Hallmark is a Homo Supporting Sinner Factory

What shock I had today when I learned that Hallmark now makes “Gay Friendly” wedding cards. How can anything Gay be friendly? Let’s see…..spreading AIDS and Syphilis is not friendly. Raping young boys, not friendly. Destroying Americans values and traditions not friendly. These are friendly to one person and one person only and that is satan.

How can anyone even promote a gay marriage? It’s not even validated by God and the people who perform them have blood on their hands.

I got a idea for a homo queer card sin festival wedding. It would have satan on the front and on the inside would say “burn in hell queers!” Or maybe a card that explodes when they open it.

Hey Hallmark, why not just make birthday cards for kids with a queer couple on the front and on the inside say “Happy Birthday, Have Fun Being Raped by Twiddle Homo and Twiddle Anus Worshiper!”

68 thoughts on “Hallmark is a Homo Supporting Sinner Factory

  1. Some Guy

    You clowns really suck at pretending to be Christians. Check that commandment about bearing false witness.

  2. Thomas

    Tyson Bowers the III is a solider of God and a completely illiterate retard. Why am I not surprised.
    It’s a good thing he goes to church because otherwise he would have no friends. [img]http://www.analfistingclips.net/free-pics-fisting-g22.jpg[/img]

  3. Adam Nelson

    I just found out that Pepsi is also renewing its campaign to support the homogay agenda too. Then these companies act all surprised when their stocks crash and they have to beg their dark savior for a bailout. It’s God’s judgment come on our businesses for this nonsense. There was a reason American business boomed so much during the 40 and 50s and it wasn’t because they allowed Adam and Steve to play tonsil hockey with each other while dringing faggy Pepsi and giving each other loving cards. Get in line America or God will copmletely tear us all down.

  4. Dave

    I’m a solider of God and I walk in his light to do his bidding!

    A solider of God, huh?

    I didn’t know he had any of those, but he’s going to have the right number of any kind he needs.

    There’s a solider school you went to somewhere? One is born a solider? How does that mechanic work actually?

  5. Dave

    Also, it’s hilarious that someone who doesn’t like gays has a Google ad promoting gay dating :).

    Ah, the interwebs, it’s such a grand place to be.

  6. A witness

    You are disgusting and certainly going to hell for preaching this horrible and disgusting bullshit.

    May God have mercy on you.
    Or may He not.

  7. prettyboyfloyd

    the people in this world that call themselves CHRISTIAN are the ones to be afraid of. MOST CHRISTIANS are loving helpful people because they lookat their personal self. Then there are those that prey on the weak IN THE NAME OF GOD. You people that believe that GOD DOES NOT SEE; OR THAT HE DOES????? You will live in HELL because…..any person that does harm to one his children especially a child willl suffer the LORDS WRATH!
    Suck on that popsickle for a minute and gather your thoughts.
    For the Lord our GOD is COMING back and he IS PISSED!

  8. not American - thank GOD

    Wow – I sometimes wonder why I find it hard to say the word Christian with out the word Fucking in front of it.

    Then I come across stuff like this and I remember…

    You poor uneducated fool

  9. sea goat

    One Answer to Your Question: Because Hallmark cards are about love, and love makes no distinction between straight and gay couples. Two people who love each other can and should be encouraged to do so. If more people did that there would be less violence and hatred in the world.

    Another Answer to Your Question: Because Hallmark is a successful business, gay couples have an enormous economic presence and far more spending power than the average straight couple. It’s good business to support gay relationships if you are selling something they would like to buy.

    A Third Answer to Your Question: I know several gay couples who have been together for more than a decade, bought houses together, raised children together, shared joy and tragedy together, work hard on themselves and their marriages, and serve as models of citizenry, fidelity and love to the rest of us. Love is the answer.


  10. Buddha's samadhi

    One who is scared of homosexuals is afraid of something likely in himself. A true hetrosexual is not afraid of his own sexuality! It says in the bible that jesus answered the question “what is the greatest commandment” with “honour god with your whole heart,…. etc” AND “the second equal to that is love your fellow as you love yourself”. If you think hating equals loving then you could just as well begin to hate god.

    This Dutch Buddhist is not against Christianity, but against reckless hate.

  11. y

    Obviously straight people don’t rape, or spread STDs.

    I think I missed something somewhere.

    Aren’t you folks supposed to love your neighbors, and didn’t God create man in his image? What about the part that Jesus loves everyone, even me too?

    Wait that would make too much sense. Yes, lets just focus on the real issues at hand… Like gay people. Instead of more useful things, like genocide in Darfur or the current banking crisis. Make yourselves useful.

  12. Peter

    hahahaha…. christians insulting pedophiles. Quite sad indeed.

    And to think i was stupid enough to be one. You filthy swine.

  13. Anon


    Hey mister, I’m sorry you’ve got your briefs in a twist… but I think you missed an important memo.

    Jesus says not to judge others, lest you be judged. He also says to love your neighbor as yourself.

    Homosexuality is a touchy subject, especially in this culture… but even if you disagree with it you are the “hate the sin, but love the sinner.”

