run? Thank you and good night.

          1. LinuxGamerTheist

            Does that even come with python? You are an idiot. Windows should stick to gaming computers. Xeons are old and inefficient. Kinda like DOS. And you. And that explains the quality of this site. For everyone’s sake: GET A FUCKING LINUX!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. bvbridesmaid122690

          To me yes gay is a choice you make with yourself…if you belive it would make you feel bettr about yourself/ happy.So go ahead and think what you want i dont give a shit. Infact i am not gay and one of my close friends is gay and he is one of the best people ive ever met.Christwire blames gays for everything and its stupid. I bet if you were at a fucking resturant and silverware fell on the floor you would probably blame it on a gay.

          You are no better than anybody else August Weisz……so stop thinking you are.

          1. LinuxGamerTheist

            No, you know that you are gay and that it is right, it is a choice, one that you are bor with. Did that make sense to you?

          2. August Weisz

            Can I interview you for a Gay is a Choice article? In it I will declare loudly that being Gay is a choice.

          3. Dragonman

            It’s not a choice to be gay. It’s a choice to accept that it’s not a choice and live with it.

          4. August Weisz

            Ok, BVB666HIM. I am applying for a grant to fund the article. I will look for you on here or you can message me on facebook (listed on the top bar). I should have the funding in a day or so.

        2. Dragonman

          I don’t really think that’s what he means, but I have a question for you. Do you really think you can make someone get turned on by the same sex? No matter how hard you try, you can’t make someone change their sexuality. Homosexuality is a genetic mutation. You can’t change it.

          1. Dragonman

            I never said they were mutants. It’s just a small little genetic mutation. It’s not like something out of x-men or some shit like that. They are just normal people that were born with a small mutation. It’s not a disability. They are in no way freaks or whatever the hell you think.

          2. August Weisz

            Mutation is a Mutation, people with MS have just a tiny mutation. Homosexuality could be a type of retardation. But I think people choose to be gay.

          3. Dragonman

            It’s not a fucking retardation. Most people have mutations. Hell, that’s what allergies are mostly. Genetic mutations. It’s not a serious form of retardation. We all have Genetic mutations. I have a mutation that makes my hair, skin, and nails grow faster than average people around my age. Does that make me a retard or mutant? Of course not. Homosexuality is just a another simple mutation. It doesn’t make them retards.

  4. Tomoya

    This is horrible they are ruining the youth. Everyone should be ashamed for thinking this is even funny.
    *save pic*
    You should repent for forgiveness
    *save pic*
    oh that one is good…I mean repent and something

  5. bisexual

    lol this is only kids expressing their own personalities with their favorite quotes XD and some of them are just silly jokes that kids put on the paper XD we had a few of these in my yearbook… they aren’t promoting anything but how they individually think….

    or do you guys want your kids to be UN-unique and painfully boring chrstian robots that say the same thing over and over again..

    do you only want them to say in each one…

    “GOD! I LOVE YOU!”

    ya ok… that’s kool for like… a couple…but uhm… it would be really scary to see a whole book of that… it only shows a bunch of kids with a lack of creativity….or minds of their own..


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