Google Instant Caught Promoting Homo Gay Agenda

Waking up this morning to do my daily policing of the content on the internet, I was quite surprised when I typed in my favorite subject “Jesus Christ” , Google decided to displayed homosexual gay content!  The screen was filled with homo sewer hole sex ads and gay propaganda content. The most horrible part about this was my youth interns where sitting next to me when this content was displayed.

After more investigating, I found that Google has launched a new programming called “Instant”  which is suppose to “enhance” your web experience. Funny how that word “enhance” is used in twinkie stick growth ads and is used on homo gay agenda blogs and newspapers. I also think it is funny that Google is calling this “Instant” which looks close to “In Stan” which sounds just like rump raper talk.

I use to love Google, but now seeing that they are purposely forcing sugar plum fairy content onto my screen, I will now go back to using services like netscape or hotbot.

How would you feel if your daughter is searching for new cooking recipes and she has results showing ads for plastic tadpole torpedoes or ads of females who worship other womens fish caves. Or what if you son was looking up football scores and got scores of photos mens satan scepters.

I say we should stop using Google until they fix the gay virus they are spreading. I would even suggest using Lycos or Dogpile.

28 thoughts on “Google Instant Caught Promoting Homo Gay Agenda

  1. jcra

    Mr Bowers iii, I know exactly what you mean. Why, just the other day I was typing in ‘Holiest of Holy’ into Google, and I mis-typed ‘naked men frolicking in bed’. I was horrified to see pictures of naked men frolicking in bed. An hour or 2 later I was able to exit these shocking sites and compose myself. Yours in comradeship.

  2. the Right Reverend Dr. Thurgood Goodlove

    Way to go. This article is dead on. Instant is evil!!! Watch the Right Reverend Dr. Thurgood Goodlove, the Savedest man in the history of the Republican party on the web show Good Good Advice ( He has gone 41 consecutive years without any sin – at all. Really, no sin at all! He delivers his divine word, which is blessed by God with an assist from Jesus his own self. The most pious man in the world weighs in on celebrity relationships and your relationships –

    1. Mr Debonair

      I thought you of all people brother Nelson loved the ‘gay’? Or have I ministerpreted your previous ‘comment’s?

  3. John Ross

    On google you have to turn off ‘safe search’ to get pornographic images.

    So, Mr. Pervy, why is that you have safe search off?
    What were you looking for on the internet? Hmm?

  4. Mr Debonair

    Thank you brother Bowers III I for one am sick of the common usage you hear everday on the street of these common phrases that the ungrateful youth seem to spew at ervy turn such as
    twinkie stick
    rump raper
    sugar plum
    plastic tadpole torpedoes
    fish caves
    satan scepters

    the modern world disgusts me…

    ‘How agree the kettle and the earthen pot together?’
    – Ecclesiasticus (ch. XIII, v. 2)

    1. Millenium

      its weird but Nobody use these word since its hand made by yours Only the common youth use penis dick cock vagina cunt and pussy to actually talk about their genital part we don,t yhide behind tabooism like you do

      as for the matter you didnt check the safe search you just uncheck it and put Gay jesus instead

  5. Captain Obvious

    You realize that Dogpile displays results for all major search engines, right? Oh, and a really great recipe I know of (studying to be a chef) is hair pie. It sounds disgusting, but it’s actually really good.

  6. Aaron Law

    There is no way you are actually this stupid. Your picture at the end of the article indicates that you googled “Homosexuality”, since it’s bolded in every one of those links. You then typed in “Jesus C” into the search box and took your screenshot. Please stop making crap up and being an embarrassment to all Christians.

  7. Mrs. Timeothea Parrish

    Why thank you Brother Bowers for bringing my attention to this!

    I am doing my good Christian duty by teaching a unwed mother sinner how to good for her brood of unwashed mixed race bastards. I would be appalled if she found a recipe for cooking our lord and saviour. The savages she mated with to produce that litter of satan spawn may have eaten people back in their jungles but we don’t tolerate that kind of behaviour here in the good Lord’s U S of A.

    1. HOLLEND

      Why dont you go pray and look at yourself before judging others and who gives a shit who she has SEX with cause people are people no matter what color they are you evil sinner christian bitch with no love in your heart. If you cared or loved you wouldnt look down on others like your doing so go be like a natural human and suck a fat throbbing cock like I do. My Homo desires are taking over and I have to go fuck a dude in the ass ! Ta Ta for now !!!!! HO


    You should all stop concerning yourselves with others sins and worry about your fucking OWN ! I love cock and choke on it every day so I AM SOOO PROUD ! So Fuck you Ass hOles in the U S of fucked up A !

      1. Mr Debonair

        You, Sir, are one of the reasons I would not choose to vacation in the Europe!

        “A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.”
        -Proverbs 17:22

  9. Christ died for this?

    If you are busy looking up Jesus, why are the results showing homosexuality? Trying to work out some issues, huh? You clearly don’t understand how Google weighs relevancy of results. And why can’t you be happy that conservapedia is the #2 result under homosexuality?

    Tyson Bowes III, it is amazingly clear that you are a homogay! When you obsess over something that much it is clear that you are yearning to get some cock. Repressing that will likely lead to gay molestation of children or those who will not tell your secrets. Come out and save the anuses of those poor children!

    I can see why you really hate that evil Olivia Munn. Demon whore… if only you were that pretty everyone would want to fuck you! Then you wouldn’t have to spend your life swindling money from Christians to pay for male prostitutes either.

  10. Jymz

    i am flabergasted at the google machine! how dare they? someone should call the president, somone should call the pope! YOU WILL BURN IN HELL!

    wait…what? this is satire? so it isn’t real? so they are making fun of the people who comment on this? man, good work guys, keep up the laughs.i enjoy reading comments of people who think this is real.


  11. Anoen

    Tell me if I’m wrong but… Google research display results with what you’ve searched earlier…

    Faggot busted !

  12. Tyson Bowers IIIBlanche Beecham Post author

    Goodle is a popularity contest. Doogles the mind into thinking all the search results are important and tries to slip a homosexual finger into each and every linkage.

    I just ask Jesus.

      1. Dylan

        That’s the best you’ve got? Accusing me of photoshop skills and calling me a ‘baby eating sinner’? Is that supposed to insult me? Plus I told people to try it out themselves. They’ll clearly see the truth with their own eyes then, so…I’m not sure who you think you’re fooling. Even if God does think that homosexuality is wrong I’m pretty sure he doesn’t want you trying to get the point across with hate-filled lies. So please, try to be reasonable.

  13. Tyson Bowers IIITom Post author

    Did you really think that we wouldn’t notice what you did? You searched for Homosexuality and then started typing in Jesus Christ. Honestly, a child could have done a better job of falsifying images.

    Now, care to explain why you were searching for homosexuality? Oh yeah that’s right. You are homosexual.


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