    This hate-spewing gives Christians a bad name. I am a Christian in the most literal sense, I take Christ’s words to heart. We try to represent God’s love and God’s heart for those who don’t know Him. We take one step forward, and stuff like this sends up 20 steps back. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    Maybe it’s time for you to spend some one on one time with Jesus to figure out why you hate so much.

    …If anyone is without sin, cast the first stone.

  14. DT

    You call yourself Christian? Then Christians are clearly Hate Mongers? A hate monger is one who intentionally seeks to incite hate in others, and this article is all about hate.

  15. SweetJesusOnACracker

    “allowed Adam and Steve to play tonsil hockey”

    I’m no faghag (really!) but that sounds sexy.

  16. TrueChristian

    I`m really shocked by this
    How can Hallmark support the fag homo agenda?
    Is there no room for christ any more?
    The queers vorship satan`s glory hole! and they are proud of it!
    and now they want their own cards with this filth on it!!
    It just makes me so angry!
    If Gay want to marry , the can move to china!

    1. TJWHITE

      Mr “True Christian”, you’re lying to yourself if you think what you just said is in any way christian. The only thing that turns preists, or anyone else, into rapists is themselves. What kind of crap is, “if we didn’t have fags, we wouldn’t have pedophiles”? What about older men preying on little girls? Please go get your head checked, sir

  17. mike

    If you’re a solider of god, and you walk in the light, then how come your picture is so damn dark and blurry?

  18. HolySpongeBob

    1) God loves all beings, including gays. Denying it means you deny the godly nature of the Almighty.
    2) God wants us to love eachother, including gays. Spreading hate makes you more a soldier than a Christian.

    You shall be judged, but unfortunately not the way you thought, Tyson Bowers the Third

  19. Leeopus

    I wonder if Mr. Bowers knows that Jesus never said one word of condemnation about homosexuality. The subject never came up. I think he projects his own fears and insecurities about his inner demons and uses religion as a cover. In fact, most of the agenda of the religious right is fear-based. Look at the postings on this site, “I am extremely terrified of Chinese People,” “Dirty Prom Dress Reveals Satan’s Plan to get Your Daughter Pregnant,” and “Is it OK for my Christian Daughter to Masturbate?” You guys are terrified by your naughty bits and your ignorance. In closing, I never knew that Wolverine was gay.

  20. WarriorOfChrist

    You all will burn in hell for supporting these fags, and so will Hallmark!!!!

    I’ve started up a video campaign to warn Hallmark that its collusion with the homogay agenda will spell its damnation, both in this world as their business crumbles from lack of true Christian support and in the next when God judges them and finds them wanting. Get the word out to the public!

    1. TarTar

      You’re a flappy-gummed fucktard. More and more your delusion is fading away from the public square, and one day your ideology will be looked at the same way we look at the schizophrenic hobos ranting and raving to themselves on the street – like complete fucking lunatics. At least people from thousands of years ago had the excuse that they didn’t know any better. You and your ilk, on the other hand, are just fucktarded.

  21. Troy

    when i visited this article the advertisment in the upper right corner of the page is for a website called “Gay Thug Dating.” what is going on with this?

  22. Buddha's samadhi

    How miserable your live must be!

    I have pity on you

    Only if you love yourself can you love others, even if you don’t agree with them!

  23. HatesChristfags

    You call yourself christian, a card that explodes…way to be a terrorist you false idol worshiping cuntrag.

  24. mistacanada


    Raping young boys, not friendly

    DONT YOU MEAN THE CHURCH??? hahaha. Seriously though how many priests of the church have been charged with raping 1000s of young boys? A LOT.

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  26. Danny

    you make me fuckin sick. Firstly, not only gay people have aids you idiot, sexually transmitted infections can be caught and passed on by EVERYBODY.
    your homophobic and totally retarded, others people’s sexuality has no impact at all on your life so stop being so offensive. Im an athiest, but if there is a god i’m sure he wouldn’t approve of this at all.
    Also, homosexuality is natural, look at this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Animal_sexuality
    yes, it says “homosexual behaviour has now been observed among 1,500 species and in 500 of those it is well documented.”
    so shut the fuck up.

  27. lol azzif

    You are a retard who needs to look at the world and get a life or just die, with the way you are acting in loathing to thousands of people that you couldn’t possibly even know one of.

    And you think that God will let you into his holy kingdom?

    You are going to hell, no doubt about it, might as well kill yourself before the world gets to you, and you better pray hard Homophobe.

  28. Average Joe

    All The Homophobes here, Go Fuck yourself. You think God will take you into his kingdom. When you judge people with a different life choice to your own. You are all disgraces, may The Lord be merciless on your black souls

  29. Jackson


    First off, how do you come to the conclusion that all homosexuals are “raping young boys”? That statement has got to be one of the most retarded things I have ever read, which is saying something because I’ve read quite a large portion of the Bible. (Decent novel, shitty ending though; the whole “bringing back the main character from the dead” is SO cliche).

