Kentucky Man Sues Mother For Not Aborting Him


46 year old, Craylon Marcus sues mother over not aborting him.

Alva, KY – 46 year old Kentucky man, Craylon Marcus, has served his mother with a outrageous lawsuit claiming her selfishness to not abort him while he was a fetus has caused him years of emotional and mental abuse. Mr. Marcus’ lawyer, Brian Miller, claims post non-abortion sickness is a serious mental illness and shouldn’t be taken lightly. “Over 75 people a year in the US are diagnosed with PNAS and it is time for their rights as unwanted fetus’ to be heard. People claim it is the mother’s right to have an abortion or not, but no one is there fighting for the little one growing inside of her. No one ever asks for his opinion. It is my goal to ease my client’s suffering by punishing his mother for her lack of responsibility.” Miller stated in a news conference earlier today.

Miller plans to also filing a class action suit against Americans who do not practice anti-pregnancy sex.

5 thoughts on “Kentucky Man Sues Mother For Not Aborting Him

  1. Tree

    Wow. At first I thought this guy was serious. Then I scrolled down and read some of the titles of the articles. It’s seems more like a joke than a legitimate homophobe. The things that he posts are so very clearly false, anyone with half a brain would know better than to believe it. I’m sure the author knows this. It’s too far out there to be real.

  2. Ailing N. Lieph

    I was told by my family physician that I might be stricken with PNAS; the only problem is that my mother is destitute, and therefore could not collect even if I won the lawsuit.


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