Gays Make New Devil DNA Squirt Gun

There is nothing happy or cheerful about your child being covered in gay devil DNA by a young boy praying ass bandit, but in an attempt to trick children into craving sexual attention from lurking homosexuals, The Homo Gay Agenda has released a new “Super Soaker” toy to brainwash children into confusing them with demonic urges. This new gun toy imitates the feeling of Billy Jazz Hands attacking your unsuspecting male child with his penile spatter, while he tickles his taint with feelings of naughty pedophilia accomplishments. Remember, this is not the first or even tenth attempt I have exposed on this matter. Back in 2010, I showed you how the gays were targeting young Mexican boys to turn them into Mexi-gays.

Nothing is worst than homosexuality, but a close third would be the act of self sexing. Remember, touching yourself in a non-child making matter is equal to rape. As a double whammy, the gays also crafted this gun to teach young men how to firmly grip their flesh torpedo in a sexual fashion while they pump it to the point of making climax.

The gays who made this commercial even show they love for variety in young boys. Notice that they even use a little black boy and a communist China kid in the commercial to not only add spice to their child Pee-wee Herman self sexing theater film, but to also promote interracial man/boy gay relationships.

So not only do we need to worry about MAC (Men Attacking Children) marketing their iGay products to turn your children homo, we now how to worry about toys that reenact gay men releasing their homosexually disease loaded goo on our child.

41 thoughts on “Gays Make New Devil DNA Squirt Gun

      1. Tom Formisano

        I have seen some very sad and scary things in the straight society. Worse yet, from so called Christians. Throughout time your worst serial killers, were Christians. What is the back up for your statements?

    1. jack

      HAHAHAHAHAHA, because priests/representatives of the church have NEVER laid a finger upon ANYONE, because they uphold their devotion to the church and all that is “sacred” in the bible. PLEASE, you’re all a bunch of hipocritical bastards who are too scared to admit you’ve dreamt of sucking another guy off. Wake up to yourselves and your own homosexual tendencies, and pull your head (and finger/dildo, because that’s about as far as you’d go) out of your ass!

  1. Jim

    Hahahaha this has to be a joke it is so rediculous! Homosexuallity is not contagious! If I was a major religous nut I would be worried about all the so called closer to god priests who have been praying on little boys for generations. The religous cult needs to take care of problems at “home” before attacking the community.

  2. tyler temptation ;]

    This is hilarious. Hahahaha I used to jerk off every day! But now I just have my girl do it for me. I really “super soak” her. ;] Is that still an act of the devil? LOL

  3. L.N

    I find it funny that you keep calling it ‘devil DNA’, and yet every single time you call sperm that, you’re calling the one thing that God gave men to reproduce something terrible.

    1. Tyson Bowers III

      Devil DNA comes from homosexual penile holes and when people force it out. It is only Gods seed when it is created during sex between a married couple.

        1. Roger Delco

          Men do not have husbands idiot! Marriage: “The legal union of a man and woman as husband and wife,” “The state of being united to a person of the opposite sex as husband or wife in a consensual and contractual relationship recognized by law,” and “Social institution under which a man and woman establish their decision to live as husband and wife by legal commitments, religious ceremonies, etc.”

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      1. LawnyJ

        That’s just ignorant. Gay people are not after your children’s junk. Being attracted to another man does not make one want little boys. By your logic, you’re attracted to women so you must like little girls.

        1. Bruce Danus

          You are correct, No Pedophile is a Christian Priest, they are Catholic Priests and Catholicism is a dangerous Cult full of Idolators. Thank you for agreeing with us finally.

  5. Rob

    Ask Yourself “Would Jesus want you to read this”?

    This so called Christian Magazine is a duplicate of “The National Enquire”
    Read The Bible: It’s easy to get caught up in this garbage! This doesn’t save souls.

    Psalm 101:31 I will set before my eyes no vile thing The deeds of faithless men I hate; they will not cling to me.

  6. J. Boston

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more bigoted, ignorant person on the internet ever. Bravo for representing your religion flatteringly. I’m sure reasonable Christians just think you’re the best thing ever, huh?

  7. Teehee

    I’m torn between amusement and disappointment. On the one hand, this website, which is clearly dedicated to parodying Christian radicalism, has some pretty hilarious articles, but on the other, I can’t believe so many people 1: can’t figure out that these articles are parodies and 2: let themselves get so riled up about it. Unless everyone who is commenting here is actually in on the joke and are having farcical arguments for their own amusement… Then I would be the one out of the loop. That’s some deep stuff right there.