    This is one of the most ignorant, uninformed and homophobic pieces of writing I’ve ever seen in my entire life and it’s fundamentalist fucktards like yourself that make every other Christian look ridiculous. (As if they needed any assistance, but that’s another story.)

    I really hope you get AIDS and die, just so that I can attend the funeral and laugh until I cry at the delicious, delicious irony.

  30. Ryan

    Are you a fucking retard?
    Take the throbbing cock out of your mouth and look around, and realize your precious fucking ‘saviour’ died 2000 years ago. Yet, homos still running round? I think I know who wins this round.

  31. Truth


    [b]Tell us, where in your bible does it say God hates homosexuals?
    Tell us, where in your bible does it say hate your neighbor?
    Tell us, were you aware that more rapists are heterosexual?
    Tell us, why is it so horrible for orphaned children to have a better chance of getting adopted now than to suffer alone and die because heterosexual couples were too concerned to ‘have one of their own’ instead?[/b]


  32. Brutaly Honest

    The true sin are those who condemn and punish in the name of God and use Christ as a weapon. People like the ones running this site (spoof or not) and ones like it are the true evil of the world, only they hide with slimy smiles behind pulpits and TV cameras screaming at the audience how they will go to Hell unless they pay up.
    Shame on you for not spreading messages of love and peace. The Bible itself states to love the sinner and hate the sin. Just because you don’t like what someone does doesn’t mean you have to deride and hate the person. Everyone makes mistakes and everyone is entitled to forgiveness. Thus saith the Bible, Christ, God, and every other form of religious document you can find.
    I forgive you for your ignorance and hate. May God shed mercy on you, if it is right in his eyes he do so.

  33. Andrew

    Thank you Google ads for putting gaythugdating.com next to this article. I strongly suspect a quirkish sense of humour at work 😀

  34. UnmannedSinner

    “the homogay agenda will spell its damnation, both in this world as their business crumbles from lack of true Christian support”

    We stopped supporting gay businesses? How will I ever send flowers to the funerals of my relatives. Can we grow our own? I am at a loss.


  35. Anonymous

    Oh, dear Gods and Goddesses above and below. Can’t you see? Christianity is killing the sacred duality of love. They didn’t STEAL any children, they adopted, you stupid fuckwad. Remember, not all of us could be born of primordial ooze, Adam. But just remember, Crazy_Bean and I know your secrets. We know of the other ooze-children whom you just love to “play” with.

  36. Adam Nelson

    Jesus also didn’t explicitly make mention in the Bible about pedosins, cannibalism, feminism, NAZI genocide, dead fornicating and abortions, yet we know all this things are beyond wrong too. Your moral rudder is messed up when you cannot tell if something is against natural order.

  37. Crazy_Bean

    The only reason you know the natural order, Adam Nelson, is because you’re sucking on God’s dick, and we all know that every supernatural being tells his Satanic Slut everything.

  38. UnmannedSinner

    “Jesus also didn’t explicitly make mention in the Bible about pedosins, cannibalism, feminism, NAZI genocide, dead fornicating and abortions […]”

    So are you saying then that the Holy Word has evolved to accommodate these new sins? I can see how the feminist stuff needs to be penciled in. And the pedosins. (My goodness gracious I saw a pedosin right out side the Piggly-Wiggly today. Baggy pants and no shoes. It was not Christian of me but I could not bear to look. I could have saved that person too. My moral rudder is stuck in the muck. Forgive me O Sweet Jesus)


  39. PiouslyAgnostic

    “Jesus also didn’t explicitly make mention in the Bible about pedosins, cannibalism, feminism, NAZI genocide, dead fornicating and abortions […]“

    Soooo, seems to me maybe that should be a clue that our spirituality is stunted and we quit evolving spiritually as a society thousands of years ago.

  40. Anonymous

    Are you just jealous that your glory hole isn’t being paid attention to? Or are you just an asshole who hates everyone except you? You see, the Chinese wouldn’t care one way or the other because these people would be productive members of society. Also, Satan’s Glory Hole. Remember, Satan’s not a person, it’s a word! Duh, remember, I told you that when we first started our lover’s quarrel, silly! *giggles like a 15-year-old Japanese schoolgirl for creepy effect!*

  41. vomit

    Wow the more I read the more I want to vomit. But I digress. Last time I checked it was the banks that needed the bailout, not pepsi, and those banks were supported by the Bush administration. Last time I checked he was pretty Christian wasn’t he ? He pretty much caused hell on earth in Iraq and wrecked the economy. I think you guys need to re-evaluate some things here.

  42. Nathan Saft

    Adoption is OUR word! They’ve dirtied it with their sinning. ‘Steal’ is a perfect alternative. They tried to take our ‘marriage’ and now they want our ‘adoption’? Well I say adoption should be reserved for real couples. Not that I condone homogays raising children or even living together… or living period.

  43. TrueChristian

    Thats the Catholics and their Fag Priests that rape children!
    And it`s the FagHomo agenda that temts the priest into doing it.
    If it was`t for fag`s we would not have Pedofiles


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